Tuesday Question - Predict the Season
Ohio State RB Chris Wells
Ohio State RB Chris Wells
Posted Aug 19, 2008

Who's going to win each conference race? Who'll play in the five BCS games? Will Tim Tebow win another Heisman, or will Ohio State's Beanie Wells bring it home? In the return of the Tuesday Question, the CFNers predict the season.

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: Make your call ... Predict the season.

A: Winner of the Heisman – Graham Harrell, Texas Tech - I'll go on the limb and make the call. Tech will win the Big 12 South with Harrell averaging close to 500 yards per game.       

Runners-up ...
2. Tim Tebow, Florida  
3. Pat White, West Virginia
4. Chris Wells, Ohio State
5. Chase Daniel, Missouri   

Pick the Champion

ACC – Clemson. The winner of the Atlantic will win the ACC title. Don't sleep on a Boston College team that'll be a brick wall on defense, while Wake Forest is good enough to make it two championships in three years.

Big East – West Virginia, but it's not going to be a slam dunk. Watch out for a loaded Pitt team, while Cincinnati and South Florida are good enough to pull off the title.

Big Ten – Ohio State. October 4th at Wisconsin. The winner gets the Big Ten title, but also watch out for OSU's date at Michigan State.

Big 12 – Missouri. Oklahoma is the best team in the Big 12, but Texas Tech is going to rise up and be the class of the South ... for at least one year. Mizzou will be in the hunt for the national title until the end.   

C-USA – Tulsa. Losing QB Paul Smith won't help, and the O will be a little worse, but the D will be better.   

MAC – Miami University. Easily the most interesting conference race from top to bottom, roughly 10 teams have an honest shot at the championship. The loaded RedHawk D will get the job done in the MAC title game over the loaded Western Michigan D.

Mountain West – Utah. The Utes will finally get over the BYU hump, while TCU will be in the race until the end.   

Pac-10 – USC. Why fight it? Another year, another title. There's no one in the Pac 10 close to USC's caliber.       

SEC – Florida ... to be more exact, the Florida vs. Georgia winner. Watch out for Tennessee, especially if the Vols beat the Gators in Knoxville on Sept. 20.  

Sun Belt – Florida Atlantic. It'll all come down to the battle with Troy. The winner goes to New Orleans.

WAC – Fresno State. The Bulldogs will make some early noise but will fall short of their BCS dreams. They'll have to settle for being the WAC champions despite losing to Boise State in the regular season finale.    

BCS Bowl Matchups

Rose – USC vs. Wisconsin   
Sugar – Georgia vs. Texas Tech
Fiesta – Missouri vs. Pitt   
Orange – Clemson vs. West Virginia
BCS Championship – Ohio State vs. Florida

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: Make your call ... Predict the season.

A: Winner of the Heisman – Chris Wells, Ohio State – After Wells leads the Buckeyes to a win over USC in the game of the year, he’ll be front and center in the race for the Heisman. Of course, it won’t hurt that Ohio State will spend the rest of the season chugging toward a third straight appearance in the national title game.       

Runners-up ...
2. Tim Tebow, Florida  
3. Chase Daniel, Missouri 
4. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
5. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech   

Pick the Champion

ACC – Wake Forest. I love Clemson’s talent. I hate the Tigers’ track record when expectations increase. They travel to Winston-Salem on Oct. 9, when the favorite’s role in the ACC will change hands. Keep an eye on the Deacon D, which is going to be nasty.    

Big East – West Virginia. No matter who’s on the sidelines, as long as Pat White is behind center, the ‘eers are the class of the Big East. The veteran line will dominate opponents, allowing the skill position players to flourish like they have for the past few years.

Big Ten – Ohio State. The Buckeyes are a sizzling 22-2 in Big Ten play over the last three years, and the gap may be getting wider. With Michigan in transition and no heavyweight challenger on the horizon, Ohio State will cruise to a fourth straight BCS bowl game.

Big 12 – Oklahoma. The Sooners are back to having the upper hand on Texas, which means they’ll be back in the Big 12 title game for the sixth time in the last seven years. Waiting there will be Missouri, which has beaten OU just once in the last quarter century.   

