Stream of Consciousness - 2008 Fiesta Bowl
West Virginia FB Owen Schmitt
West Virginia FB Owen Schmitt
Posted Jan 2, 2008

West Virginia shook up the world. No one thought Owen Schmitt and the Mountaineers could pull off the upset, much less win in a blowout, but they blasted Oklahoma 48-28. Check out Pete Fiutak's quirky, self-serving thoughts and musings on the 2008 Fiesta Bowl.

By Pete Fiutak
Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 


- We're 0-for-2 as the college football gods are paying us back for a tremendous season with a brutally poor BCS. I'm scared that this won't be any better. I hated the matchup before, and now it looks positively horrible with Rich Rodriguez taking his offense and $4 million fight off to Ann Arbor. I don't believe West Virginia can win this straight up. It needs to win the turnover battle in a big way, it needs Oklahoma to go through the motions, and it needs Steve Slaton and Pat White to put on an all-timer of a show.

- Could someone get a memo to Fiesta Bowl people that there's a big tit in the middle of the field?

- You don't think Oklahoma has had to hear about the Boise State game? I'll be shocked if the team doesn't come out breathing fire. The Sooners have also had to hear about how USC and Georgia are the best teams in the nation not to be playing for the national title. Stoops' boys might have something to say about that.

- On the flip side, West Virginia has had to deal with the coaching fiasco and the choke to Pitt for several weeks. An us-against-the-world attitude is warranted, but it still might not be enough if OU is properly motivated. The Big East has stunk it up at times this bowl season, and the Mountaineers have to do the league proud.

- Barry Switzer. Amazing college coach, but he's the argument for why NFL coaching is 95% about the players.

- I was a huge Oklahoma fan as a kid because I liked J.C. Watts' hair, the names Elvis Peacock and Buster Rhymes, and the way Jamelle Holieway ran the option, and death threats from crazy fans aside over my piece on how OU should've won that Oregon game anyway, I still have no problems with the program. And then that moronic Toby Keith comes out as a Sooner representative and it makes me want to put a boot in someone's ass on my way to getting on a sailboard while eating a plate of
Foie Grois doused in Heinz ketchup as I take in a Luc Besson flick.

- If I'm West Virginia, I come out in Boise State uniforms and run the hook and ladder on the opening play just to get in OU's head.

- This might be the biggest game in Bob Stoops' career. He can't lose to an interim head coach.

First Quarter
Oklahoma on its own 20
- Get the O line in the game right away. Just keep pounding away on the West Virginia defensive front and see how much they're into the game right away.
- Two straight runs and the Mountaineers are swarming.
- Big-time stop by WVU LB Marc Mungro. OU's Allen Patrick has to run harder than that.
- Terry Donohue said that WVU's defensive line is outweighed by 40 pounds per man. What defensive line isn't outweighed?
- Malcolm Kelly might not be playing. He needs this to prove he can play through bumps and bruised. The NFL types aren't going to like this.
- WVU's quickness is coming through early. How is that not holding?! Phil Loadboat tackled Johnny Dingle coming off the edge, but Dingle still got the sack.
- The hold was called. Sam Bradford has to do a far better job of getting the ball out of his hands early in the game until he knows just how much time he really has.
- Color me fired up. This might actually be a game.

West Virginia on its own 29
- Matt Vasgersian: "Mountaineer fans are happy Pat White is returning for his senior year." As opposed to doing what?
- White is having few problems in space. He's getting room, he's getting into the open, and OU's linebackers are taking too long to close.
- Steve Slaton, after a lousy year, has to get involved early.
- And there's why White has the Bloomingdale's executive job training program in his near future. He can't throw the deep out at all.
- This is a nightmare for the Sooners. West Virginia is playing with excellent pace, great tempo, and looks like the team that was rocking and rolling before the Pitt disaster. OU is all about momentum. Under Stoops lately, the team goes in the tank with a little bit of adversity.
- I love Pat Haden. He's easily the most underappreciated color commentator going.
- 4th and eight on the OU 33 and WVU is going for it. I'm not joking; I'd run a Statue of Liberty type of play. Even if it doesn't work, the Mountaineers would be in OU's kitchen making biscuits.
- WVU interim coach Bill Stewart wusses out and goes for the field goal. Pat McAfee misses the bomb and OU has all the mo. At the end of the day, WVU has absolutely nothing to lose here, and it has to start playing like it.

