Stream of Consciousness - 2008 Sugar Bowl
Georgia WR Sean Bailey
Georgia WR Sean Bailey
Posted Jan 2, 2008

A play-by-play, quarter-by-quarter account with thoughts on the game, broadcast and more for the 2008 Sugar Bowl between Hawaii and Georgia.

By Pete Fiutak
Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 


- I've been getting beaten up by Hawaii fans for not giving their team the proper respect. I'm sorry, but the team's best win came over a Boise State team that lost to East Carolina. The Warriors played a miserable schedule and still struggled to beat San Jose State (I know it was a sloppy track) and Louisiana Tech. If Georgia acts like this is for the national title, Hawaii has no chance whatsoever. If Georgia thinks it can just show up and win, Colt Brennan and the boys will put a big number on the board. I'm still not sure that'll be enough to pull it off. Hawaii won't stop Georgia's ground game.

- Has Georgia's secondary faced any sort of high-end passing game? Kentucky's might qualify, but Hawaii takes things to a different level. The Bulldogs corners will be pushed all game long if the front four doesn't force Brennan to hurry his throws. 

- The early key to watch will be Brennan's first few passes. If he's on and hitting his targets in the numbers, Georgia had better strap it down because it'll be in for a long day of being bombed on. If Brennan's adrenaline if flowing and he's sailing everything early, watch out for a Georgia pick that'll take the momentum of the game right away.

- It's audition time for Brennan with the NFL scouts. At the moment, and the process really hasn't quite started yet, Matt Ryan appears to be the top quarterback prospect with Andre Woodson and Brian Brohm battling for the number two spot. Brennan is battling with Delaware bomber Joe Flacco for the number four consideration, but that could change with a big game against the Dawgs.

- While Georgia will certainly want to win on the ground, part of me thinks Matthew Stafford is about to make a big statement. He might be the better pro prospect than Brennan when all is said and done.

- Nice piece with Herschel Walker and Knowshon Moreno in the pregame. Knowshon Moreno isn't Herschel Walker no matter how many Georgia fans want him to be.

- One of my New Year's resolutions is to grow the wicked cool braids like the Hawaii receivers.

- Come one, you're Fox. You're better than that. When Hawaii cheerleader types come walking out in string bikini princessy-type outfits, you don't cut back to the Hawaii marching band tuba section.

- There's no truth to the rumor that USC is on a plane as we speak out to New Orleans to play Georgia in the Rose Bowl we should've gotten.

- I'm sorry, but the Hawaii pregame ritual warrior dance is a straight up Thriller rip-off. All that's missing is a freaked out Ola Ray.

- You can't have Fran Tarkenton as part of the pregame show without John Davidson and Cathy Lee Crosby alongside. At halftime, Yogi Kudu is going to stuff himself inside a box and be sent to the bottom of a pool to see if he can escape.

- When something works for him he sticks with it. June Jones isn't ditching that lei.

- There's no truth to the rumor that Chris Meyers outed June Jones' plan to ask a cheerleader to marry him after the game.

- Brennan: "The Hawaii offense is the funnest offense in America." Somewhere a Hawaii professor just had a look on his face like someone told him he had to watch the Rose Bowl again.

First Quarter
Hawaii on its own 45
- Hawaii doesn't have to get cute right away. Just run the offense, don't try anything fancy, and settle into the game.
- Delay of game. Come on guys, that's the first play.
- The play was blown dead, but Georgia brought the house. It's going to look to hit Brennan early, and hit him hard.
- False start Hawaii. First and 20. Just snap the ball, throw a two-yard pass, get moving.
- Brennan is 0-for-2 and got popped. He had a little bit of time but rushed his throw. He hasn't seen an open receiver on either of the first two plays.
- Good play call on a little dump off to the running back. Just complete a pass, try to withstand the early Georgia push, and try to stay alive. However, Hawaii has to start getting points whenever it get decent field position.
- Fine. Hawaii has to show a little attitude early, and blasting the punt returner with a cheap shot isn't the worst thing in the world. The emotions are flying high, and Hawaii has to settle down, but getting a few big hits just to know Georgia that it's around it a must.

