Tuesday Question - 3 Big Bowl Questions
Michigan QB Chad Henne
Michigan QB Chad Henne
Posted Dec 18, 2007

The CFNers give their three big bowl questions before the post-season gets started in the latest Tuesday Question.

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: The three big questions of the bowl season ...

A: 1. Which conference will get the bragging rights? The SEC and Big Ten square off in three big games (LSU vs. Ohio State in the national title, Michigan vs. Florida in the Capital One, and Wisconsin vs. Tennessee in the Outback). The message boards will be buzzing for a full seven months over these three games alone. Now throw in the Pac 10, which needs to save face after an awful second half of the season, and there will be plenty of scrutinizing. The Las Vegas Bowl (UCLA vs. BYU), the Holiday (Arizona State vs. Texas), the Armed Forces (Cal vs. Air Force), and the Sun (South Florida vs. Oregon) are must wins for the league.

2. How healthy will everyone be? Having several weeks off kills the momentum for some, making some top teams rusty, while it allows for a rebirth for other teams. Will the time off be enough to make LSU, Wisconsin and Michigan, three of the most battered and bruised big-name teams at the end of the year, look like the teams they were supposed to be?

3. Where are the griping matchups? After an all-timer of a regular season that captured the imagination each and every week, it'll take a little poking and prodding to get the world interested in most of the non-BCS bowl games. Are the average sports fans going to care about Purdue vs. Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl? How is anyone supposed to be into the GMAC Bowl pairing Bowling Green and Tulsa when there will be 14 people in the stands? The pressure will be on Utah and Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl and Memphis and Florida Atlantic in the New Orleans Bowl, the first two bowls of the season, to get everyone into college football again.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: The three big questions of the bowl season ...

A: 1. Will last year’s debacle against Florida serve as motivation for Ohio State, or a stark reminder that those SEC teams can be pretty scary?  The Buckeyes will almost certainly put on a better show than last year, but will it be enough against a healthy and very deep LSU program?  A slow start, especially in Baton Rouge, is one thing that Ohio State can ill-afford if it’s going to sidestep back-to-back losses in the national championship game.    

2. Which programs will use their bonus game as a national launching pad for the 2008 season?  The postseason is a perennial forum for a handful of upstarts to make a splash in front of a captive audience, gaining early momentum long before preseason Top 25 ballots are cast.  A monster showing from, say, Georgia, Oklahoma, or Florida could leave an imprint on the minds of voters that lasts all the way to next summer. 

3. Can Michigan’s three senior stars, QB Chad Henne, RB Mike Hart, and OT Jake Long win their first bowl game in Lloyd Carr’s final game as head coach?  It’s a feel-good thought, but it won’t be easy for the Wolverines, which play a Florida team with something to prove after losing three games in the regular season.  For years, Michigan has struggled to stop athletic offenses that spread things out, putting the onus on Ron English’s defense to step it up if there’s going to be a storybook ending to the Capital One Bowl.  

John Harris

Q: The three big questions of the bowl season ...

1.  What team doesn’t want to be here?  Pick any reason, but invariably a team doesn’t want to be at a bowl game for location or prestige purposes.  Some teams don’t want to go to the Smurf Turf up in Boise.  Some teams can’t handle playing in Dallas when it feels it should be playing in Miami.  No matter the reason, there’s going to be a team out there that doesn’t want to be here.  Or, there.

2.  Can a team handle bowl chaos – also known as a post-regular season coaching change?  This question is becoming more prevalent by the year and there are a number of teams having to deal with this chaotic situation this winter.  Now, add West Virginia to that mix.  At least the Mountaineers have three more weeks to prepare.  The Southern Miss Golden Eagles have five days.

3.  What player and/or team will have the transcendent moment of bowl season?  On January 1, 2005, Iowa’s Warren Holloway catching his first and only touchdown in a four year career to beat LSU with no time left.  Vince Young became “VY” after one of the greatest performances ever in the 2006 Rose Bowl.  Last year, Boise State became a household name after one of the greatest bowl wins ever.  Could it be Hawaii?  Could it be Todd Reesing?  And, Kansas?  Someone.  Some team.  Which one?

Matthew Zemek  

Q: The three big questions of the bowl season ...

A: In reverse order of importance:
3) Will any BCS bowl game satisfy? Now that Rich Rodriguez is out of Morgantown, it's likely that the one attractive BCS bowl--the Fiesta--will become an Oklahoma rout. Will any of these five games be worth a warm bucket of spit? Stay tuned.
2) Will snubbed teams care? Missouri in the Cotton, Arizona State in the Holiday, Georgia in the Sugar--three teams that might not care about playing their bowl games. Will teams display the maturity needed to avoid the "grumble factor" and play their best ball? We'll see what teams are mentally made of this bowl season.
1) Underdog urgency or Superdome serenity? Historically, national title games are won by the teams that are written off before kickoff (edge, Ohio State). However, it's a rare yet huge advantage for a team to play a home game for the national championship (edge, LSU; see "S" for "Sugar Bowl, 2004"). The answer to this question will determine your winner on the night of January 7.