2007 CFN Final Season Rankings - No. 26-119
Kentucky QB Andre Woodson
Kentucky QB Andre Woodson
Posted Jan 8, 2008

The CFN final 2007 rankings for No. 26 through 119 along with the opinion rankings.

Here's the CFN belief when it comes to ranking teams: From the preseason until the end of the bowls, you must rank teams based on how good you believe they are at that time. However, once the year is complete, it's only fair to take the subjectivity out of it and go by what actually happened on the field. To do that, we've created the CFN Formula used to rank every team in every year in order to properly compare and contrast seasons from different eras.

Two things to keep in mind. 1) This takes into account the entire season punishing ugly losses and pumping up good wins. A win at the beginning of the year counts the same as a win at the end, so there might be some head-to-head discrepancies; they're unavoidable in any ranking system. Remember, the formula looks at year from start to finish and not just which team beat another.

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CFN Final 2007
Opinion Rankings

Based on how good we thought the teams were.
1 LSU (12-2)
2 Georgia (11-2)
3 USC (11-2)
4 Missouri (12-2)
5 West Virginia (12-2)
6 Oklahoma (11-3)
7 Ohio State (11-2)
8 Kansas (12-1)
9 Virginia Tech (11-3)
10 Texas (10-3)
11 Boston College (12-2)
12 Auburn (9-4)
13 Michigan (9-4)
14 Florida (9-4)
15 Tennessee (10-4)
16 Wisconsin (9-4)
17 Illinois (9-4)
18 Cincinnati (10-3)
19 Oregon State (9-4)
20 Clemson (9-4)
21 Oregon (9-4)
22 Arizona State (10-3)
23 Penn State (9-4)
24 Texas Tech (9-4)
25 Virginia (9-4)
26 BYU (11-2)
27 Arkansas (8-5)
28 Wake Forest (9-4)
29 Connecticut (9-4)
30 South Florida (9-4) 
31 California (7-6) 
32 Mississippi State (8-5)
33 Oklahoma State (7-6)
34 Kentucky (8-5) 
35 Michigan State (7-6)
36 Texas A&M (7-6)
37 Utah (9-4)
38 Rutgers (8-5)
39 Alabama (7-6)
40 Florida State (7-6) 
41 Purdue (8-5) 
42 Colorado (6-7)
43 UCF (10-4)
44 Tulsa (10-3)
45 UCLA (6-7)
46 East Carolina (8-5)
47 Hawaii (12-1)
48 Boise State (10-3)
49 Maryland (6-7)
50 Fresno State (9-4)
51 Georgia Tech (7-6)
52 Air Force (9-4)
53 South Carolina (6-6)
54 Indiana (7-6)
55 TCU (8-5)
56 Arizona (5-7)
57 New Mexico (9-4)
58 Northwestern (6-6)
59 NC State (5-7)
60 Vanderbilt (5-7)
61 Nebraska (5-7)
62 Troy (8-4)
63 Kansas State (5-7)
64 Louisville (6-6)
65 Pitt (5-7)
66 Iowa (6-6)
67 Miami (5-7)
68 Iowa State (3-9)
69 Houston (8-5)
70 Washington State (5-7)
71 Navy (8-5)
72 Washington (4-9)
73 San Jose State (5-7)
74 Nevada (6-7)
75 Ole Miss (3-9)
76 North Carolina (4-8)
77 Florida Atlantic (8-5)
78 Notre Dame (3-9)
79 Southern Miss (7-6)
80 Stanford (4-8)
81 San Diego State (4-8)
82 UL Monroe (6-6)
83 Ball State (7-6)
84 Ohio (6-6)
85 Bowling Green (8-5)
86 Colorado State (3-9)
87 Central Michigan (8-6)
88 Memphis (7-6)
89 Wyoming (5-7)
90 Western Michigan (5-7)
91 Miami University (6-7)
92 Duke (1-11)
93 Toledo (5-7)
94 Louisiana Tech (5-7)
95 Minnesota (1-11)
96 Syracuse (2-10)
97 Baylor (3-9)
98 UNLV (2-10)
99 Marshall (3-9)
100 UAB (2-10)
101 Tulane (4-8)
102 UTEP (4-8)
103 Buffalo (5-7)
104 Temple (4-8)
105 Eastern Michigan (4-8)
106 Rice (3-9)
107 Army (3-9)
108 Akron (4-8)
109 UL Lafayette (3-9)
110 Middle Tennessee (5-7)
111 Arkansas State (5-7)
112 Northern Illinois (2-10)
113 Utah State (2-10)
114 New Mexico State (4-9)
115 Kent State (3-9)
116 FIU (1-11) 
117 SMU (1-11)
118 North Texas (2-10)
119 Idaho (1-11)

26. Arizona State (10-3)   CFN Score: 14.29
2006 Score: 8.26     2006 Ranking: 64
While this might seem low considering ASU was on the verge of playing in a BCS game, it shows how average the overall schedule really was with only two wins over teams that finished with a winning record. Even so, ten wins are ten wins as the first year of the Dennis Erickson era was a major success.

