Tuesday Question - Looking Ahead To The Bowls
Virginia DE Chris Long
Virginia DE Chris Long
Posted Dec 11, 2007

What are you most looking forward to from the upcoming bowl season?

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: What are you looking forward to this bowl season?

A: To be honest, I'm looking forward to more college football. The regular season was so fantastic that I'm ready for more good matchups. It might take a few games to get everyone's bowl feet wet, but after the first seven, the Arizona State - Texas Holiday Bowl on the 27th should be fun.

I'm looking forward to seeing LSU, Michigan and Wisconsin as healthy as they've been since early in the season, and I'm looking forward to seeing Hawaii's offense get is shot against Georgia on the big stage.

More than anything else this bowl season, I'm looking forward to the Big Ten - SEC matchup, along with seeing if Illinois can do anything against USC. The Big Ten has taken such a huge public relations hit since Ohio State got crushed by Florida and Michigan got blasted by USC in the last BCS, I want to see what will happen when Michigan and Florida square off in the Capital One, Wisconsin and Tennessee battle in the Outback, and of course, Ohio State vs. LSU in the national title. These three games, more than any other, will stoke the message boards and the fires throughout the offseason.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: What are you looking forward to this bowl season?

A: I realize this is an unconventional viewpoint, but for me, the 2007 season basically ended when the bowl pairings were announced.  The conference champions have been decided.  Individual awards have been handed out.  Save for determining who’ll be crowned national champion, it’s already 2008.  And with that in mind, I’m most interested in getting a real good look at those freshmen, sophomores, and juniors that we’ll be talking about plenty as soon as the last piece of confetti hits the Superdome carpet on Jan. 7.  You know, the kind of look that isn’t always possible on a Saturday that’s jam-packed with 50-60 competing games.

I want a better look at that young Georgia offensive line because it might be blocking next fall for the second sophomore to ever win the Heisman Trophy.  I want to see for myself what makes Indiana DE Greg Middleton so doggone tough to block.  I want an opportunity to really lock into Ball State QB Nate Davis for four quarters.  I want to decide for myself if LSU S Chad Jones really is the second-coming of LaRon Landry in Baton Rouge.  I want to see UCLA WR Dominique Johnson teaming up with a quarterback that actually received a scholarship to play the position at this level.  In other words, I’m using the next 32 games, the final 32 games of 2007, to do some advanced scouting of the teams and players that’ll dominate discussions and debates throughout 2008.  The National Championship game aside, the outcome of the next few week’s bowl games have little or no bearing on the 2007 season.  We might as well milk what we can from them in order to get a head start on the next season, which is already upon us.                       

John Harris

Q: What are you looking forward to this bowl season?

Ten Things that I’m looking forward to, in no particular order

1.  Michigan futilely trying to stop, not only, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, but quicksilver Percy Harvin and the rest of the Florida offense

2.  The SEC – Big Ten Challenge – Bowl style

3.  The Cotton Bowl, which should be one of the best games of bowl season

4.  UVA’s Chris Long’s pass rush all day long against pass happy Texas Tech

5.  Hawaii’s Colt Brennan facing an SEC defense in the Sugar Bowl

6.  Teams with interim coaches and those about to lose a coach

7.  Florida Atlantic in its first bowl in New Orleans

8.  Nick Saban in Shreveport, because he won’t be spending many more Holidays in such exotic locales

9.  USC and Georgia in the Rose Bowl, oh, wait, that didn’t happen in the name of tradition.  Rock on, Rose Bowl, enjoy the parade.

10.  LSU fan and Ohio State fan making acquaintances in the French Quarter

Matthew Zemek  

Q: What are you looking forward to this bowl season?

A: I'm looking for bowl outcomes that will embarrass the sport of college football and its power brokers, so that we get a plus-one, pronto (and so that the BCS bowls will, in the short run, be allowed to mix and match teams without being constrained by artificial tie-ins that no longer possess much of any meaning).
I'm looking for USC to beat Illinois by 50 in the Rose Bowl so that the Tournament of Roses will be properly shamed for not picking Georgia and giving college football fans a good matchup.
All in all, these bowl matchups stink with the exceptions of the Fiesta, Capital One, Holiday, and Cotton. There's just not much to look for... it would be a lie to say this year's bowl lineup is even remotely exciting. The only thing to look for is embarrassment that will shame various power brokers into action (action that isn't likely, but which can always be hoped for).