Georgia on its own 37
- Georgia probably doesn't have to do anything wild. Don't give Hawaii any big breaks, establish the ground game early, and start pounding away.
- Matthew Stafford comes out winging it. Good first throw to get him involved.
- False start Georgia. Settle down everyone.
- Uh oh. Georgia's passing game is working.
- It's only a few plays in, but Georgia's offensive line is putting the Hawaii D line on its back. The D line hasn't even been close.
- The Biggest Loser is on my No. 3 TV with the sound off. Seeing all the really fat people is only making me hungry.
- Third and seven. The Hawaii defense finally comes up with a nice play to get in a good position to take control of the momentum early on.
- Thomas Brown changes all of that by himself. He weaved his way through Hawaii tacklers for a first down. Hawaii isn't tackling well.
- Stafford might not have to throw again. Knowshon Moreno and Thomas Brown are running at six yards a crack.
- And there goes that. The left side of the Georgia line collapse the Hawaii defensive front and Moreno rumbles for a 22-yard touchdown. I could've taken that for a score and I just ate a medium fro yo with whip and sprinkles.
Georgia 7 ... Hawaii 0

Hawaii on its own 45
- Brennan is settling in. He finally get a chance to show off the gun, flicks a dart over the top of Reshad Jones, and C.J. Hawthorne comes up with the grab. Did Hawthorne actually have possession? Ball control is everything right now. The Warrior defense has to be kept off the field.
- Under review.
- The play stands, first down.
- Getting Davone Bess and Ryan Grice-Mullen on the move is a must. Push the Dawg corners a bit.
- There's NO pass rush on Brennan. Georgia was aggressive on Hawaii's first drive, but is letting Brennan do what he wants now. Georgia has to attack, attack, attack.
- Georgia might be a lot faster than Hawaii, but its back seven is being schooled by the Warrior receivers.
- If you're a Georgia fan, now you're nervous. This Hawaii offense is actually working.
- I'm with Georgia CB Asher Allen. Hawaii WR Jason Rivers was pushing off and Allen made a nice play. Allen had his hands on Rivers, which is fine, and got nailed for pass interference. That's a gift.
- Brennan can't start scrambling. He can run, and is mobile in the pocket, but the Georgia quickness will eat him alive if he dances around too much.
- Hawaii can't be dumb. Jason Rivers got nailed for a personal foul and a late hit after the play. Now it's third and 23, and now this once promising drive is dead.
- Hawaii PK Dan Kelly is good. He'll nail the 42 yarder ....
- Good. Great drive. It took time off the clock, it settled the offense down, and it got points.
Georgia 7 ... Hawaii 3

Georgia on its own 35
- Hawaii had better figure out something in a big hurry or Georgia will run for 400 yards. The left side of the line is KILLING the Warrior defensive front. Thomas Brown rips off 21.
- Stafford is going to see single coverage on the outside 75% of the time. It'll be home run time soon.
- Play action pass, Hawaii sells out, first down. This is way, way too easy.
- Two strong plays in a row by the Hawaii linebacking corps. Adam Leonard shot the gap and blew up a possible big run.
- And then there's that. Moreno gets a dump pass, he makes a move, two missed tackles, and Georgia is going to score again.
- Moreno runs through a ten-mile wide hole, Hawaii misses ANOTHER tackle, and touchdown.
- It's going to be filler time in a big hurry unless Hawaii can start keeping up in a shootout. The Warriors needed Georgia to come in overconfident, and that's not happening.
Georgia 14 ... Hawaii 3

Hawaii on its own 15
- Have you ever had one of those days when ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man was going through your head and you couldn't get it out? No? I have to cut down on the Splenda.
- Georgia's Marcus Howard was in Brennan's helmet chewing his gum. Brennan needs more time, and he's not getting it. It's almost like he's used to having a millisecond more than he's getting and it's throwing everything off.
First Quarter Score: Georgia 14 ... Hawaii 3


- Hawaii certainly appears to have the emotion and the fight, but that's not going to be nearly enough. It's become very obvious, very quickly that the Warriors aren't even close on the lines.

Georgia on its own 43
- FINALLY, Hawaii DT Michael Lafaele beat Georgia LG Chris Davis to make a play.
- Hawaii is putting everyone and Jonathan Quail Higgins in the box to stop the run, and it worked on the last two plays. Eventually, Stafford will get a chance to show off his deep arm. His receivers have to be drooling at the cheating safeties.
- First down using power football.
- Awful, awful throw by Stafford. He didn't step into it and he threw it into the third row.
- Again, Chris Davis, Trinton Sturdivant and the left side of the Georgia line is destroying the Warrior front.
- Hawaii's secondary is doing a good job. Stafford had all day to throw, triple pumped, and he still didn't have anyone open.
- Did Thom Brennaman just call a Nissan Murano gorgeous? That's kind of like the doctor who called Elaine Benes breathtaking, and then paid the same compliment to an ugly baby.
- Hawaii's defense is starting to win a few mini-battles. It's getting help from the Georgia offense screwing up a bit, but it has a third and 24.
- Hawaii screwed itself with a lousy defensive call. It sent everyone into the backfield on a blitz, Stafford hit Brown with a little delay pass and Brandon Coutu is well within his range for a 52-yard field goal. Stafford hasn't shown yet that he can hit a 24-yard pass.
- Coutu nails a bomb that would've been good from 70.
Georgia 17 ... Hawaii 3