27. Kentucky (8-5) 
CFN Score: 14.27
2006 Score: 11.65     2006 Ranking: 42
It was a solid year with wins over Louisville and LSU, but it wasn't as good as it should've been considering the talent-level on offense and a not-that-bad season from the D. An inexplicable 31-14 home loss to Mississippi State was part of a rough second half with four losses in five games. Yeah, UK won the Music City Bowl, but it came against a depleted Florida State.

28. Clemson (9-4)   
CFN Score: 14.06
2006 Score: 13.77     2006 Ranking: 32
It should've been a much better year. The Tigers overcame a two-game lull against Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech to go on a four-game winning streak to become the ACC's hot team, and then came the 20-17 home loss to a reeling Boston College. Beating South Carolina is always nice, but the overtime loss to Auburn in the Chick-fil-A Bowl ended yet another season on a sour note.

29. Texas Tech (9-4)  
CFN Score: 13.64
2006 Score: 10.58     2006 Ranking: 47
The Red Raiders put up their normal huge passing numbers and rolled through the year even though they didn't beat anyone outside of Texas A&M. And then came the nationally televised win over Oklahoma to ruin the Sooners' national title hopes. The comeback win over Virginia in the Gator bowl sealed what turned out to be a fantastic year that could've been a whole bunch better if the defense had come up with a stop against Oklahoma State, Colorado or Texas.

30. Oregon State (9-4)  
CFN Score: 13.37
2006 Score: 18.24     2006 Ranking: 14
A better team than it'll be remembered, OSU got through a tough schedule facing seven bowl teams to beat Maryland in the Emerald Bowl. Despite shaky quarterback play, the offense wasn't all that bad while the defense was the best in the nation against the run, fifth in sacks, seventh in tackles for loss, and eighth overall.

31. Virginia (9-4) 
CFN Score: 13.05
2006 Score: 5.34     2006 Ranking: 73
Virginia didn't win every close game; it just seemed that way. Even with a struggling offense, the Cavaliers won six of their nine games by a total of 12 points, And then the college football karma gods delivered payback with a painful late loss to Texas Tech in the Gator Bowl. Considering the 23-3 loss at Wyoming to open the season, 9-4, no matter how it happened, is impressive.

32. Wisconsin (9-4) 
CFN Score: 13.01
2006 Score: 17.40     2006 Ranking: 17
You play a lousy non-conference schedule, you get a low overall score. The wins over Michigan State and Michigan were nice, but that was it for a battered and bruised Badger team that lost most of the top receivers and fought through major injuries to P.J. Hill, the defensive line, and the secondary.

33. Wake Forest (9-4)  
CFN Score: 12.92
2006 Score: 15.91     2006 Ranking: 23
The Demon Deacons proved that 2006 wasn't a fluke with a nine-win season complete with a 24-10 win over Connecticut in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. The defense was fantastic, the offense stingy when it came to turnovers, and the team won nine of its final 11 games. As good as the year was, it could've been really, really special being roughly four plays away from being 11-1 in the regular season.

34. Air Force (9-4)
  CFN Score: 12.84
2006 Score: 2.35     2006 Ranking: 100
Did anyone see this coming? Troy Calhoun came in and instantly turned the program around with a high-octane rushing attack, a tough, aggressive defense, and a nine-win season going 6-2 in Mountain West play. However, there wasn't a win over a bowl team after September 13.

35. Arkansas (8-5) 
CFN Score: 12.77
2006 Score: 16.94     2006 Ranking: 19
Oh sure, there was the win over LSU and the shootout over South Carolina, and Darren McFadden made a great run in the Heisman chase, but Houston Nutt's leaving/let go for the Ole Miss job, a crushing loss to Missouri in the Cotton Bowl, and close calls against Alabama, Kentucky and Auburn cast a pall over the year.

36. Utah (9-4) 
CFN Score: 12.66
2006 Score: 12.17     2006 Ranking: 40
It wasn't even September and Utah was already 0-1 with a loss to Oregon State and with star QB Brian Johnson out with a collarbone injury. A stunning 44-6 win over UCLA aside, the Utes started off 1-3 while going nowhere fast with a disastrous 27-0 loss to UNLV. And then the offense caught fire, and the defense turned into a brick wall, as the Utes went 8-1 the rest of the way with only a late loss to BYU, coming on a heartbreaking late drive, ruining the run.
37. Rutgers (8-5)  
CFN Score: 12.46
2006 Score: 18.36   2006 Ranking: 13
How far has Rutgers come under Greg Schiano? A 8-5 season with a bowl win is a disappointment. Led by the running of Ray Rice, and the nation's 17th best defense, the Scarlet Knights had a good season, but considering the favorable schedule, it wasn't a great one. The only good win was against South Florida while home losses to Maryland, Cincinnati and West Virginia killed the momentum of 2006.

38. Mississippi State (8-5)  
CFN Score: 12.40
2006 Score: 2.87     2006 Ranking: 92
On August 30th, MSU lost at home to LSU 45-0. Who could've ever known Sylvester Croom's team would go 8-4 the rest of the way with a bowl win over UCF and with wins over Auburn and Alabama? Even though the offense was the worst in the SEC, finishing 113th in the nation in both total offense and passing, the defense was the difference in the wins.