Oklahoma on its own 33
- Bradford isn't getting it. The WVU pass rush has been solid, but the pass protection hasn't been all that bad. Bradford is taking way, way, way too long to get the ball out of his hands. The coaching staff needs to set up a few quick timing plays to get Bradford in an early groove.
- Will someone tell OU that the game started 8:15 EST?
- WVU has far more energy and is far more aggressive early.
- This is inexplicable. How is OU making so many errors and having so many breakdowns? WVU PR Vaughn Rivers almost took it to the house.

West Virginia on the OU 23
- Did Slaton make the trip to Glendale?
- I'm going to keep harping on this. WVU needs to take advantage of an aggressive OU linebacking corps that's trying to do whatever it can to make a play. Run a reverse, a halfback option, something quirky.
- Slaton's nuts to even think about leaving early for the NFL. I'll never question if a guy is hurt or not, but he seems to get dinged up way too often.
- Hamstring.
- And we're on the board. McAfee nails it from 38 yards away. Wow, this might not suck.
West Virginia 3 ... Oklahoma 0

Oklahoma on the WVU 10
- Isn't that always the way? Allen Patrick has problems with the kickoff, picks it up, and almost takes it for a touchdown after the WVU special teams run by him.
- Vasgergian: "Patrick gets a well deserved blow here." I'll let that one go, especially considering he was tackled by John Holmes.
- Why is OU insisting on trying to run wide? That plays into WVU's scheme. Run up the gut and keep running up the gut.
- Bradford had Juaquin Iglesias open, had time, and put it in the third row. He has to settle down a bit.
- There's no truth to the rumor that Colt Brennan is secretly playing for OU.
- Bradford isn't in the game. He had time and threw into quadruple coverage and got picked. He isn't looking for his second receiver and isn't throwing with any sort of decisiveness.

West Virginia on its own 20
- OU gets nothing out of the big return.
- Noel Devine is getting the ball with Slaton out.
- The Sooner defensive tackles are actually holding their own. The linebackers aren't cleaning things up until the runner is five yards down the field.
- Watching Pat White throw makes me feel all kinds of sad inside.
- However, White is one of my favorite players because he's so tough and so smart in the open field. The OU defensive back seven is giving way, way, way too much respect to the Mountaineer passing game. The secondary might be short-handed, but you take your chances considering White's arm.
- I'm shocked. I can't believe how easily West Virginia is moving the ball.
- Basically, OU should just tell Curtis Lofton to spy on White, forget about everything else, and follow him wherever he goes at all costs.
- McAfee nails a 42-yard kick. For all the problems, OU is only down 6-0. It could, and should, be a whole bunch worse.
West Virginia 6 ... Oklahoma 0

First Quarter Score: West Virginia 6 ... Oklahoma 0


- The return game could be the big difference for OU. In a coaching change and with time being short, return coverage tends to be neglected.

Oklahoma on is own 39
- OU has been getting killed slowly by penalties. At the moment, without Malcolm Kelly, this isn't a big play offense.
- Where's Juaquin Iglesias?
- There's Bradford. He has time, 1-2-3-step, bounce, throw. Hits a strike. That's what he needs to do. He got rid of the ball quickly, threw a fastball, and might have gotten the rust off.
- The WVU linebackers are destroying the OU offensive line.
- Bradford throws a high pass to Iglesias and the play goes nowhere, and then Iglesias limps off the field. OU is deep at receivers, but it's in big, big trouble without its top two targets.
- Let's not make out what Stewart and the WVU coaching staff is doing as something noble by staying on for the bowl. This is an audition for another job.
- OU has -3 yards rushing.
- Bradford isn't in the game at all. He had ten days to throw, WVU CB Antonio Lewis ran in from about 20 yards away and still made the sack. 

West Virginia on its own 9

- Steve Slaton might be done for the game. Again, I'm not questioning anyone's toughness, but the NFL is a cruel business. If you can't play, you're no good to anyone, and it seems like he's not playing way too often.
- If I'm a pro scout, I just learned all I needed to about Darius Reynaud. Third and eight deep in WVU territory and Reynaud had no interest in taking a hit coming across the middle. I guarantee you at least 15 GMs just filed him under the YP category: your problem. When Pat White is selling out in the pocket and taking shot after shot, Reynaud needed to make a play on a very catchable ball for a first down.

