Tues. Question - The BCS Matchups You Want
Arizona State QB Rudy Carpenter
Arizona State QB Rudy Carpenter
Posted Nov 20, 2007

In the confines of the current rankings and the possibilities, what BCS matchups do you want to see happen?

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: Forget what will happen or what should happen, within the current BCS rankings and format, what matchups do you want to see?

A: I've been saying that I want to see an LSU-Oklahoma matchup only because I thought those were the two best teams in the country. That has changed a bit now. Going with the theory that more upsets are on the way, here's what I'd like the BCS to look like.

Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. Oregon
With no Dennis Dixon or Adrian Peterson around, it wouldn't be the true 2006 rematch, but it would be as heated and intense a game as any in the bowls with all the controversies from the game in Autzen last year stirred up. The two fan bases would be at each other's throats from the start.

Orange: Virginia Tech vs. Kansas
Let's say KU beats Missouri and loses to Oklahoma, while Virginia Tech beats Virginia and Boston College. Kansas would get a chance to show its offense is for real, but Vince Hall, Xavier Adibi and the Tech linebacking corps would make this a war.

Sugar: Georgia vs. West Virginia
The rematch of the 2006 Sugar Bowl, the Georgia fans would be screaming about revenge, while college football fans would drool over a showdown between Knowshon Moreno and Steve Slaton.

Rose: Hawaii vs. Arizona State
Shootout, shootout, shootout. Colt Brennan threw for 559 yards and five touchdowns in the 41-24 win over the Sun Devils in last year's Hawaii Bowl while Rudy Carpenter threw for 467 yards and four scores. Now imagine all this happening again, but in Pasadena.

BCS Championship - Ohio State vs. LSU
I have no rooting interest in Ohio State whatsoever, but after the way the defense played against Michigan, and after the way the offensive line dominated, with time off to prepare, this might be the best foe for an LSU team that'll be in a lather playing in the Superdome. If Les Miles pulled this off, his price as the Michigan head coach would go through the roof.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: Forget what will happen or what should happen, within the current BCS rankings and format, what matchups do you want to see?

A: National Championship – LSU – West Virginia.  LSU arguably has the best defense in the country, now go out and stop QB Pat White and his fellow jackrabbits on the fast track of the Superdome.  

Rose Bowl – Ohio State – USC.  The most traditional of the bowl games deserves a match up of two traditional powers.  Plus, it’s just the type of game that’ll keep cranky Rose Bowl officials happy for another year.  

Fiesta Bowl – Oklahoma – Georgia.  Sam Bradford vs. Matt Stafford.  DeMarco Murray vs. Knowshon Moreno.  With young talent everywhere, could this game be a preview of next year’s BCS Championship game?

Orange Bowl – Virginia Tech – Kansas.  No matter what the Jayhawks do over the next two weekends, they’ve earned a chance to showcase their talent on a national stage, and for a lucrative payout.

Sugar Bowl – Arizona State – Hawaii.  Yeah, Georgia would get scooped up long before this game ever happened in New Orleans, but it would be fun to see these two offenses go at it, while finally seeing if the Warriors could hold up against a quality opponent from a major conference.       

John Harris

Q: Forget what will happen or what should happen, within the current BCS rankings and format, what matchups do you want to see?

BCS National Championship game – LSU vs. West Virginia – best game on the board, in my opinion, that we COULD get.  Consequently, I’m praying this is what we get on January 7th, 2007.  Dual threat quarterbacks have given LSU problems and Pat White and Steve Slaton against Glenn Dorsey and crew would be well worth the wait.

Rose Bowl – Ohio State vs. Arizona State – The last time Ohio State was in Pasadena coincides with the last time Arizona State was in Pasadena (for a Rose Bowl that is).  That one was a classic…so, a man can dream for another one, right?

Sugar Bowl – Georgia vs. Hawaii – What would be more impressive, Knowshon Moreno rushing for 300 yards or more against Hawaii’s defense or Colt Brennan throwing for 450 yards plus and four touchdowns?  It could happen.

Orange Bowl – Virginia Tech vs. Texas – Two powers that have met before, after the 1995 season in Sugar Bowl.  Not sure either team is completely BCS bowl worthy, but it’d be a fun matchup nonetheless…if for no other reason than to watch V Tech’s defense against Texas running back Jamaal Charles and QB Colt McCoy.

Fiesta Bowl – Oklahoma vs. USC – Remember this is what we’d want to see, not what we might see.  With the Oregon offense in shambles, I don’t want to see them in this game, even if the Ducks beat UCLA and Oregon State.  These two powers last met in the Orange Bowl a few years ago, but this one should be a bit more competitive.  Should be.

Matthew Zemek  

Q: Forget what will happen or what should happen, within the current BCS rankings and format, what matchups do you want to see?

A: Orange: Virginia Tech-Arizona State. This would never happen, of course, but since the Pac-10 and ACC don't play that often, Hokies-Sun Devils would offer a very intriguing matchup.
Fiesta: Missouri-Boise State. Fireworks aplenty. Sit back and enjoy.
Sugar: Georgia-Kansas. I want to see the Jayhawks play an old-money power in what would generally be enemy territory. Missouri will test KU this Saturday, but this team needs to play a challenging game out of conference. This would be it.
Rose: Ohio State-USC. Tressel. Carroll. The two best programs over the past six college football seasons. Better than the BCS title game, whatever the matchup might be.
BCS Title Game: LSU-West Virginia. This game would be fun to watch, and it would offer the Mountaineers a chance to do what they did in the 2006 Sugar Bowl, only on a bigger stage and a larger scale.