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Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour
Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour
Posted Jul 13, 2008

What percentage of your mental energy do you use on the non-BCS leagues compared to the BCS conferences?

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Part Eleven - How Much Do You Care About the Non-BCSers?

CFN is honored to once again get the thoughts and opinions on some of the hot topics from some of the most talented, influential insiders in the college football media, while getting to know a little bit more about them.

Along with
Pete Fiutak and Richard Cirminiello from CFN in the discussion are ...

- Charles Davis, NFL Network/FOX Sports
- Dennis Dodd, - College Football Columnist

- Bruce Feldman, - College Football Columnist
- Steve Greenberg, The Sporting News - College Football Columnist
- Teddy "Mr. Media" Greenstein, Chicago Tribune - College Football Columnist, Media Columnist
- Stewart Mandel, - College Football Columnist

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11. What percentage of your mental energy do you use on the non-BCS leagues compared to the BCS conferences?

It depends on the weekend. Since I handle most of the MAC and Sun Belt stuff, I’ll care about a really big MAC battle over a non-descript Pac 10 or ACC game, but it had better be a monster MAC game. Overall I’d say I focus on the non-BCSers about 25% of the time, which, judging by the numbers, is about 24% more than most of the CFN readers.

Teddy Greenstein: Is this a trick question because Notre Dame is 90 miles outside Chicago? I'd say I'm about 98 percent BCS, unless Garrett Wolfe has a faster, younger brother who shows up on the Northern Illinois sidelines.

Bruce Feldman: Probably 20%. I watch whatever games I can on TV and because I have some contacts at non-BCS conference schools, I feel like I stay pretty plugged in to a bunch of them, but to say I write more than 20 percent about them would be a big stretch.

Charles Davis: Probably 30% on non-BCS conferences

Steve Greenberg: 5%

Dennis Dodd: Probably 25 percent which, I think, is high when compared to my peers. The structure of the beat and the game itself forces you to concentrate on the Big Six conferences. There are always good stories elsewhere but when it comes down to profiling that big TCU-BYU game, there are about five or 10 of those in BCS conferences that mean more.

I always have a soft spot, though, for the non-BCS teams. They are so far behind in terms of budget, recruiting and exposure that anything they can do is remarkable. I remember seeing Karl Benson in the press box seconds after Boise State beat Oklahoma. I just happened to be wearing a WAC hat because it was raining that day when I left the house for my flight. He practically hugged me. He knew that I knew what he and the conference had been through: The conference almost folding when the Mountain West was formed.

Richard Cirminiello: Probably about 10-15%.  Anything more is career suicide.  That said, I do have a healthy respect and appreciation for the Conference USAs and Mountain Wests of the world, especially when they harbor a couple of kids with NFL potential.  Unless it’s the Sun Belt, you can find some very entertaining and wide-open football, even if the SEC or Big 12 isn’t involved.

Stewart Mandel: Not very much. My obligation is to my readers, and they are overwhelmingly more interested in the BCS conferences, as evidenced by both my inbox and by the lack of page views on those occasions I do write about a non-BCS team. This is not to say I ignore the elite teams like BYU, Boise State, etc. I would not be keeping people properly informed if I did. But I can't honestly say I follow the three through nine teams in the Mountain West the way I might the SEC or Big Ten.