Oklahoma on its own 26
- The running game isn't working, Bradford is off, and things aren't going well. Go with the O line. Just let the big boys keep pounding. It might not work now, but eventually this Mountaineer front will wear down.
- Late hit out of bounds for 30 yards in penalties. That's OU's best play of the night.
- It's starting to get a bit chippy. OU is going to get frustrated a lot faster than WVU and is going to start making big mistakes.
- Just keep pounding. By the second half, this is going to work.
- Again, the West Virginia linebackers are blowing past the OU O line. Bradford isn't reading the blitzing.
- Garrett Hartley finally gets OU on the board with a field goal. OU got another big yardage break with the penalties and it still only came up with a field goal. WVU has to be getting more and more confident.
West Virginia 6 ... Oklahoma 3

West Virginia on its own 23
- Has Owen Schmitt carried the ball? WVU needs to get everyone involved to help out White. Slaton doesn't appear to be coming back any time soon, if at all. Try pounding with the big man a little bit.
- Nice, nice play by White and Reynaud. White gets on the move, Reynaud settles in, makes the catch.
- The OU coaching staff is getting pantsed.
- I am the smartest man alive. And there's goes Schmitt. OU misses two tackles, Schmitt gets to the outside, and he just became a sure-thing top 75 draft pick. He was already the top fullback prospect, and now everyone knows he can run the ball.
- Vasgergian just called it the 57-yard dash the longest run in Fiesta Bowl history. What was that Tommie Frazier dash against Florida?
- He corrected himself. It was West Virginia's longest run.
West Virginia 13 ... Oklahoma 3

Oklahoma on its own 42
- There's a nice throw by Bradford. Again, when he gets time to get into his rhythm, he's fine. 1-2-3-set fire and a big pass to Quentin Chaney.
- OU HAS to get into the end zone here. It's third and four on the seven.
- The running game hasn't been working at all, but I'd still go with it. I'm not sold on Bradford's decision making.
- And Bradford almost gets picked off. He's not reading the coverages or the blitzes.
- Hartley hits a 24-yard field goal. WVU is owning this game.
West Virginia 13 ... Oklahoma 6

West Virginia on its own 23
- 4:44 to play. Keep the heat on. The defense is playing out of its gourd, and the offense is moving without a problem without Slaton. Keep pushing.
- White is making the right reads and the right plays that Bradford isn't.
- Devine gets the ball in space, runs through a poor tackling OU back seven that isn't getting in the right positions, and despite getting popped and losing the ball, he comes up with the big play to get into OU territory yet again.
- I'm going to keep harping on this: ANY sort of out-of-the-norm play will work right now. Is WVU setting OU up for something big? It seems that way.
- Third and seven and White makes a play all by himself with a great run for a first down. He's terrific.
- Again, WVU is setting OU up for something. It just feels like the Mountaineer coaching staff has something in its pocket it's waiting to bring out.
- And there's another OU defensive breakdown. Reynaud runs wide open in the middle of the field, the Sooner safeties are cheating up, the linebackers overpursue going after White, and West Virginia gets a way too easy touchdown.
- Oklahoma's coaches are getting embarrassed.
West Virginia 20 ... Oklahoma 6

Oklahoma on its own 36
- 2:21 to go, OU has to let it all hang out here. It has to get the offense moving and it needs something to build on.
- There's no bounce in OU's step, there doesn't appear to be any energy or life. On the other side, WVU appears to be acting like it's over. Sideline reporter Laura Omkin made it sound like the Mountaineers have put their Fiesta Bowl Champion hats on.
- Fumble, West Virginia ball. Again, I'm totally stunned. OU is the more talented team by far, and WVU is dominating like it's playing Syracuse.

West Virginia on the OU 45
- That almost worked. WVU tried a halfback option and OU got flagged. As crazy as this sounds, coming off the turnover, that was a little too obvious. OU wasn't fooled. That type of play needed to be on third down.
- OU gets a pass rush, but White escaped and got the offense into field goal range on a great scramble. Two seconds to play and WVU can go into the locker room on 23-6. I never, ever thought this would happen. From all indications, OU was ready.
- GIGANTIC play. OU gets the block on a 44-yard attempt, and now the Sooners are bouncing around and showing the fire and emotion it hasn't had from the start.
- Pat Haden called the blocked field goal before it happened. That's why he's a Rhodes Scholar, and I'm sitting here amused by Pants Off, Dance Off on my No. 3 TV.

