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New England QB Tom Brady
New England QB Tom Brady
Posted Jul 10, 2008

Part three of the 2008 Expert Roundtable Discussion. How should college football be more like the NFL, and vice versa?

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Part Three - How Should College Football Be Like the NFL?

CFN is honored to once again get the thoughts and opinions on some of the hot topics from some of the most talented, influential insiders in the college football media, while getting to know a little bit more about them.

Along with
Pete Fiutak and Richard Cirminiello from CFN in the discussion are ...

- Charles Davis, NFL Network/FOX Sports
- Dennis Dodd, - College Football Columnist

- Bruce Feldman, - College Football Columnist
- Steve Greenberg, The Sporting News - College Football Columnist
- Teddy "Mr. Media" Greenstein, Chicago Tribune - College Football Columnist, Media Columnist
- Stewart Mandel, - College Football Columnist

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3. How should college football be more like the NFL, and vice versa?

Charles Davis:
College football has gotten as close to the NFL as it needs to be with the addition of the 40/25 clock. Let College Football stand on it’s own now. Most of the moves that they previously made to emulate the NFL (no more kicking tees for field goals, bringing the hash marks closer to the middle of the field, etc.) have been good ones. Now just leave it alone, except for one thing…ONE PLAYER, ONE NUMBER. This duplicate number thing (I suspect for recruiting purposes) needs to end.

Stewart Mandel: College football should never, ever be more like the NFL. The NFL is boring, sterile, artificial, unimaginative and basically the antithesis of everything that makes college football special.

Dennis Dodd: The college game should be in no way, shape or form MORE like the NFL. Television and the rules committee has in recent years sucked the life out of the college game with these silly timing rules, etc.

Thank God, the nightmare of 2006 was corrected in 2007. How do we lose 16 plays per game without someone on the rules committee or oversight panel raising a hand? I remember Urban Meyer PREDICTING that the game would be unfairly shortened before the season. All the sudden we're playing Arena Football with the friggin' clock running.

I'm really wary of the new 40-second rule and the out-of-bounds timekeeping. Tony Franklin at Auburn may be a voice in the wilderness but he is the only coach I've heard say we might lose 10-15 plays because of this. Yeah, and Urban Meyer didn't know what he was talking about either.

Teddy Greenstein: College football should allow coaches to videotape their opponents' defensive signals, just like they do in "The League." Oh, wait, that's against the rules? Bill Belichick had no idea.


The NFL's only superiority is its dearth of four-hour games. I'd like to see college football start the game clock shortly after a player goes out of bounds, except in the final two minutes.


What should the NFL try to steal from college football? Erin Andrews.

Richard Cirminiello: The less college football takes from the NFL the better.  I’d allow untouched ballcarriers to get back up and run, force receivers to land both feet in bounds, and basically leave it at that.  What’s great about college football is that it’s not the NFL, and still clings to an element of charm that hasn’t existed on Sundays for years.  Although it’ll never happen, the NFL ought to consider tightening up its celebration rules, like the college game.  I know, No Fun League.  Label me anything you want, but I’ll never appreciate Hammer impressions following a special teams tackle.  Spontaneous celebrations? Terrific.  A Bob Fosse production on grass?  Intolerable.

Fiu: I’ve never understood the point of a receiver needing two feet to be in bounds on a catch. The college game has this right needing just to get the one foot in, but my biggest problem with the NFL is the challenge rule. The college version is far superior, the NFL knows this, but its high-and-mighty rules committee won’t admit it’s wrong. On the flip side, the college game has to do something to shorten the halftime. The band can still come out and play its rendition of Superfreak in less than 12 minutes, and it should be able to come out and play before and after the game. I also wish both college and pro would get rid of the uncatchable ball rule.

Bruce Feldman: I love the NFL playoffs format and the college doesn't have that. On the opposite side, college football has no such things as games that don't count in some preseason. I know GMs and NFL execs would argue it helps them decide who should be on their roster and make sound business decisions, but make your cuts off scrimmages and practice.