Cleveland Browns - AFC North
California C Alex Mack
California C Alex Mack
Posted Apr 27, 2009

Cleveland Browns - AFC North, 2009 Draft Selections & Prospects

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Cleveland Browns

The Draft Was ... Curious. By picking up Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi, it'll make Braylon Edwards a bit more expendable. Alex Mack will start in the middle of the Bengal line for the next decade, while either Don Carey or Coye Francies will start eventually at corner and be a sixth roung steal.
Best Value Pick: James Davis, 6th round, 195th pick. He's limited, but he's a tough runner who could be a productive part of a rotation.
Biggest Reach: David Veikune, 2nd round, 52nd pick. It's not that big a reach, but he's more of an early pick than the others. He likely could've been had in the third or fourth round.
They Should've ... Done more to get a running back and address the secondary. A safety would've been a big help in the middle rounds, while Davis isn't enough to help out the ground attack.


21 21 1st Round (from Philadelphia)
Alex Mack, C California  6-4, 315

Very tough and very strong, the ultra-productive college star should translate into a long-time starter at the next level at either center or guard. He’s great in the weight room, a hard worker, and has a nasty streak able to punish defenders when he gets his hands on them. While not an elite athlete among centers, he’s good enough. He makes up for any deficiencies with his toughness and intensity. Think Olin Krutz of the Chicago Bears with the same sort of leadership and chip on his shoulder.
CFN Value Rank: Second Round
   CFN Position Rank: 1
4 36 2nd Round  
Brian Robiskie, WR Ohio State 6-3, 209

While he’s not all that fast and he’s not quite good enough to be an elite go-to target, he’s ready to step in and be a starter right now. He’s polished, productive, and smart. He’ll get the pro playbook right away, will be a favorite for any quarterback because of his route running ability, and he’ll make the plays thrown his way. What he doesn’t have is the top-end gear to get past an NFL corner, but he should grow into a terrific No. 2 target who thrives alongside a speedy No. 1. While there might be a bit of a ceiling on what he can become, he was underutilized in his final year once Terrelle Pryor took over. While he might have disappeared at times, that’s not going to happen once he sets foot in a pro-style offense.
CFN Value Rank: Second Round
   CFN Position Rank: 5
18 50 2nd Round (from Tampa Bay)  
Mohamed Massaquoi, WR Georgia 6-1, 205

While he never lived up to the immense prep hype, he grew into a dependable all-around playmaker for the Bulldogs by the end of his career. He’s not going to be a star, but he’s going to be a very, very good, reliable pro for a long time because he does all the things coaches like. He blocks, he’s tough, he goes over the middle, and he’ll do whatever he needs to do. A good athlete, he has just enough speed to get by. However, he’s just not that good a receiver. He’ll make too many drops and will disappear for long stretches. While he’ll be a nice part of an offense, he’ll never be great.
CFN Value Rank: Third Round
   CFN Position Rank: 15
20 52 2nd Round (from NY Jets)  
David Veikune, DE Hawaii  6-4, 255
A way undersized, way productive pass rusher who can be used in a variety of ways, he has a good enough motor to be a third down specialist as a 4-3 end, or he could be developed into an outside linebacker in a 3-4. Ridiculously strong, he needs to do a better job of translating his freakish weight room strength to the field. Still a wee bit of an unknown since he didn’t blow up until his final year at Hawaii, he could be underdrafted because he doesn’t have the biggest buzz. That could be a big mistake. He’ll not only make a roster, but he could be an instant starter.
CFN Value Rank: Fourth Round
   CFN Position Rank: 9
4 104 4th Round
Kaluka Maiava, LB USC 5-11, 229
If only he was a little bit bigger. Way undersized, he tries to make up for it with tremendous strength and blinding quickness, but his weight room numbers don't necessarily translate to the field. He runs better than he times and looks effortless when he cuts and changes direction. He'll get steamrolled over and will have a hard time holding up if he's asked to be a three-down starter, but he could be a great value pick. He didn't get the pub of the other USC linebackers, but he was every bit as valuable last year. As long as he's not used to do more than become a part of the rotation on the weak side, he should be a nice contributor for a long time.
CFN Value Rank: Fourth Round
   CFN Position Rank: 10
4 177 6th Round
Don Carey, CB  5-11, 190 Norfolk State
With decent size and good speed, he has a nice mix of skills with the body to get bigger if needed. He has not problems hanging with the faster receivers and is physical enough to stay with the bigger ones. However, he needs to improve his technique in a big way and needs developing, but he's a good small-school prospect who should show right away that he belongs.
CFN Value Rank: Sixth Round   
   CFN Position Rank: 36
18 191 6th Round (from Tampa Bay)
Coye Francies, CB San Jose State  6-1, 185
Originally an Oregon State Beaver, Francies transferred to San Jose State after off-the-field issues surrounding the possession of a loaded gun. Despite playing with a few ailments, he was fine last year for the Spartans. He's a corner, but he'll end up playing safety some day with good strength, benching 24 reps at the Combine, and with a lack of pure speed to stick on the outside. He put up a painfully slow 4.63 in the 40, but he was quick and fluid in the agility drills. Because of his lack of speed, he needs to bust his tail in the weight room and get to around 200 pounds to find his niche.
CFN Value Rank: Fourth Round
   CFN Position Rank: 16
22 195 6th Round (from Minnesota through Philadelphia)
James Davis, RB Clemson 5-11, 210
In today's day and age of split carries and multiple backs in a rotation, Davis fits. He always shared the workload at Clemson and still thrived, for the most part, showing good power for his size and slipperiness in close range that made him good around the goal line. It takes a big tackle to bring him down; he doesn't go down without a fight. He's not a speedster, isn't going to make too many NFL defenders miss, and needs work as both a receiver and a blocker. While he's not going to be anyone's No. 1 back, he could be a devastating No. 2.
CFN Value Rank: Fourth Round
   CFN Position Rank: 9