Second Quarter Score: West Virginia 20 ... Oklahoma 6


- School promo: "The University of Oklahoma. We Have It All!" You might have an important painting, but you currently don't have a linebacker who knows how to take a proper angle.

- From Bob St. Clair in the halftime piece on the 1951 San Francisco Dons, who were told they could go to a bowl game if their two African-American players were left home. "When we heard that we couldn't bring our two African-American players, we said no way, no way." The on-the-cutting-room-floor second part of the sound byte: "But that Irish guy ..."

West Virginia on its own 24
- Uhhhhhh, sideline reporter Laura Omkin might want to look at the West Virginia sidelines. As she's reporting that Steve Slaton going to try to give it a go on his bad hamstring, there's a shot of him in street clothes.
- The OU safeties are starting to read things better. The Sooner coaching staff made the adjustment, appears to be trying to funnel everything back inside, and it worked with a three and out.
- Fantastic coverage on a big punt by McAfee. That's a 57-yard shot to pin the Sooners deep. Every time it seems like things are about to change, something that seems relatively small happens to screw the Sooners up.

Oklahoma on its own 16
- Fantastic first play call rolling out Bradford, giving him time, and he throws a strike for a big gain that gets called back on a false start. OU has committed seven penalties, but that's the third absolute killer.
- Nice shot of Stoops on the sidelines. He looks like the before picture in those Nutra-System commercials. He doesn't appear to have the Tony Orlando shirtless look, but he could probably use a little support with a manziere or bro. He has the Phil Mickelson thing going.
- This is what great coaching staffs do. OU has figured out something and it's mixing things up to get the playmakers on the move and getting the offense into a better tempo. Allen Patrick rips off a big run, Bradford keeps rolling out to his right and is his normal, accurate self, and the Sooner offense is moving.
- West Virginia star DE Johnny Dingle is down. The defense can't lose him right now.
- I'm sorry, I'm in that kind of a place right now. This gem from Terry Donohue: "This is what happens in football; guys are going down on you."
- ANOTHER big OU play called back on a penalty. Duke Robinson got nailed with a hold he didn't make, and it negated a big Patrick run.
- Donohue: "Anybody who can walk and muster up any energy for this West Virginia football team is going to play." The Fox producer needs to cut to a shot of Slaton.
- Third and 11, Bradford rolls out, and West Virginia adjusts right back by sending the pass rush to the right side. Once again, a promising deep Sooner drive ends up stalling.
- Yet another field goal.
- I wonder how Stevie Ray Vaughn would feel about "Pride and Joy" being attached to a Nissan.
West Virginia 20 ... Oklahoma 9

- Vasgersian: "I know field goals aren't the sexiest thing in football ..." No, that title belongs to Beano Cook wearing a Borat lime green mankini.

West Virginia on its own 31
- For the second straight series, OU has the WVU running game sniffed out. The defensive back seven has it now.
- Third and two and White has a wide open Josh Sanders, who drops it. You're West Virginia, you run the ball no matter what on third and two.
- Alright, I want to hear the official ruling on this. How is this possibly a touchback? McAfee hits yet another bomb of a punt, Dominique Franks tries to field it over his shoulder, muffs it, it goes into the end zone and an OU player gets it and goes out of the end zone. It's not ruled a safety.

Oklahoma on its own 20
Bradford barely, barely gets the ball away for a huge pass to Quentin Chaney. The Sooners are moving the ball yet again, and eventually the WVU D is going to break. It has to, doesn't it?
- There's the ruling on the punt. A WVU player knocked it into the end zone. That could've been game over if the Mountaineers had got a touchdown off it.
- Third and two and WVU is going to bring the house. Any sort of little delay to a back slipping behind the line should work if Bradford can get it off.
- Perfect call. One step, get the ball off on an easy out pattern to Iglesias, first down.
- The left side of the OU offensive line is starting to put the WVU defensive front on the ground a bit too often.
- Terrific block by TE Brody Eldridge to lead Patrick to the one. He made a three-yard gain a gamebreaker.
- Great minds think alike. Haden said the same thing. I'm off to Oxford.
- Touchdown OU. Duke Robinson just buried two Mountaineers to get Patrick in.
- No, no, no, no no, no, no. 6:23 left in the third, you don't start chasing. Kick the extra point and move on. OU misses the two point conversion, and now OU will be down eight with a WVU field goal. Kick the extra point and be down seven with a McAfee kick. That's just one of the several things that could screw up the Sooners.
West Virginia 20 ... Oklahoma 15

- Oklahoma is going to go for the onside kick. This is Stoops. This is obvious, and it's a dumb move if OU actually tries it. The defense is playing well, the offense is rolling, you don't give the momentum back to West Virginia. Kick it deep.

