Tuesday Question - Wish Lists For 2008

Posted Jan 14, 2008

The holidays might be over, but here are the wish lists for the 2008 season ... just over seven months away.

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: Your 2008 college football wish list ...

A: 10. Oklahoma vs. Ohio State in the Rose Bowl or the Fiesta Bowl. They really might be the two best teams in the country, but I can't handle the whining that'll ensure from early December until the first week of January if either one plays in the national title.

9. In our new spread world, a downfield pass of more than 20 yards.

8. Another Oklahoman article ripping on an Oklahoma State player.

7. Another Kansas coming from out of nowhere to shock the world and keep everyone on their toes.

6. Notre Dame to be really, really good, or really, really bad.

5. The teams that got screwed over by a coach leaving for a supposedly bigger opportunity to be better.

4. The SEC to be half as good as its fans think it is, and CBS games just as good as last year's.

3. Everyone who whines about a lack of a college football playoff be forced to watch all five 2008 BCS games again. We all want some sort of a playoff. Don't be fooled by NCAA-type proposals, it's not happening any time soon. Just enjoy college football for what it is.

2. The BCS selection types thinks first about what the best matchups might be and second about tradition and ticket sales.

1. A regular season half as good as 2007's.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: Your 2008 college football wish list ...

A: When it comes to a wish list, mine looks a lot like a teenager’s; not too much on it, but each wish is pretty hefty.

1. Chaos.  Maybe it’ll never influence the powers-that-be in the NCAA, but then again, three or four unbeaten programs at the end of the regular season just might create a tipping point in the debate over a plus-one system in the BCS.  While I’m making out my list, better make those perfect programs Penn State, Florida, Oklahoma, and USC.  If you want change in the sport, you might as well have Joe Paterno, Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, and Pete Carroll as your spokesmen.

2.  More civility from the nation’s head coaches.  Is it just me, or have coaches become increasingly incorrigible with the media over the last few years?  Although Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy became the poster man-child of boorish behavior last fall, he’s far from alone.  I realize it’s a tough job that’s steeped in pressure and long hours, but lighten up, fellas.  You’ve got great gigs, making well over the national average.  Try curbing the holier-than-thou arrogance and outright contempt for anyone that questions your methods, General.  It’s gotten old, and really annoying.

3. Parity, the sequel.  The real beauty of 2007 was that no one was safe, regardless of who was on the other sideline.  That’s good for the fans, the players, and the sport.  A complete lack of predictability is one of the things that made this one of the most entertaining seasons in recent memory.  Give us a second invite to the parity in 2008.

4.  Access to complete blocking statistics.  I know these are about as easy to obtain as a Nintendo Wii, but wouldn’t it be sweet to have statistical proof of which offensive linemen are truly getting it done and which are getting destroyed?  It’s the one position that’s so difficult to accurately size up, something that frustrates me every fall.  Honest.

John Harris

Q: Your 2008 college football wish list ...

1.  Another 50 touchdown season from Florida’s Tim Tebow

2.  Appalachian State getting title number four and “Another {insert D1A team}” notch on its belt.

3.  Arkansas’ head coach Bobby Petrino looking for another job after a six win season, just to confirm what a mercenary he’s become.

4.  Rick Neuheisel and Pete Carroll ‘battling’ (Clowns vs. Krumpers style) at mid-field before the USC-UCLA matchup in the Rose Bowl.

5.  Coach O on the sidelines as close to Houston, Texas as possible.

6.  The wishbone to make a comeback.

7.  The Rich Rodriguez effect on the Big Ten, i.e. speedy, spread offenses that are fun to watch.

8.  The ACC to get some respect after spending much of the last two years in the BCS conference cellar.

9.  Watching Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree for another 12 games to see if he can catch 150 balls in a single season.  But, we’ll settle for 143, which would break former Houston star Jason Phillips’ long-standing receiving record.

10.  QB Mark Sanchez to beat out Mitch Mustain at USC and force the former Springdale star to transfer to Ole Miss and play for Houston Nutt.

11.  Three undefeated BCS conference teams, creating another season of absolute chaos in the postseason.

12.  Duke to have multiple wins in a season

13.  Texas to play some pass defense.

Matthew Zemek  

Q: Your 2008 college football wish list ...

A: 12) A new rule instituted by the NCAA allowing players to transfer without having to sit for a season.
11) Leadership from Myles Brand or anyone else on the various issues plaguing college football (and basketball).
10) New BCS rules that will destroy the existing tie-ins and allow all four non-championship bowls to freely mix and match, thereby creating the best games. USC should have been able to play Georgia, but rules got in the way; ditto for Oklahoma playing Virginia Tech, which also should have happened. If we're going to have a controversial title game, let's at least have other BCS bowls that match elite teams and keep the debate going when...
..... 9) A Plus-One is instituted. C'mon, Mike Slive. One game on the second Saturday of January at 8 p.m. Eastern time. Not that hard, and not a ridiculous or otherwise excessive extension of the season. No worries about interfering with academics--not with one extra game. Do it. Now.
8) No antics from teams who find it hard to get motivated every week.
7) A coach handling a job opening/inquiry/search with distinction and class on an absolute (not comparative) scale.
6) Fewer injuries to stars in the SEC and Pac-10, especially due to cheap shot blocks.
5) For Louisville to have a better season than Arkansas.
4) For Greg Schiano to not call three timeouts late in the first half of a rout against a lower-division opponent.
3) For the Big East Conference to be more humble and do its talking on the field, not through early-September commercials.
2) For Navy and Houston to see their hires of minority head coaches get rewarded with good results, while Ty Willingham saves his career with a winning season at Washington.
1) For Vanderbilt to have a winning season. That program deserves better than what it's received over the past three years.