39. Connecticut (9-4)  
CFN Score: 12.16
2006 Score: 3.91     2006 Ranking: 81
All defense, little offense, the Huskies came up with a great year by not turning the ball over, forcing mistakes, and by taking advantage of every opportunity. Mid-season wins over Louisville, South Florida and Rutgers set the tone, but losses to Cincinnati, West Virginia and Wake Forest in the final four games brought the team back down to earth.
40. Michigan State (7-6) 
CFN Score: 12.13
2006 Score: 2.69     2006 Ranking: 94
Mark Dantonio instantly turned the program around by eliminating the flake factor. Past Spartan teams would've gone in the tank after losing to Michigan, but MSU came back roaring with a 48-31 win at Purdue and a stirring comeback victory over Penn State to get into a bowl. All six losses were by less than a touchdown including a battle at Ohio State and in the Champs Sports Bowl to Boston College.

41. East Carolina (8-5) 
CFN Score: 11.70
2006 Score: 8.39    2006 Ranking: 62
Skip Holtz led the Pirates to a solid season going 6-2 in Conference USA play with an attacking defense and an offense that didn't turn the ball over, but it took a 41-38 Hawaii Bowl win over Boise State to put an exclamation point on the year. Chris Johnson got lost in the shuffle of strong C-USA running backs, but he turned into one of the nation's best all-around backs. 

UCLA (6-7)  CFN Score: 11.35
2006 Score: 13.94     2006 Ranking: 31
Easily the most inconsistent team in the nation, UCLA was good enough to beat BYU, Cal and Oregon, but weird enough to lose to Utah (when it was reeling) 44-6, got blasted by Washington State 27-7, and suffered the ultimate indignity with a 20-6 home loss to Notre Dame. This was also one of the most injured teams in the country when it came to keeping skill players upright, and it showed with an offense that finished 99th in the nation in yards and 115th in passing efficiency.

43. South Carolina (6-6)  
CFN Score: 11.31
2006 Score: 13.65     2006 Ranking: 34
One of the biggest crashes of the year, the Gamecocks were 6-1 with wins over Georgia and Kentucky, and then came the upset home loss to Vanderbilt sparking a five game losing streak to close out the season. Injuries were a major issue for the SEC's worst run defense and worst rushing attack.

44. Alabama (7-6)  
CFN Score: 11.20
2006 Score: 7.19     2006 Ranking: 66
Nick Saban's first season started out well, hitting a high point with a 41-17 win over Tennessee and a 6-2 start, and then came a crashing thud losing four straight games including a 21-14 gack to UL Monroe and yet another loss to Auburn. The bowl win over Colorado calmed everything down ... for now.

45. Purdue (8-5)    CFN Score: 11.13
2006 Score: 7.97     2006 Ranking: 65
Purdue beat most of the teams it was supposed to, and outside of a season-ender against Indiana, lost to the teams it was supposed to. The offense was the Big Ten's best, but the defense struggled in key games against Michigan State and Michigan. Curtis Painter set the tone for what should be a huge 2008 season.

46. Oklahoma State (7-6) 
   CFN Score: 10.95
2006 Score: 9.54     2006 Ranking: 54
Oh sure, there was a bowl win over Indiana and the offense was as effective as any in America, but 2007 will be remembered for one wacky, next-level rant from head coach Mike Gundy. The defense was way too porous to beat the better Big 12 teams, but the O was good enough to outbomb Texas Tech following a loss at Troy.

47. New Mexico (9-4) 
CFN Score: 10.93
2006 Score: 5.68     2006 Ranking: 71
While the Lobos didn't get a whole bunch of Mountain West respect, they came up with a big year complete with the first bowl win under head coach Rocky Long. The opening day loss to UTEP turned out to be an aberration with close wins over Arizona and Air Force making up for it. The defense was among the best in the league and the offense was just good enough to get by.

48. California (7-6) 
CFN Score: 10.87
2006 Score: 17.28     2006 Ranking: 18
Cal was a time out against Oregon State away from being the No. 1 team in the nation, and then it fell off the map losing six of its final seven games, including a loss to Stanford, before beating Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl. The offense was a disappointment, the defense didn't come through with enough clutch stops, and a 3-6 Pac 10 record made this one of the season's biggest flops. 

49. Fresno State (9-4) 
CFN Score: 10.70
2006 Score: 3.956     2006 Ranking: 80
Pat Hill's team had a fantastic bounceback season complete with a Humanitarian Bowl win over Georgia Tech and a win over Kansas State. With a balanced offense and a defense that wasn't awful, this might have been the stepping-stone for a big 2008 when the Bulldogs will likely be the preseason WAC favorites.

Texas A&M (7-6)  CFN Score: 10.55
2006 Score: 14.14   2006 Ranking: 30
The Aggies beat Texas, but outside of Oklahoma State, there wasn't a win over anyone else with a pulse. Yet another disappointing year under Dennis Franchione forced a coaching change, but could Mike Sherman have done any better in a year when Kansas and Missouri became national title contenders?
51. Florida State (7-6) 
CFN Score: 10.05
2006 Score: 12.41     2006 Ranking: 39
Another year, another step further away from where FSU used to be. The program passed the torch from Bobby Bowden to Jimbo Fisher, even if the coaching change hasn't happened yet, and now there has to be more offense after averaging just 369 yards per game. The defense fell off the map by the end of the year, and the passing game couldn't pick up the slack. 