- I knew it, I knew it, I knew it .... spooky. I really am the smartest man alive. OU goes for the onside kick, misses, and WVU is right back in the driver's seat. If I'm outguessing Bob Stoops, you can only imagine what the West Virginia coaches are doing.

West Virginia on the OU 38
- The OU defense is humming. The linebackers are sniffing everything out.
- On third down, for the first time all half, OU doesn't contain the outside and White easily runs for a first down.
- And then things go back to normal. OU will take a seven-yard run from White as long as it's up the middle where the linebackers and safeties can get the hit and keep the big play to a minimum.
- Third and one, OU doesn't contain on the outside, and Noel Devine runs for a score. On the sideline, OU defensive coordinator Brent Venables looks like looks like he's about to have a conniption. Curtis Lofton didn't get over until it was way, way too late.
- I'm not second guessing Stoops; I'm first guessing. That was a horrible and unnecessary risk to take.
- I'm also first guessing that two point conversion attempt. Now, an OU field goal makes it a nine point game. I know, I know, coaches like to go with their gut and the feel of the game, but it's important to be smart. Coach like you're expecting to play well.
West Virginia 27 ... Oklahoma 15

- Yet again, an OU huge play is brought back by a penalty. Juaquin Iglesias had a big return that would've worked out just fine without the hold.

Oklahoma on its own 23
- 2:29 to play, and I'm calling it over unless OU can come up with a big turnover. Phil Loadbolt can't pass protect without holding, West Virginia is bouncing around again like it's the first quarter, OU is in big, big trouble if the Mountaineers score again.
- I'm annoyed by a yellow Fiesta Bowl logo that keeps popping up and looks sort of like the Flag graphic that comes down.

West Virginia on its 25
- How slippery is Pat White? Again, it's all about keeping the game on the inside. OU didn't do a good job of getting to the sideline, took a bad angle, missed a tackle, and White tore off a huge 42-yard gain.
- There it is. There's the play that West Virginia had been setting up all day long. OU's linebackers are being drilled to get to the outside to contain the big play, the entire back seven sells out to get to the left side, the Mountaineers run a reverse, and Noel Devine makes one Sooner miss on the way to a 30-yard score.
- Sorry to keep piling on this, but it's yet another BCS game, and yet another game when Bob Stoops and his staff are getting killed.
West Virginia 34 ... Oklahoma 15

Oklahoma on its own 48
- Alright, let's take a different approach now for OU. It's right where it wants to be. Now, like the Texas Tech game, Bradford can come out winging. Get into more of a hurry-up approach, find some sort of a groove, get the offense moving.
- The offensive line has stepped up its play on the first two plays.
- Pass interference on West Virginia. I'll throw a hissy fit if this is called uncatchable. It was uncatchable because the OU receiver was bowled over.
- The penalty is called.
- This has been ten times better than I ever dreamed it would be.
Third Quarter: West Virginia 34 ... Oklahoma 15


- OU can keep using its running game for a little bit, but it needs to get throwing and throwing some more. There will be more points from the Mountaineers. OU is officially knee deep in a track meet.
- Fourth and one on the 18. Of course you go for it.
- You have the most accurate passer in America. Let him do his thing.
- Touchdown. West Virginia guesses run, guesses wrong, and Chaney catches a scoring strike on a perfect throw from Bradford.
- KICK THE EXTRA POINT. It's 34-21. A two doesn't really do you any good, while a miss means a West Virginia field goal makes it 16 and forces you to go for two twice.
- OU goes for two, misses, and it's still chasing after the first two point conversion mistake.
West Virginia 34 ... Oklahoma 21

West Virginia on its own 20
- Wow, wow, wow. 79-yard touchdown strike with White hanging in until the last possible second and connecting with Tito Gonzalez for the score.
- Is there a tougher pound-for-pound player than White.
- Anyone reminded of the John Stallworth touchdown catch in the Super Bowl win over the Los Angeles Rams?
- Stoops just had a look on his face like "(Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeep)."
West Virginia 41 ... Oklahoma 21