Hawaii on its own 29

- Oh Colt ....
- Georgia's Prince Miller jumped all over a forced pass to Grice-Mullen. It seemed like the receiver and quarterback weren't on the same page, and now Hawaii's in big, big trouble.
- Brennan's the Heisman finalist and he has to start playing like it. It's up to him to make this a game, and he's not doing it.
- I don't care about mirrors on my TV, and actually, I'm frightened of them. Actually, I'm freaked out b the creepy little girl.

Georgia on the Hawaii 42
- Hawaii's corners are owning the mediocre Georgia receivers. I keep getting yelled at for saying the Dawg receivers stink, but they're just not that good.
- Hawaii catches a HUGE break after yet another bad call from the coaches. On third down, there was yet another all-out blitz, Stafford slipped the ball over for a little pass that went for a huge gain. Again, the corners are playing well and the downfield passing game isn't working. Hawaii needs to sell out against the run, not the pass. Stafford hasn't shown anything so far deep.
- Just as I write that, Sean Bailey makes Hawaii CB Myron Newberry look like a freshman with a little stutter move for a score. Great throw by Stafford.
- Eight minutes to play in the first half. Can we all admit that the BCS made an all-timer of a screw up putting Illinois in the Rose instead of Georgia?
Georgia 24 ... Hawaii 3

Hawaii on its own 23
- Brennan's actually getting a little bit of time. Georgia is only rushing three and occasionally four and is generating a minimum amount of pressure.
- Georgia LB Dannell Ellerbe just tattooed Jason Rivers. It looks like he got knocked into next week.
- Rivers appears to be fine. He's walking off under his own power.
- Hawaii isn't nearly as sharp as it needs to be. It keeps making dumb little mistakes to screw things up.
- There's no rhythm and no flow. Texas Tech had this problem earlier in the day against Virginia in the terrific Gator Bowl. Hawaii needs something positive to get a little bit of energy.
- Brennan is having an awful game. He's not making quick enough decisions under pressure, he's panicking a bit too quickly waiting to get hit, isn't getting rid of the ball, and just lost a fumble.

Georgia on the Hawaii 45
- 6:20 left in the first half. Georgia should actually think about going for two scores to really put this away. With the way the defense is playing, a quick score should get the ball back in a hurry.
- Hawaii finally gets a huge break from a bad Georgia play call. On third and won, Brown got the ball five yards deep on a handoff that took ten days to develop. Solomon Elimimian had time to roam free and make a stop.
- Fourth and four and Georgia is going for it on the Hawaii 37. A big mistake. If this doesn't work, Hawaii finally has a little momentum with over four minutes to play. Take the long field goal, get up 27-3, put Brennan on his 20.
- Stafford misfires and Hawaii takes over. Now Brennan has to get on a roll.

Hawaii on its own 37
- This time it's not Brennan's fault. Georgia finally brought a blitz and Brennan didn't have a prayer. Now he's limping.
- Third and 16.
- Hawaii's receivers are making catches, but they're not in any sort of a position to do anything with it. There are no yards after the catch whatsoever.
- Thanks Fox for putting the stat up. 19 YAC on the day.

Georgia on its own 15
- Georgia's just going to get into the locker room. With under two minutes to play, Georgia doesn't have the field position to do anything.
- Hawaii is having an awful game both on the field and in the coaching booth. With all the time outs left and Georgia on its 15, why not try to get a little bit of field position?
- Charles Davis is saying the same thing. What is June Jones doing? Get a stop and you have the ball on the Georgia side of the field in the final minute?
- NOW the Warriors call a time out? There's 39 seconds left?
- Hawaii burns another time out and still has one left. It could've had at least another 30 seconds if it burned its timeouts.
- Hawaii gets penalized AGAIN. A ten-yard holding penalty basically ruins any hope of scoring.

