Is ESPN Going From Bad To Worse

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Posted Aug 28, 2008

It was supposed to be the premier opening game of the college football season, yet it became a second coming of Ex-Florida Gators gathering in Columbia, SC.

By: BE Coleman

It was supposed to be the premier opening game of the college football season, yet it became a second coming of Ex-Florida Gators gathering in Columbia, SC. Added as a bonus was one very bad take off by ESPN and the often wondered Lou Holtz.

The network regarded by fans as the Especially Sorry Network Personalities achieved a new level of under achievement on Thursday night, proving that fans may have the name adage correct.

As ESPN officially got all their Gators in one basket with the former Steve Spurrier, Erin Andrews and Jesse Palmer in Chicken Country, saw the team that was playing the game noticeably distracted early on.

The network moved in on Wednesday with the big swoon that took away from the Gamecock's preparation and game time concentration. The hype was almost too much for the Gamer's to live up to in the first half – especially Tommy Beecher.

Beecher spent the first half of the week in the ESPN spotlight as Spurrier conducted interviews with Andrews, Palmer on Wednesday. The end result saw Beecher shaky and throwing interceptions right and left. Not the QB Spurrier told the media about in late July during SEC Days in Birmingham.

During halftime Spurrier was able to get his team back somewhat, but the damage was done to Beecher mentally who started the game under great pressure.

Suddenly, Beecher was found trying to live up to people that do not matter, with Palmer there center stage during the pre game practice's anointing Spurrier with every breath. It was an immediate recipe for disaster that was on stage nationally.

While South Carolina desperately needs the national exposure, Spurrier should have seen this coming and recognized what was being done physiologically having Palmer there and the interviewing promotions.

It took Carolina nearly the entire first half to get on track; it then became the musical quarterback game of Florida old in the second half. Is Beecher that bad?

Throwing four picks did not help, but he did do things Spurrier raved last season in having the quarterback "run up in there for a few yards and move the chains to help the team." He is a green rookie and his backup has had plenty of playing time.

Basking in the TV spotlight has found Palmer forgetting the ridicule he took as QB under Spurrier at Florida. Tantrums were a daily episode at Florida Field. Do we see the reemergence of the old Maniacal Spurrier?

By the time the SC O-Line gelled and started closing off the gaps, Beecher was on the bench and Smelley was under the center shining in the second half. There is no doubt Carolina is another team flying under the radar.

Dr. Lou

The "Lou Holtz Show on ESPN," took on a new meaning Thursday night with the debut of Dr. Lou. The network hit new lows with a staged skit with Holtz as a Doctor of Football Philosophy.

The magic tricks that wowed fans last season were canned; a theme song that was clearly a take off of the Late Night with David Lettermen ensued. One could not tell if Paul Schaeffer and the CBS Orchestra were not behind the curtains hidden away.

ESPN staged phone calls from none other than Florida Gator Tim Tebow, Lloyd Carr and I have no clue who was the third caller. Tebow's staged promo saw him stupidly asking Dr. Lou for advice. Is this not the player who won the Heisman Trophy?

Tebow is an excellent player and one of my own picks as winner of the trophy that I strongly supported last season. I do not think Tebow needs any advice from Dr. Lou, or ESPN and this lame attempt to lower the intellect of fans further than they already are. It was quite tacky without question. Let Lou do his one magic trick and the world will be a better place.

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