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2009 NFL Draft - The Possible 6th Rounders
NC State TE Anthony Hill
NC State TE Anthony Hill
Posted Apr 29, 2008

CFN ranks the top prospects for the 2009 NFL Draft. Who are the players likely to go around the sixth round of next year's draft?

2009 NFL Draft Position Rankings

The Top 250 - Possible 6th Rounders

Rankings of the 2009 Top Prospects
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It's ridiculously silly to do any sort of mock draft a year in advance, and that's not what this is. This is a ranking of the top D-I/FBS players eligible for the 2009 draft calling attention to the ones who'll get all the scrutiny this coming season.

While non-D-I players will certainly be entered into the mix and not all the eligible non-seniors will come out, this is a first look at who the best next-level prospects are and where they might project to go. Obviously this will all wildly change over the next 12 months, so don't start bothering these guys for a loan quite yet.

161. Cedric Dockery, OG Texas
162. Kam Chancellor, SS Virginia Tech (Junior)
163. Hakeem Nicks, WR North Carolina (Junior)
164. Anthony Parker, OG Tennessee
165. Ian Johnson, RB Boise State
166. Anthony Hill, TE/OT NC State
167. Jaison Williams, WR/TE Oregon
168. Justin Boren, C Ohio State (Junior transfer, will stay for 2009)
169. Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse (Junior)
170. Xavier Fulton, OT Illinois
171. Michael Shumard, OG Texas A&M (Junior)
172. Eric Wood, C Louisville
173. Lawrence Wilson, DE Ohio State
174. Jamaal Westerman, DE Rutgers
175. Marlon Favorite, DT LSU
176. Prince Hall, LB Alabama (Junior)
177. Tyson Alualu, DT California (Junior)
178. Clayton Mullins, LB Miami University
179. Darrell Richard, DT Georgia Tech
180. Sergio Kindle, LB Texas (Junior)
181. Clinton Snyder, LB Stanford (Junior)
182. Terrill Byrd, DT Cincinnati
183. Derek Nicholson, LB Florida State
184. Jermaine Cunningham, DE Florida (Junior)
185. Dorrell Scott, DT Clemson
186. Christopher Owens, CB San Jose State
187. Anthony Reddick, FS Miami
188. Myron Pryor, Kentucky
189. Trey Blackmon, LB/SS Auburn, (Junior)
190. Louie Sakoda, P/PK Utah
191. DeAngelo Smith, CB Cincinnati
192. Curtis Taylor, FS LSU