CFN's 2008 Preview Magazine On Sale Now
Posted Jul 13, 2008

The inaugural Football Weekly College Football Preview Magazine is on-sale now. Buy it, and be a better person.

CFN 2008 Preview Magazine

By Pete Fiutak

We wrote a magazine, and it doesn't suck.

In conjunction with the good folks over at Pro Football Weekly, has put together a preview magazine going on newsstands everywhere this week.

Now go buy it.

It's got all the normal stuff like team previews, All-America teams, bowl projections, and Heisman predictions, but we also have a Q&A with Ohio State LB James Laurinaitis, a good primer for the year with everything you need to know about the hot new teams, the big games, schedules, predictions for every game, and the star players you should be paying attention to. I also wrote a special Cavalcade of Whimsy-style crystal ball piece letting you know exactly what's going to happen this year and who's going to end up playing for the whole ball of wax.

More than anything else, you need to go buy the magazine for one reason: my picture.

Kind of like Charles Barkley being misquoted in his autobiography, the photo of me inside is totally and completely misrepresented in print as my hair is all foofy, my neck is all pencil-like, and worst of all worlds, it might be the one recorded picture anywhere of me wearing a tie. Trying to set the record straight, this is the photo of me that was supposed to go in the mag. See, attractive, right? But somehow they took the wrong photo and I look like a total and complete dork. Would you pay $6.99 to get a good laugh? Of course you would, and I guarantee you'll at least be amused by my Kiperesqe hair. Oh yeah, and the football info is good, too.

Yeah, if you want the ins and outs of the Utah State backup offensive linemen, you need to come to for the in-depth stuff. In the magazine, we give quick-hitting views and analysis of every team and every league so you can have it all in one nice, neat, little bundle.

We have a bazillion different covers hitting all regions; the sample covers up above are just two of the ones available. So go out and buy one. Buy seven. Buy 15. They're great stocking stuffers, they're fun for all ages (hasn't your wife been nagging you to read to the kids more?), and you'll be helping a worthy cause. Actually, you'll just be helping us at CFN provide you with more free stuff on-line, but it's not like you'd have given that $6.99 to help kids with cancer. (Actually, do that too ...

Yeah, I know, the economy, but if you walk to your bookstore instead of drive, you'll have paid for the magazine right there.

It's the inaugural CFN preview magazine. Buy it, and I'll name my next six kids after you.

As always, thanks so much for checking out the site and reading our inane ramblings. As always, let us know what we need to do to be better.