2007 CFN All-Big Ten Team & Top 30 Players
Penn State LB Dan Connor
Penn State LB Dan Connor
Posted Dec 11, 2007

It was a better year for the Big Ten than many made it out to be, especially on defense, as Penn State LB Dan Connor leads the way for the 2007 CFN All-Big Ten Team. Also check out the Top 30 Players, Top Position Players, Players of the Year, and more.

2006 CFN All-Big Ten Team | 2007 CFN Preseason All-Big Ten Team

Big Ten Player of the Year

Dan Connor, LB Penn State
The latest "greatest Penn State linebacker ever," Connor might not have been Paul Posluszny, but he was consistently tremendous with eight double-digit tackle games, 136 stops on the year with seven sacks and 17 tackles for loss. He was at his best in the biggest games with 18 tackles against Ohio State, 12 against Wisconsin and 13 against Michigan State.

Offensive Player of the Year - Jake Long, OT Michigan
Through injuries to Chad Henne and Mike Hart, and with problems early on in the year with the rough start, Long was the one constant throughout the season. He might not have been spectacular like a Rashard Mendenhall or explosive like a James Hardy, but he came up with a strong senior year and proved why he'll likely be a top five draft pick.

2007 Collegefootballnews.com All-Big Ten Team
QB - Todd Boeckman, Jr. OSU
RB - Rashard Mendenhall, Jr. Ill.
RB - Chris Wells, Soph. OSU
WR - James Hardy, Jr. Indiana
WR - Mario Manningham, Jr. Mich
TE - Travis Beckum, Jr. Wisc.
OL - Kirk Barton, Sr. OSU
OL - Alex Boone, Jr. OSU
OL - Jake Long, Sr. Michigan
OL - Adam Kraus, Sr. Michigan
OL - Martin O'Donnell, Sr. Illinois
PK - Austin Starr, Jr. Indiana
KR - Dorien Bryant, Sr. Purdue
DL - Vernon Gholston, Soph. OSU
DL - Maurice Evans, Soph. PSU
DL - Greg Middleton, Soph. IU
DL - Jonal Saint-Dic, Sr. MSU
LB - Dan Connor, Sr. PSU
LB - James Laurinaitis, Jr. OSU
LB - J Leman, Sr. Illinois
DB - Dominique Barber, Sr. Minn.
DB - Jack Ikegwuonu, Jr. Wisc.
DB - Malcolm Jenkins, Jr. OSU
DB - Justin King, Jr. Penn State
P - Justin Kucek, Jr. Minnesota
PR - David Gilreath, Fr. Wisc.
Top 30 players regardless of position
Based on the season the player had

1. LB Dan Connor, Sr. Penn State
2. OT Jake Long, Sr. Michigan
3. RB Rashard Mendenhall, Jr. Ill.
4. OT Kirk Barton, Sr. Ohio State
5. LB James Laurinaitis, Jr. OSU
6. LB J Leman, Sr. Illinois
7. LB Sean Lee, Jr. Penn State
8. WR James Hardy, Jr. Indiana
9. RB Chris Wells, Soph. Ohio St.
10. TE Travis Beckum, Jr. Wisconsin
11 DE Greg Middleton, Soph. Indiana
12. DE Vernon Gholston, Soph. OSU
13. DE Maurice Evans, Soph. PSU
14. LB Shawn Crable, Sr. Michigan
15. WR Mario Manningham, Jr. Mich
16. RB Mike Hart, Sr. Michigan
17. OT Alex Boone, Jr. Ohio State
18. QB Todd Boeckman, Jr. OSU
19. QB Juice Williams, Soph. Illinois
20. RB Javon Ringer, Jr. MSU
21. RB P.J. Hill, Jr. Wisconsin
22. OG Martin O'Donnell, Sr. Illinois
23. DE Jonal Saint-Dic, Sr. MSU
24. CB Justin King, Jr. Penn State
25. WR Devin Thomas, Jr. MSU
26. QB Kellen Lewis, Jr. Indiana
27. DT Mitch King, Jr. Iowa
28. CB Jack Ikegwuonu, Jr. Wisc.
29. CB Malcolm Jenkins, Jr. OSU
30. QB Curtis Painter, Sr. Purdue

Top Quarterbacks
1. Todd Boeckman, Ohio St
2. Juice Williams, Illinois
3. Kellen Lewis, Indiana
4. Curtis Painter, Purdue
5. C.J. Bacher, Northwestern

Top Running Backs
1. Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
2. Chris Wells, Ohio State
3. Mike Hart, Michigan
4. Javon Ringer, Michigan St
5. P.J. Hill, Wisconsin

Top Wide Receivers
1. James Hardy, Indiana
2. Travis Beckum, Wisc. (TE)
3. Mario Manningham, Mich
4. Devin Thomas, Michigan St
5. Dorien Bryant, Purdue

Top Offensive Linemen
1. Jake Long, Michigan
Kirk Barton, OSU
3. Alex Boone, OSU
4. Martin O'Donnell, Illinois
5. Adam Kraus, Michigan

Top Defensive Linemen
1. Greg Middleton, Indiana
2. Vernon Gholston, Ohio State
3. Maurice Evans, Soph. PSU
4. Jonal Saint-Dic, MSU
5. Mitch King, Iowa

Top Linebackers
1. Dan Connor, Penn State
2. James Laurinaitis, Ohio St
3. J Leman, Illinois
4. Sean Lee. Penn State
5. Shawn Crable, Michigan

Top Defensive Backs
1. Justin King, Penn State
2. Jack Ikegwuonu, Wisconsin
3. Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio St
4. Dominique Barber, Minn.
5. Vontae Davis, Illinois

Top Kickers
1. PK Austin Starr, Indiana
2. PK Taylor Mehlhaff, Wisc.
3. PK Jason Reda, Illinois
4. PK Kevin Kelly, Penn State
5. PK Ryan Pretorius, Ohio St

2006 CFN All-Big Ten Team | 2007 CFN Preseason All-Big Ten Team