Oklahoma on its own 27
- Phil Loadholt is having a nightmare of a game at left tackle. He doesn't have the feet in pass protection.
- The announcers are making excuses and apologizing for Stoops. This is an even bigger embarrassment than the Boise State loss. OU is just getting beat. Straight up. Bill Stewart is outcoaching one of the best in the game.
- OU needs to pick up the pace. With just over 11 minutes to play, it needs three touchdowns. THREE TOUCHDOWNS?!
- Not having Malcolm Kelly is a killer.
- A big 30-yard penalty after a pass interference and a personal foul call. OU is still moving the ball. It has to keep pushing deep. Bradford appears to be dialed in. The WVU line appears to be tired, it's not getting the same push, and Bradford is looking like the superstar he is.
- Touchdown pass to a wide open Iglesias. This could get interesting. On the replays, several West Virginia players were finger pointing and looking frustrated. They can't melt down now.
- If Stoops had kicked the extra points like he was supposed to, it'd be 41-30 right now and it'd take a TD and a two-point conversion along with a field goal. Now the O still needs two touchdowns.
West Virginia 41 ... Oklahoma 28

West Virginia on its own 30
- Oklahoma will be selling out to stop the run as it expects WVU to bleed the clock. Test the corners again. The OU secondary is suspect at the moment. Try one deep shot.
- How much does OU miss DeMarcus Granger on the inside?
- What is the OU defense doing?! Noel Devine should've been bottled up for a minimal gain, but instead it seemed like the Sooners just pain forgot to make a tackle. Curtis Lofton was awful, awful on the play as he blew past the hole, and safety Darien Williams also got caught going the wrong way. It wasn't a fancy play, it was a simple pitch out.
West Virginia 48 ... Oklahoma 28

Oklahoma on its own 20
- Oklahoma has apparently decided it's ready to go home. A first down running play is the official Roberto Duran "No Mas" moment of your 2008 Fiesta Bowl. Later, Stoops will claim he ate a bad steak.
- Play action fakes don't work when you're down 20 on your own 25 with under nine minutes to play.
- I just don't get this. You have the nation's most efficient passer and a slew of good wide receivers. You need three touchdowns and you're running it. There's a lot of time left. Spread it out, start bombing, and shorten the game.
- Somewhere, there's a group of powerful West Virginia boosters and administration types who are just a little ticked off. They want a big name head coach, and now it'll be tough to ditch Stewart.
- Where are the OU tight ends? It seems like the middle of the field should be wide open.
- OU is way too confused. Bradford has to take a time out on fourth and one.
- By the way, Adrian Peterson was named the NFL Rookie of the Year. Just thought I'd mention it.
- OU just lost all its L.A. privileges. It needs to come up with a big win in a BCS game again before it gets the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the national title debate.
- Lost in a roughing the passer call was an unbelievable one-his-back catch by Joe Jon Finley, who bobbled it and caught it with his legs. That's absolutely, positively a catch, and it's being reviewed.
- It's called a drop. That's a catch.
- There's still 6:31 to play. There's still plenty of time for a miracle if OU can stick it in the end zone quickly.
- We're now coming up on the four hour mark.
- Penalties continue to destroy the Sooners.
- This could be the longest, slowest drive in the history of college football. It's going absolutely nowhere.
- Again, this was among the most unimaginative gameplans for a big game that I can remember. OU didn't bring its A game in any way, shape or form, but give West Virginia credit; it was better.
- OU looks bored. Just take a knee already if you're going to quit.

West Virginia on its own 37
- Woof all you want West Virginia fans, but I don't want to hear one "no one respected us." We didn't get one e-mail all month from a Mountaineer fan saying they thought they could win. We got 26 from Ball State fans dogging us for picking Rutgers in a rout.
- Pat McAfee has had a tremendous game punting the ball.

Oklahoma on its own 16
- Interesting. I can't lip read, but I'd be curious to know what Stewart just said to Slaton and Reynaud. Slaton had a look on his face like, "yeah, yeah, yeah, but I'm a second rounder."
- After the Gatorade bath, Stewart looks like an older Lyle Lovett (if that's possible).
- And somewhere, Rich Rodriguez owes $4 million.
- C'mon Owen Schmitt, ask Laura Omkin to marry you.

FINAL SCORE: West Virginia 48 ... Oklahoma 28