Hawaii on its own 25
- Without the penalty, Hawaii would've had the ball near midfield.
- There's Brennan. Finally he gets to step into his throw and let it fly for a big first down ...
- ... and then he fails to get rid of the ball and takes a sack. Georgia is getting pressure, but a veteran like Brennan has to feel it better. He's not feeling the heat.
- And there goes that. Hawaii goes out with a whimper. Bad, bad, bad first half. Georgia completely stopped the Warrior attack cold, but Hawaii helped the cause by not playing sharp or smart.
Second Quarter Score: Georgia 24 ... Hawaii 3


- Alright, so what does Hawaii have to do to get back in this? Brennan isn't doing much of anything in the pocket and his mobility scrambling isn't helping. Design a few rollouts. Get him on the move with the option to get rid of the ball in a hurry. What's the Affleck line in Boiler Room? Emotion creates emotion. Run and end around, come up with a couple of gimmicks. Go Boise State on their ass.
- It starts here. Onside kick it, Hawaii. Give it a shot. Take a few chances, because you can't win this thing straight up.
- Of course he kicks it away.
- Big break with a nice deep kick and good field position. Now the defense has to do something with it.

Georgia on its own 18
- Georgia comes out throwing, but it's probably going to be all running, all the time.
- Hawaii has an aggressive defense by nature, but it's reading and reacting a bit too much instead of attacking.
- O.K., O.K.. Hawaii gets its defense off the field and has a little bit of momentum. Now comes the big question: can the line protect Brennan?

Hawaii on its own 25
- Step one is to get the ball into Davone Bess's hands in any way possible. He's the big playmaker and he's the NFL caliber target who needs to shine.
- One play, one sack. I've been blaming Brennan all game long, but now he's just not getting any time. He can't even look downfield for anything to develop ...
- ... and that forces him to get sloppy. He goes back to a deep drop, throws off his back foot, and gets picked off.

Georgia on the Hawaii 39
- Knowshon Moreno all the time. He's getting into a lather again and Georgia isn't going to mess around with the passing game at this point. Moreno is too effective on whichever side he runs.
- On the 13, just pound the ball, Georgia.
- They don't. Stafford gets his pass tipped, and the Warriors pick it off. Despite the score, Hawaii's defense is keeping them in this game. Now the offense has to do something. Anything.

Hawaii on its own 4
- It's almost like Brennan isn't able to pick up the black shirts of Georgia. He's just not picking up the defensive backs down the field, and he's looking around to get hit after getting popped so many times.
- Hawaii's receivers are doing absolutely nothing when they get the ball in their hands. Georgia is wrapping up well.
- Colt is just having one of those nights. Even when he gets time, he's missing open receivers.
Brennan's offensive line is getting him killed. Right tackle Keoni Steinhoff got blown past like he wasn't even there. For  a veteran tackle in this offense, that was inexcusable. Marcus Howard blew through and put Brennan under the turf for a fumble and a Georgia score. Brennan had no shot whatsoever to feel that coming.
Georgia 31 ... Hawaii 3

Hawaii on its 10
- Georgia has sacked Brennan seven times and hit him several others. This game isn't necessarily killing Brennan as a pro prospect, but you can forget about June Jones going anywhere near the NFL or to a bigger gig after this. He and his staff isn't adjusting to give their star any help.
- As I mentioned at the start of the half, get Brennan throwing on the move. He got outside the pocket and made a nice throw to Bess. He's a sitting duck when he drops back. Georgia is beating him to a pulp.
- Alright, Brennan is starting to move the ball a bit. The offense has gone to even quicker timing patterns right off the line. Now this is the true run 'n' shoot.
- Again, there aren't any yards after the catch.
- Oh Colt. He's just not seeing the black shirts. He threw it right to a Georgia defender at the line, the ball flew up in the air, and Dannel Ellerbeee made the pick. Marcus Howard has had the best game of anyone this bowl season. He's single-handedly destroying the Hawaii offense.

Georgia on its own 48
- Go for the jugular. Hawaii's offense isn't going anywhere, so take a deep shot.
- Or run it. It seems like Georgia is setting up the Warrior secondary. 2nd and 11. Hawaii is loading everyone up on the line.
- Stafford is under pressure but he's all arm to get a first down. Great throw.
- Now Georgia is just making this impossible. An end around goes for big yards.
- Zzzzzzzzzip. Stafford throws a strike to Mo Massaquoi for a score. That was a big time throw with some major zip.
- Nope. Reviewed. Down at the one.
- No big deal. Thomas Brown touchdown. This is beyond embarrassing.
Georgia 38 ... Hawaii 3

Hawaii on its own 45
- The return game is the only thing that's working for Hawaii.
- Has Hawaii punted yet?
- Brennan's throws dipping and diving. He's not getting any time, but when he's getting a little bit of time to work, he's not hitting his targets.
- 4th and 11 and Brennan appears to have gotten the first down on a strike to C.J. Hawthorne, but Georgia's challenging.
- Hawaii can't catch any sort of a break. After taking forever, it's Georgia's ball.
- UGA is on the sidelines icing his junk sitting on a bag of ice. Brother, I could use a little help myself.