52. Troy (8-4)   
CFN Score: 10.05
2006 Score: 9.94     2006 Ranking: 53
The loss to Florida Atlantic killed bowl hopes for an 8-4 team that beat Oklahoma State with ease and lost to Arkansas, Florida and Georgia. There should've been a 13th game for Omar Haugabook and the Sun Belt's best offense. The defense led the league in points allowed and was second overall.

53. TCU (8-5)  
CFN Score: 9.83
2006 Score: 15.30     2006 Ranking: 25
Easily one of the most disappointing teams of the 2007 season, the BCS was considered a realistic goal to start the year before Texas had other ideas in a 34-13 win. All four Mountain West losses came by less than a touchdown and the most impressive win was over New Mexico, but it was yet another bowl season under Gary Patterson helped by one of the nation's stingiest defenses.

54. Louisville (6-6)
  CFN Score: 9.70
2006 Score: 25.71     2006 Ranking: 2
Considered a national title contender before the season, a 58-42 win over Middle Tennessee gave an early indication that the Steve Kragthorpe era might get off to a rough start, and then came losses to Kentucky and Syracuse to screw everything up. The offense was the best in the Big East, mostly due to Brian Brohm, but the defense was abysmal. Even so, the team wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be, losing four of six games by less than a touchdown with five of the six losses coming to bowl teams.

55. Maryland (6-7)
 CFN Score: 9.54
2006 Score: 14.19     2006 Ranking: 29
The Terps had their moments with wins over Georgia Tech, Rutgers and Boston College, but it was a losing season, helped by a bad loss to North Carolina, and finished up with a loss to Oregon State in the Emerald Bowl. Was this a tease team? It was good enough to play with anyone in the conference, but it also lost to North Carolina and didn't show nearly enough offense or pass rush to be a true ACC contender.

56. Indiana (7-6)
    CFN Score: 9.46
2006 Score: 5.00   2006 Ranking: 75
Losing head coach Terry Hoeppner to a brain tumor cast a cloud over the season, but the team rallied in his memory to get a 13th game thanks to a 27-24 loss to Purdue at the end of the year. The Insight Bowl blowout against Oklahoma State ruined the story, but just getting to a bowl made this a successful year. 

57. Florida Atlantic (8-5) 
CFN Score: 9.35
2006 Score: 3.49     2006 Ranking: 86
The Owls won four of the last final five games including an upset at Troy to win the Sun Belt title and a victory in the New Orleans Bowl over Memphis. Four of the five losses came to Oklahoma State, Kentucky, South Florida and Florida, while the other came in three overtimes to UL Monroe. The defense didn't get any pass rush and gave up points in bunches, but Rusty Smith and the passing game was fantastic throughout.

58. Ball State (7-6) 
CFN Score: 8.45
2006 Score: 3.59     2006 Ranking: 84
Nate Davis and the Cardinal passing game led the way to an exciting season, even with the blowout International Bowl loss to Rutgers to close things out. Even with all the problems on defense, especially against the run, Davis was able to bomb away to one of the program's strongest years in recent history.

59. Pitt (5-7)
   CFN Score: 8.25
2006 Score: 9.07     2006 Ranking: 58
There's closing out on with a momentum builder, and there's beating West Virginia in Morgantown to ruin an archrival's national title hopes. Overall, the offense struggled throughout, but the defense was the best in the Big East even after giving up 44 to Virginia, 48 to Navy and 48 to South Florida. Four losses came by a touchdown or less. 

60. Georgia Tech (7-6)  CFN Score: 8.24
2006 Score: 8.44     2006 Ranking: 60
With all the returning talent and experience, the team should've been far, far better. That's why Paul Johnson is in and Chan Gailey is out. The defense led the nation in sacks and led the ACC in rushing, but the passing game never materialized. Losing to Georgia (again) and at home against Virginia Tech forced the coaching change.

61. Colorado (6-7)
    CFN Score: 8.18
2006 Score: 0.96     2006 Ranking: 109
Considering where the Buffs were last year, this was a good rebound year with a trip to a bowl game and hope for the future thanks to QB Cody Hawkins. The pass defense has to be better starting with the need for an improved pass rush. For all the inconsistencies and issues, CU was able to push Kansas, blasted Nebraska, and beat Oklahoma.

62. Houston (8-5)
  CFN Score: 8.07
2006 Score: 15.54     2006 Ranking: 24
The offense finished fourth in the nation with excellent pop and home-run hitting ability, but turnovers and a 56-7 loss to Tulsa relegated the Cougars to the Texas Bowl. Now the program's taking a new direction with a coaching change. 

63. Bowling Green (8-5) 
CFN Score: 7.87
2006 Score: 8.47     2006 Ranking: 8.47
A 63-7 GMAC Bowl loss to Tulsa aside, the Falcons had a nice stepping-stone season with a resurgence in the passing game thanks to QB Tyler Sheehan. The defense was lousy against the run, but the offense was able to bomb its way to wins throughout the MAC season winning five of the final six games before the Tulsa debacle.