C-USA – Southern Miss. The Eagles have the league’s best offensive player (Damion Fletcher), best defensive player (Gerald McRath), best recruit (DeAndre Brown), and a new coach (Larry Fedora) bringing a fresh energy. If the spread offense clicks in a hurry, Southern Miss is capable of winning a wide-open league.    

MAC – Central Michigan. How good is QB Dan LeFevour? Good enough to overcome a leaky defense and carry the Chippewas to their third MAC championship in-a-row. He’s a force of nature with a future in the NFL.   

Mountain West – BYU. The Cougars aren’t without their flaws on defense, but underrated head coach Bronco Mendenhall has a knack for addressing issues on that side of the ball. In the meantime, QB Max Hall and the rest of the offense will carve up the Mountain West en route to a third straight league championship…and possibly more.    

Pac-10 – USC. After winning six Pac-10 titles in-a-row, the Trojans are poised to win one for the ring finger…on the other hand. There are concerns about the offensive execution, but the defense is going to be downright nasty. Plus, the league’s three top contenders—Arizona State, Oregon, and Cal—must all play in the Coliseum.       

SEC – LSU. Yes, I heard the news about Ryan Perrilloux’s dismissal from the program. No, the sky isn’t falling over Baton Rouge. The Tigers have won with average quarterback play before, and all of the critics have made for some great bulletin board material. If Andrew Hatch and Jarrett Lee don’t implode, there’s enough talent everywhere else for LSU to repeat.  

Sun Belt – Florida Atlantic. By the Sun Belt’s standards, Howard Schnellenberger is on the verge of building a juggernaut in Boca. He’s got 20 starters back from last year’s league championship team, including a future NFL quarterback in Rusty Smith.

WAC – Boise State. Although this is not a vintage Bronco team and Fresno State has more talent, Boise will find a way to win another WAC crown. The Broncos have owned the Bulldogs and the decisive Nov. 28 game between the two schools takes place on the blue turf. By that time, Boise will be more settled at quarterback and better equipped to slow down Fresno’s vaunted ground game.    

BCS Bowl Matchups

Rose – USC vs. Wisconsin   
Sugar – LSU vs. BYU
Fiesta – Missouri vs. Georgia   
Orange – Wake Forest vs. West Virginia  
BCS Championship – Ohio State vs. Oklahoma

Matthew Zemek

Make your call ... Predict the season.

A: Winner of the Heisman – Pat White, West Virginia

Runners-up ...
2. Tim Tebow, Florida
3. Chase Daniel, Missouri
4. Chris Wells, Ohio State
5. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia


ACC – Clemson. Because Virginia Tech has become a bit too dysfunctional, and will not be able to gain the material benefits of that precious mineral known as Ore.

Big East – West Virginia. This league was a one-trick pony last year, and that pony still resides in Morgantown.

Big Ten – Ohio State. Because no one else is good enough, Rashard Mendenhall is a Pittsburgh Steeler, and Michigan's a mess.

Big 12 – Oklahoma. People bash Bob Stoops for losing January bowl games, but the Sooner coach has stood on his head to keep cranking out league titles: four in the past six seasons, three in the past four. No sense in doubting Stoops at this point. (Side note: Bashing Stoops and Jim Tressel for losing January bowl games, to the extent that you focus on that deficiency while downplaying the steady stream of conference crowns produced by both coaches, is an act of clinical insanity.)

C-USA – Central Florida. Because Paul Smith is no longer Tulsa's quarterback.

MAC – Central Michigan. The Chippewas have Dan LeFevour, and everyone else doesn't.

Mountain West – BYU. One Mendenhall left Illinois; the other Mendenhall is sticking around in the Wasatch Mountains to build back the Lavell Edwards magic.

Pac-10 – Now come on. Do we even have to bother with this one? Arizona State, Oregon and Cal all travel to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. UCLA once again has a battered and bruised quarterback, an annual rite of Autumn. Next.....

