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Miami head coach Randy Shannon
Miami head coach Randy Shannon
Posted Jul 13, 2008

Florida State, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame. Give your 2010 preseason ranking of these five.

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Part Ten - 2010 Rankings For FSU, Michigan, Miami, Nebraska, & Notre Dame

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- Charles Davis, NFL Network/FOX Sports
- Dennis Dodd, - College Football Columnist

- Bruce Feldman, - College Football Columnist
- Steve Greenberg, The Sporting News - College Football Columnist
- Teddy "Mr. Media" Greenstein, Chicago Tribune - College Football Columnist, Media Columnist
- Stewart Mandel, - College Football Columnist

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Florida State, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame. Give your 2010 preseason ranking of these five.

Charles Davis:
2010 pre season rankings for Florida State (20), Miami (15), Michigan (10), Nebraska (25), Notre Dame (5)

Fiu: Michigan 3rd, Notre Dame 11th, Miami 15th, Nebraska 23rd, Florida State 25th. I have a gut feeling RichRod will get one or two key players, like a Pat White and a Steve Slaton, to quickly turn around the Wolverines. ND will be fine, Miami will be building to one big year, and then be slightly disappointing, Nebraska will be good, but won't be Nebraska again, and FSU doesn't seem to have any positive momentum right now.

Steve Greenberg: 1. FSU 2. Nebraska 3. Miami 4. Notre Dame 5. Michigan

Teddy Greenstein: 6. Miami, 9. Michigan, 13. Nebraska, 24. Florida State, receiving votes: Notre Dame

Dennis Dodd: Michigan, top five
Nebraska, top 10
Notre Dame, top 15
Miami, top 25
Florida State, unranked

Richard Cirminiello:
Michigan…No. 15.  Better get the Wolverines now before Rich Rodriguez recruits well and doesn’t take kindly to losing (see Urban Meyer).
Miami…No. 17.  With a year of seasoning for the young kids, the ‘Canes might be ready for an ACC crown.
Nebraska…No. 24.  By 2009, Bo Pelini’s fingerprints will be all over the program.  In other words, the Blackshirts will be back in Lincoln.
Florida State…unranked.  After another season of mediocrity, any optimistic pollsters will have vanished.
Notre Dame…unranked.  The Irish will inch closer to the Top 25, but still are a year away.

Bruce Feldman: Michigan, Miami, FSU, Notre Dame, Nebraska

Stewart Mandel: 1) Michigan, 2) Miami, 3) Florida State, 4) Nebraska, 5) Notre Dame