64. Central Michigan (8-6)
  CFN Score: 7.27
2006 Score: 14.25     2006 Ranking: 28
The ranking might seem low for the MAC champion, especially considered other league teams are ranked higher, but it shows how the team beat absolutely no one. The best win came against Ball State, was killed, KILLED, by everyone but Army in non-conference play, and beat a bad Miami team for the MAC title. The defense was miserable, but Dan LeFevour became the second player (after Tim Tebow) to run and throw for 20 touchdowns in the same year.
65. Navy (8-5)
   CFN Score: 7.25
2006 Score: 10.50     2006 Ranking: 49
The last year in the great Paul Johnson era had yet another bowl appearance and yet another win over Army, but it'll be remembered for one thing: Notre Dame. The Midshipmen broke the 43-game hex against the Irish and used its rushing attack, the best in America, to overcome an awful pass defense that got ripped apart by Delaware and North Texas. Five games were decided by three points or fewer.

66. Nebraska (5-7)
  CFN Score: 7.13
2006 Score: 15.11     2006 Ranking: 26
One of the nation's weirdest teams, it began with a nice 4-1 start, got thumped by Oklahoma State and Texas A&M, collapsed against Texas, got blasted 76-39 at Kansas, came back to score 73 against Kansas State the following week, closed out with a 65-51 loss at Colorado, got Tom Osborne back in the mix, fired Bill Callahan, and hired Bo Pelini. Defense will be the first order of business this off-season. 

67. Southern Miss (7-6) 
 CFN Score: 7.01
2006 Score: 12.10     2006 Ranking: 41
Jeff Bower's final season wasn't awful, but a shocking nationally televised loss to Rice and a tough home loss to Memphis set the wheels in motion for a coaching change. The running game was great and the defense was one of Conference USA's best, but it's conference title or bust for the program.

68. Kansas State (5-7) 
CFN Score: 6.94
2006 Score: 10.41     2006 Ranking: 50
One of the nation's biggest flops, the Wildcats beat Texas in Austin and played relatively well in a loss at Auburn on the way to a 5-3 start, and then they inexplicably lost to Iowa State and gave up 73 to Nebraska as part of a four-game losing streak to close out the year. The offense exploded and the defense wasn't awful, but there were too many weaknesses.

69. Arizona (5-7)  
CFN Score: 6.81
2006 Score: 10.14     2006 Ranking: 52
Another year, another inconsistent Arizona team. The passing attack was tenth in the nation, but it didn't crank out nearly enough points while the defense was merely average. There was the win over Oregon to start a Duck downslide, but there were also losses to New Mexico and Stanford as part of the four losses by a touchdown or less.

70. Iowa (6-6)  
CFN Score: 6.72
2006 Score: 9.12     2006 Ranking: 57
One of the nation's most disappointing teams, an early loss to Iowa State set a bad tone, and then injury after injury struck, especially in the receiving corps, and the offense turned into the Big Ten's worst. The defense was good enough to come up with a win over Illinois, but the O almost never came through. Even so, a bowl game was there for the taking before an inexcusable home loss to Western Michigan in the season finale.

T71. UL Monroe (6-6)  
CFN Score: 6.50
2006 Score: 3.53     2006 Ranking: 85
The Warhawks struggled early with a 1-5 start including an inexcusable loss to North Texas, and then they became the Sun Belt's hottest team winning five of the last six including a three overtime win over eventual champ Florida Atlantic and a stunning 21-14 win over Alabama. A tough 43-40 home loss to Middle Tennessee prevented a bowl bid.

T71. Washington (4-9)  
CFN Score: 6.50
2006 Score: 5.93     2006 Ranking: 70
A brutal schedule facing nine bowl teams including Boise State (win), Ohio State (loss) and Hawaii (loss) ruined any hope of a good year. QB Jake Locker was a find, but the defense struggle throughout especially against the pass.

73. NC State (5-7)  
CFN Score: 6.27
2006 Score: 3.48     2006 Ranking: 88
Just when it seemed like Tom O'Brien's first season would be a total wash, the team started winning close games beating Virginia by five, Miami by three and North Carolina by four. Turnovers were a major problem, but scoring was the biggest issue averaging a mere 21 points per game with five games under 20.

74. Northwestern (6-6)  
CFN Score: 6.13
2006 Score: 1.67     2006 Ranking: 102
The Wildcats got bowl eligible with a win over Indiana, but were squeezed out with not enough open slots. They have no one to blame but themselves losing at home to Duke in mid-September. The defense was consistently mediocre while the offense struggled to put points on the board despite being second in the Big Ten in yards and first in passing.

75. Miami (5-7)  
CFN Score: 6.02
2006 Score: 10.33     2006 Ranking: 51
Was this a rebuilding year under Randy Shannon? Maybe, but there's one big problem; the team got worse as the year went on. Is this really Miami with the ACC's worst passing attack? Could the Miami Hurricanes actually average a mere 20.6 points per game? The offense scored 16 points or fewer in five of the last six games bottoming out with an all-time clunker in a 48-0 loss to Virginia in the final game in the Orange Bowl.

