2009 NFL Draft - Ranking Kickers & Punters
Utah P/PK Louie Sakoda
Utah P/PK Louie Sakoda
Posted Apr 28, 2008

CFN ranks the top 25 prospects for the 2009 NFL Draft. Who are the players to watch out for this season?

2009 NFL Draft Position Rankings

Kickers & Punters

Rankings of the 2009 Top Prospects
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Going into the 2008 season, here are the top prospects to watch out for. For now, only FBS/D-I players who'll be eligible for the 2009 NFL Draft are listed. The player analysis will come later this summer. Remember, this isn't a ranking of the best college players. Yes, there sometimes is a difference between being a good pro prospect and a productive college football star.


1. Sam Swank, Wake Forest
2. Aaron Pettrey, Ohio State (Junior)
3. Austin Starr, Indiana
4. Dan Kelly, Hawaii
5. Jose Martinez, UTEP
6. Brett Swenson, Michigan State (Junior)
7. Joshua Shene, Ole Miss (Junior)
8. Jeff Wolfert, Missouri
9. Conor Lee, Pitt
10. Leigh Tiffin, Alabama (Junior)


1. Louie Sakoda, Utah (PK)
2. Chris Miller, Ball State
3. Kevin Huber, Cincinnati
4. Thomas Morestead, SMU
5. A.J. Trapasso, Ohio State
6. Jacob Richardson, Miami Univ.
7. Matt Fodge, Oklahoma State
8. Brent Bowden, Virginia Tech (Junior)
9. Britton Colquitt, Tennessee (suspended)
10. Zoltan Mesko, Michigan (Junior)