The Draft Was ... Terrific considering the Browns got Brady Quinn last year with the 22nd pick. Quinn likely would've been the first quarterback taken this year, and might have gone No. 1 overall. LB Beau Bell and TE Martin Rucker were ultra-productive college players who could've gone much higher.
Best Value Pick: Beau Bell, LB UNLV. 4th Round. A hot player in many scouting circles, Bell, if healthy, could turn out to be the most productive linebacker in the draft. He could do for the Browns what Kirk Morrison has done with the Raiders.
Biggest Reach: Paul Hubbard, WR Wisconsin. 6th Round. Hubbard isn't a bad chance to take in the sixth round, but he's a pick based on what he should be, not what he is. Never healthy, he can't be counted on to be more than an occasional deep threat.
They Should've ... Gotten a running back. With the back-to-back picks in the sixth round, Michigan's Mike Hart would've been worth a shot over Hubbard. A corner would've helped, but there simply weren't enough draft picks to make too many calls.

# Pick  
5 104 4th Round (from Dallas)  Beau Bell, LB UNLV
It would've been interesting to have seen him at the Combine, but a knee injury suffered at the Senior Bowl kept him under wraps. He needs to get in better overall shape and he needs a lot of work on his overall technique and skills, but once he gets some NFL conditioning the upside is limitless. It can play either inside or out, can rush the passer or hold up against a power running game, and he was great last year against the pass. He's a huge hitter. A HUGE hitter.
CFN Value Rank: Second Round   CFN Position Rank:
12 111 4th Round (from Chicago)  Martin Rucker, TE Missouri
The ultra-productive Tiger star was used in a variety of ways including on fake special teams plays and occasionally as a runner; he's that kind of an athlete in a 6-5, 251-pound body. He hasn't had to be a consistent blocker and he'll drop a ball or two, but he has the experience to grow into an H-back role and become a go-to target.
CFN Value Rank: Third Round     CFN Position Rank:
24 190 6th Round    Ahtyba Rubin, DT Iowa State
Really big at 6-2 and 315 pounds, he's a nose tackle who'll sit in the middle of a line and occupy two and three blockers while everyone else works. Now he has to learn how to handle the double team and still make plays. He doesn't always play to his size and he won't get in the backfield, but he has upside. He also has a major downside. If he doesn't want it enough, he's not going to stick around for more than ten minutes.
CFN Value Rank: Late Third Round to Early Fourth 
CFN Position Rank: 13
25 191 6th Round (from trade)  Paul Hubbard, WR Wisconsin
He looks the part and he should've been a major factor in the Badger offense, but he wasn't. An elite all-around athlete with sub-4.6 speed in a 6-3, 221-pound frame, he was a track star for Wisconsin excelling mostly at the triple jump and the long jump. He's not a natural receiver, but if someone wants to put in the time and the investment and work on him for a year, he has the tools to be a nightmare of a mismatch for most defensive backs.
CFN Value Rank: Sixth Round to Free Agent
   CFN Position Rank: 30
24 231 7th Round     Alex Hall, DE St. Augustine's
The former tight end has a ton of potential if he gets into an NFL weight-room and if he has a coach looking to spend the time to work on the basic skills. At 6-5 and 219 pounds, he has a lot of room to get bigger and stronger, but he's a very quick producer, at least at the lower level, who has to turn himself into a harder worker. Basically, he has to become a gym rat.
CFN Value Rank: Sixth Round  
CFN Position Rank: 23