76. Nevada (6-7)   
CFN Score: 5.88
2006 Score: 10.54     2006 Ranking: 26
The Wolf Pack didn't beat anyone of note and ended up coming up with one of the biggest dud performances of the bowl season with a 23-0 New Mexico Bowl loss to New Mexico. At least the rest of the year was thrilling eight games decided by eight points or fewer.

T77. Ohio (6-6)  
CFN Score: 5.57
2006 Score: 10.87     2006 Ranking: 45
The Bobcats had a better season than it might appear considering a brutal early four-game losing streak all but killed bowl hopes. They just couldn't come through with a three-point loss to Toledo and a bowl hope-crushing loss to Akron. The defense wasn't consistent enough.

T77. Memphis (7-6)   
CFN Score: 5.57
2006 Score: 1.08     2006 Ranking: 108
The Tigers got to a bowl, but they only beat one decent team, Southern Miss, and lost to Florida Atlantic in the New Orleans Bowl. They won five games against a slew of lousy teams by a total of 13 points, but they also lost two by a total of six points.

79. Wyoming (5-7)  
CFN Score: 5.39
2006 Score: 8.44     2006 Ranking: 60
This appeared to be the hot underground team after a 23-3 pasting of Virginia to start the season, and then everything went south after a 3-1 start losing six of the final seven games with the only win coming at home against UNLV. The offense was the worst in the Mountain West, and the D couldn't pick up the slack.

80. Western Michigan (5-7)  
CFN Score: 5.18
2006 Score: 9.27     2006 Ranking: 55
A disastrously disappointing season took a major left turn after pushing Central Michigan in a 34-31 loss. 11 days later, the Broncos ruined Iowa's bowl hopes with a stunning 28-19 win, and then beat Temple to salvage the year. WMU lost three games by a total of eight points.

81. Vanderbilt (5-7)   
CFN Score: 5.06
2006 Score: 4.88     2006 Ranking: 76
Once again, the Commodores came achingly close to getting bowl eligible, and couldn't do it losing their last four games including a 25-24 heartbreaker to Tennessee and a 27-20 battle against Kentucky. The only decent win came over South Carolina.

82. Arkansas State (5-7)  
CFN Score: 5.02
2006 Score: 5.68     2006 Ranking: 72
An interesting season for the Indians that resulted in a disappointing 5-7 record, they were good enough to hang around with Southern Miss, beat Memphis, and give Texas and Tennessee a push, but the team wasn't the same after QB Corey Leonard got hurt.

83. Washington State (5-7) 
CFN Score: 4.61
2006 Score: 10.83     2006 Ranking: 46
The Cougars once again couldn't come up with the wins needed to get over the mediocre hump and into a bowl game, and that spelled the end of the Bill Doba era. The passing game was the best in the Pac 10, but the D allowed a league-high average of 32.42 points per game. The only win over a bowl team came against UCLA. 

84. Ole Miss (3-9)  
CFN Score: 4.49
2006 Score: 3.21     2006 Ranking: 89
To be fair to the Rebels, they played a nasty SEC slate and ended up facing nine bowl teams. The defense and special teams rarely came through, while the offense was way too inconsistent. Even so, the team battled from start to finish. Now it'll have to do more than that under Houston Nutt.

85. UTEP (4-8)  
CFN Score: 4.41
2006 Score: 3.20   2006 Ranking: 91
Yet another second half collapse killed a potentially solid season. The Miners got the offense in place as the year went on, but the six game losing streak to close out, helped by a miserable defense, has soured the Mike Price era even further.

86. Stanford (4-8) 
CFN Score: 4.29
2006 Score: -0.92     2006 Ranking: 114
4-8, schmore-and--eight. The record doesn't matter, and neither do all the all issues on both sides of the ball. 2007 will be the year Stanford beat USC, ruining hopes for a national title, and beat Cal to close things out. The aggressive defense made the Cardinal tough to deal with at times giving something for Jim Harbaugh to build on.

87. Toledo (5-7) 
CFN Score: 4.17
2006 Score: 4.66     2006 Ranking: 78
Rocket offense, amazing. Rocket defense, baaaaaad. While Jalen Parmele and the rushing attack led the best offense in the MAC, the defense gave up fewer than 30 points in just two games. Finishing 118th in the nation in sacks and tackles for loss didn't help in losses to Ball State and Bowling Green to end the year.

88. Miami University (6-7)  
CFN Score: 4.13
2006 Score: 1.10     2006 Ranking: 107
One of the nation's strangest teams, Miami was just good enough to get by on a strong MAC defense to get to the conference title game, but just lousy enough on offense to blow key games to get to a bowl. Losing to Temple and Ohio kept the RedHawks out of the post-season.

89. Eastern Michigan (4-8)   
CFN Score: 3.99
2006 Score: -0.47     2006 Ranking: 113
The Eagles might have only come up with a 4-8 season, but it was a strong step forward for Jeff Genyk's program. The defense wasn't anything special and the offense struggled to keep up the pace, but wins over Western Michigan and Central Michigan in the final four weeks turned things around.