SEC – Georgia. The Dawgs will miss Trinton Sturdivant enough that they'll lose out in the national title sweepstakes, but Florida's racked up even more injuries than the Dawgs.

Sun Belt – Florida Atlantic. Mr. Schnellenberger's boys get Troy at home.

WAC – Boise State. Hawaii doesn't have its Colt-powered attack or its June-inspired genius. Fresno State has to travel to the smurf turf in late November.

BCS Bowl Matchups
Rose – USC v. Florida
Sugar – Georgia v. Wisconsin
Fiesta – Missouri v. BYU
Orange – West Virginia v. Clemson
BCS Championship – Ohio State v. Oklahoma

Steve Silverman

Q: Make your call ... Predict the season.

A: Winner of the Heisman – Beanie Wells, Ohio State

Runners-up ...
2. Tim Tebow, Florida
3. Chase Daniel, Missouri 
4. Pat White, West Virginia
5. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia

Pick the Champion …

ACC - Clemson

Big East – West Virginia -- Best of the Worst; Pat White is unstoppable

Big Ten – Ohio State -- This is getting repetitive. Watch out for Wisconsin 

Big 12 – Oklahoma -- Based on a major step up by the defense.
C-USA –  Tulsa -- The No. 1 offense will go for 50 or more five times this year.

MAC –  Central Michigan -- Could LeFevour throw himself into Heisman mix? Answer will come at Georgia on Sept. 6.

Mountain West –  Utah -- Glamour pick of BYU just won't get it done and Utes take advantage.

Pac-10 –   USC -- Would love to say Arizona State or Oregon, but Trojans still on top.

SEC –  Georgia -- Mark Richt's team is ready to roll and should be as good as advertised.

Sun Belt –  Florida Atlantic -- Slight edge over solid Troy.

WAC – Boise State -- Never bet against the Broncos. 

BCS Bowl Matchups
Rose –  USC vs. OSU    
Sugar –  Clemson vs. Florida
Fiesta –  Texas Tech vs. Wisconsin    
Orange –  West Virginia vs. Arizona State
BCS Championship –  Oklahoma vs. Georgia

Michael Bradley

Q: Make your call ... Predict the season.

: Winner of the Heisman –  Beanie Wells, OSU    

Runners-up ...
2. Chase Daniel, Missouri
3. Tim Tebow, Florida
4. Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
5. Todd Reesing, Kansas

ACC – .Virginia Tech; The Hokies’ defense and special teams are excellent, and the offense finally catches up.
Big East –. West Virginia; In a world of mediocrity, the Mountaineers have too much Pat White to be stopped.
Big Ten – Ohio State; It used to be that Michigan had the conference’s best talent. That’s not the case anymore. The Buckeyes are loaded.
Big 12 –. Oklahoma; What else is new? The Sooners have plenty of firepower and speed on defense. The question is whether they can win in January.
C-USA – East Carolina; The Pirates have the best speed in the league, and coach Skip Holtz is on the verge of a big-time job.
MAC –  Central Michigan; Dan LeFevour is one of the nation’s top weapons, and CMU should be more consistent this year.

Mountain West –  Brigham Young; The Cougars won’t be perfect, but that offense and Bronco Mendenhall’s defensive coaching skill will be too much for the neighborhood.
Pac-10 –   USC; You can try to make a case for someone else, but nobody has the speed, talent and defense the Trojans have.
SEC –  Florida; Georgia may be the chic early choice, but the Gators will be more focused than last year’s edition and that’s bad news for the SEC.

Sun Belt –  Florida Atlantic; The Owls are on a collision course with the…Just kidding. Howard Schnellenberger’s offense is too much for the competition.


WAC –  Fresno State; After a brief hiatus, the Bulldogs are back behind a balanced offense and great coaching.
BCS Bowl Matchups
Rose –  USC vs. Wisconsin
Sugar –  Florida vs. West Virginia
Fiesta –  Clemson vs. LSU
Orange –  Virginia Tech vs. Missouri
BCS Championship –  Oklahoma vs. Ohio State