Georgia on its own 45
- Oh please Georgia, take a knee, run it into the line, anything. Just get this clock moving.
- Mercifully, the third quarter is over.
- You know how bad this game is? No one's holding up the four fingers for the fourth quarter.
Third Quarter: Georgia 38 ... Hawaii 3


- Georgia keeps throwing. Is Mark Richt trying to get Stafford some work? This is live target practice for next year, and it seems like the Dawgs are using this as a scrimmage.
- Is Chris Myers ripping on Jimmy Johnson's hair?
- Yeesh. Coutu crushed another big kick.
- West Virginia fans, don't tell me you would've won the 2006 Sugar Bowl without the fake punt at the end. If Georgia had one last gasp to get remotely into range, Coutu would've nailed the bomb to put it into overtime.
- This is going to be a four-and-a-half hour game. Easy.
Georgia 41 ... Hawaii 3

Hawaii on its own 35
- For one of the first times all night, Brennan is able to look off his receiver and complete a pass.
- And on the next play, he's thrown down like a rag doll and can't get up. It sucks for his career to end like this, but it's time to get him out of the game. There's no reason to get him even more hurt.
- Backup Tyler Graunke has a look on his face like, "gulp."
- Graunke got more time on his first two plays than Brennan has had all night long.
- Georgia has called off the Dawgs. There isn't nearly the pass rush there was when Brennan was in.
- You can't blame Brennan for being off, but Graunke is making the passes Brennan didn't. He's hitting the open receivers.
- Best Hawaii drive of the night by far.
- Touchdown Ryan Grice-Mullen. Graunke didn't get touched on the entire drive. Brennan has to be ticked.
Georgia 41 ... Hawaii 10

Georgia on the Hawaii 7
- Great kickoff return by Ramarcus Brown, but he's going to hear about getting run down by the kicker. Dan Kelly slowed him down just enough.
- Joe Cox is in for Stafford.
- Now its get off the bench time. Kregg Lumpkin will probably get the ball three straight times to try to get him a touchdown.
- 9:35 to play. These first two BCS games are all-time clunkers.
- Hawaii tried to get a time out but doesn't have any left. The officials just let it go.
- Cox misfires and Hawaii holds, but Georgia might actually go for it. There's no humane thing to do in a moment like this.
- Georgia goes for it. Sean Bailey drops a touchdown pass. The world keeps spinning.

Hawaii on its own 7
- How bad has the WAC been this bowl season? Outside of Fresno State, the conference has been a total dud.
- Graunke throws a deep strike down the field and takes a huge hit.
- It seems like a Hawaii player is getting hurt on every play.
- Georgia is getting a bit chippy and a little overaggressive for a 41-10 game with eight minutes to play. I don't want to hear about some Bill Belichick garbage about playing a full sixty minutes.
- Interception. Graunke threw it right between the numbers.

Georgia on the Hawaii 32
- C'mon Georgia. Just run it and get this over with.
- This is where someone gets hurt. Georgia is still throwing, and while the argument could be made that the coaching staff is just letting the backups have their moment, an overaggressive, ticked off Hawaii defender could take someone's head off if he feels it's being rubbed in.
- Three and out. More importantly for my needs, the clock is still moving.

Hawaii on its own 40
- That's crap. The Georgia punter Brian Mimbs got blocked, and then he took a gutless cheap shot in the back of a Hawaii player.
- I'm serious, I don't think the Hawaii quarterbacks can see the black shirts.
- Graunke is getting time and he's going to lead the offense to another score.
- Graunke shows why he's Graunke and not Brennan. He got time, stepped into his throw, and misfired into the end zone.
- Fourth and eight, Graunke panics with one Bulldog getting within five yards of him, and throws it to Jason Rivers out of bounds.

Georgia on own 17
- Blake Barnes is in to take the knee.
- Ooof.

FINAL SCORE: Georgia 41 ... Hawaii 10