90. Akron (4-8)  
CFN Score: 3.87
2006 Score: 4.07     2006 Ranking: 79
The Zip offense was stunningly bad, finishing 111th in the nation thanks to shaky quarterback play. Temple and Buffalo might have been improved, but you can't lose to both of them in the same year and hope to have a good season. The Zips lost three games by a touchdown or less.

91. San Jose State (5-7)    CFN Score: 3.85
2006 Score: 9.23     2006 Ranking: 56
It wasn't a total drop-off after a breakthrough 2006, but it wasn't a step forward. Injuries killed the rushing attack, but Adam Tafralis and the passing game made up for problems elsewhere. The defense wasn't as good as head coach Dick Tomey would've liked..

92. North Carolina (4-8)  
CFN Score: 3.43
2006 Score: 1.25     2006 Ranking: 106
This was supposed to be a stepping stone season in Butch Davis' first year in Chapel Hill, and it was thanks to an inconsistent offense. The defense turned out to be stunningly good, even if it didn't keep points off the board in key situations. A very, very, very young team, the Tar Heels lost six games by a touchdown or less. An experienced team would've won at least half of those.

93. Buffalo (5-7)   
CFN Score: 3.27
2006 Score: -1.19     2006 Ranking: 105
Turner Gill did a fantastic job of making the program competitive with a 5-3 MAC record and a run for a division title. The offense was inconsistent and losses in two of the final three games ended things on a down note, but 2007 was still a positive step forward.

94. Louisiana Tech (5-7)   
CFN Score: 2.98
2006 Score: -0.27     2006 Ranking: 112
Derek Dooley's first season wasn't all that bad with a 5-7 record, but there weren't any impressive wins and the shining moment came in an overtime loss to Hawaii in the second game of the year. The defense was better than 2006, but it still struggled and couldn't overcome an offense that lacked explosion.

95. Middle Tennessee (5-7)  
CFN Score: 2.86
2006 Score: 6.98     2006 Ranking: 68
The Blue Raiders started out an ugly 0-4 with losses to Florida Atlantic and Western Kentucky, and was 1-5, but went on a nice second half run to turn the season around before a stunning home loss to UL Lafayette killed hopes of a winning season. The defensive line was tremendous at getting into the backfield, but couldn't stop the run.

96. San Diego State (4-8)  
CFN Score: 2.71
2006 Score: 0.70     2006 Ranking: 110
Things haven't exactly gotten rolling in the Chuck Long era. The offense was all Kevin O'Connell (who's gone now) and the defense was non-existent throughout. The horrendous play from the defensive line doomed the team from the start.  

97. Colorado State (3-9)  
CFN Score: 2.35
2006 Score: 9.02     2006 Ranking: 53
The end of the Sonny Lubick era didn't exactly end with a bang as his team started out the year with a disappointing overtime loss to Colorado to kick off an 0-6 start. Winning the last two games prevented an epic disaster, but the victories came against Georgia Southern and Wyoming.

98. Notre Dame (3-9)   
CFN Score: 1.77
2006 Score: 13.76     2006 Ranking: 21
From the BCS to the most miserable season in the program's history, the offense was the worst in America, the defense couldn't pick up the slack, and the team wasn't even close against the better teams. Yes, the Irish closed out with a two-game winning streak beating Duke and Stanford, but the 43-year winning streak over Navy was stopped.

99. Temple (4-8) 
CFN Score: 1.65
2006 Score: -3.32    2006 Ranking: 118
Few places would celebrate a 4-8 season, but Temple isn't like most places. The Owls were in the hunt for a division title until late in the year finishing 4-4 in MAC play, and the future is bright with head coach Al Golden staying around for at least another year.

100. Army (3-9)   
CFN Score: 1.39
2006 Score: 2.48    2006 Ranking: 97
Losing seven six games to close out, including a 38-3 blasting by Navy, ruined a decent 3-3 start. It didn't help that the schedule got tougher as the year went on, but Stan Brock's second season at the helm has to feature more offense and some semblance of run D.

101. Marshall (3-9)   
CFN Score: 1.37
2006 Score: 3.30    2006 Ranking: 93
The Herd lost its first seven games of the year, bottoming out with a 48-35 home loss to New Hampshire, but the passing attack led the way to a 3-2 second half including a dominant win over East Carolina.

102. Kent State (3-9)   
CFN Score: 1.09
2006 Score: -1.92     2006 Ranking: 115
The year started out promising with one of the MAC's best rushing attacks, and then QB Julian Edelman went down and things went into the tank with seven straight losses to close out. The team did all the little things wrong with too many turnovers, a horrible punting game, and no passing attack.

103. Tulane (4-8)   
CFN Score: 1.01
2006 Score: -1.71     2006 Ranking: 114
Bob Toledo's first year under the helm didn't feature much of his signature passing offense, but Matt Forte ran for 2,000 yards while the team won two of its final three games.

104. Baylor (3-9)   
CFN Score: 0.74
2006 Score: 2.75    2006 Ranking: 93
The move to a Texas Tech-like passing game didn't yield any real results over the last two years, and Guy Morriss was shown the door. BU was the worst team in the Big 12 by far as it failed to come closer than 20 points against anyone in league play after a 3-1 start.

105. New Mexico State   
CFN Score: 0.72
2006 Score: 3.63    2006 Ranking: 83
The program didn't take a step forward in Hal Mumme's third season with two wins coming against SE Louisiana and Arkansas-Pine Bluff. The best win of the year came over UTEP, but the Aggies went 1-7 in WAC play. At least the passing game put up a ton of yards.

106. UNLV (2-10)   
CFN Score: 0.67
2006 Score: -0.02      2006 Ranking: 111
Will Mike Sanford's program ever turn the corner? Going young in key placed didn't help the overall consistency averaging just 18 points per game. The defense couldn't pick up the slack even with Beau Bell tackling everything in sight.

107. Utah State (2-10)   
CFN Score: 0.33
2006 Score: -2.74    2006 Ranking: 116
The veteran Aggie team started off the year 0-10 before beating New Mexico State and Idaho to close things out. The offense never got going and the defensive line never made enough plays, but the team wasn't a miserable as it was in 2006.

108. Syracuse (2-10)  
CFN Score: 0.21
2006 Score: 3.72    2006 Ranking: 82
The Greg Robinson era isn't exactly taking off. A stunning road win over Louisville aside, things couldn't have been much worst for the nation's fourth-worst scoring offense. The lines were miserable finishing second-to-last in the country in both sacks and sacks allowed.

109. UL Lafayette (3-9) 
CFN Score: -0.20
2006 Score: 5.02   2006 Ranking: 74
The Ragin' Cajuns weren't awful in Sun Belt play, going 3-4 with a nice win over Middle Tennessee, but going 0-5 in non-conference play with an embarrassing 38-17 home loss to McNeese State killed hopes for  a decent year.

T110. Iowa State (3-9)  
CFN Score: -0.88
2006 Score: 2.40   2006 Ranking: 57
The cupboard was left a half-empty from the Dan McCarney era, but there were some strong moments in Gene Chizik's first season. 3-9 isn't a plus, but winning two of the last three games, and beating Iowa, helped.

T110. Rice (3-9) 
CFN Score: -0.88
2006 Score: 8.47   2006 Ranking: 59
A year after a breakout bowl campaign, Todd Graham was off to Tulsa and it took most of the year for David Bailiff to get his offense rolling. The wins weren't there, but the passing attack averaged close to 300 yards per game with QB Chase Clement growing into a star to watch out for next year.

112. UAB (2-10) 
CFN Score: -0.94
2006 Score: 3.20   2006 Ranking: 96
The Blazers weren't as bad as the ranking. Neil Callaway had his team playing hard in his first season on the job, but the nation's worst run defense, and no pass rush, proved to be the downfall.

113. Northern Illinois (2-10) 
CFN Score: -1.24
2006 Score: 8.35   2006 Ranking: 63
Joe Novak didn't exactly go out with a bang. The offense never showed up, the defense was mediocre, and the team couldn't come up with the close wins losing five by a touchdown or less.

114. Minnesota (1-11) 
CFN Score: -1.42
2006 Score: 7.09   2006 Ranking: 67
First year head coach Tim Brewster didn't have a lot to work with, but the team shouldn't have been 1-11 bad. With the worst defense in the country, Gopher football hit an all-time low with the only win coming in an overtime shootout over Miami University. Losing to Bowling Green and Florida Atlantic don't look as bad in hindsight, but a home gaffe against North Dakota State has Brewster on the hot seat going into 2008.

115. Duke (1-11) 
CFN Score: -1.50
2006 Score: -5.27   2006 Ranking: 119
At least the Blue Devils aren't dead last again. One miraculous, last second defensive stand to beat Northwestern prevented a winless season, but facing eight bowl teams was way too much to overcome. New head coach David Cutcliffe has plenty of work to do.

116. SMU (2-10) 
CFN Score: -2.04
2006 Score: 6.56   2006 Ranking: 69
The underground, grass roots hot team going into the season, the Mustang defense never showed up on the way to ten game losing streak, a fired head coach, and a new direction for the program. It might be a step backward to take a giant leap ahead if June Jones takes over.

117. FIU (1-11) 
CFN Score: -3.30
2006 Score: -2.98   2006 Ranking: 117
Mario Cristobal's first season was on the way to being a complete and utter disaster until a 38-19 year-ending win over North Texas provided a little bit of hope for the future. Getting the nation's worst scoring offense off the ground will be a start.

118. North Texas (2-10) 
CFN Score: -3.51
2006 Score: 1.50   2006 Ranking: 104
It might not have been a successful first season under new head coach Todd Dodge, but it sure was fun with a high-octane passing attack that came up with a few huge, huge performances. Being the only team to lose to FIU killed the overall score, and the only D-I win came against UL Monroe.

119. Idaho (1-11) 
CFN Score: -3.52
2006 Score: 1.69   2006 Ranking: 101
It wasn't exactly a stellar first year for Robb Akey, who went winless in WAC play and only came up with a 20-13 win over FCS Cal Poly. The only team in FBS (D-I to the rest of us) without a win over a D-I team, there's no place to go but up. On the plus side, the team wasn't a total pushover.

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