Tuesday Question - Who's No. 2?
Oklahoma RB Chris Brown
Oklahoma RB Chris Brown
Posted Sep 16, 2008

If USC is everyone's No. 1 team, who's second best right now?

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: Who's No. 2, and if it's USC, who's No. 1?

A: If everyone's playing at the peak of their capabilities and they're all on a neutral field, I might take Oklahoma over USC, but right now, the Trojans have to be No. 1. I have a gut feeling Florida might end up winning the whole ball of wax, but right now I'd put the Gators third behind USC and OU, and I'd have Georgia fourth.

On a wait and see note for the No. 2 slot, and this is for down the line, I want to see a bit more out of Wisconsin. At some point, the defense will finally be healthy, and with the offensive line playing well, I wouldn't be totally shocked if the Badgers had the type of team that could beat a USC or Oklahoma by going smashmouth. Remember, Wisconsin has been solid against the SEC in bowl games, and this team is better than the ones that played well against Tennessee and Arkansas in the last two bowl seasons. I wouldn't put UW at No. 2 right now, but ask me again in a few weeks if the quarterback play improves.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: Who's No. 2, and if it's USC, who's No. 1?

A: First off, the Trojans own the best win of any school through three weeks, earning the top spot without much debate. The only school with an argument for USC’s pole position is Oklahoma, which has scored at least 50 points in all three of its victories and is playing as well as any program in the country at this early stage. Naturally, there’s a long way to go, but the Sooner offense has looked unstoppable and QB Sam Bradford is playing as if he plans to be the second sophomore in two years to win the Heisman Trophy. We’ll know more when the schedule brings games with Texas, Kansas, and Texas Tech, but laying 52 on a pretty good Cincinnati defense and beating Washington by 41 on the road is the start of a solid brag sheet. Yes, size, as in margin of victory, does matter. If your ballot has anyone other than USC and Oklahoma in the top two slots, respectively, you’re probably being a contrarian just for the sake of being different. Georgia was too close for comfort in a 14-7 win over a mediocre South Carolina team. Ditto Florida, which wasn’t all that impressive against Miami. Missouri? Now you’re getting warmer. The Tigers do have a win over No. 23 Illinois and have been as explosive as Oklahoma in their three wins. Mizzou is a close No. 3. Very close.       

Matthew Zemek

Q: What's the best story so far that no one is talking about?

A: Who's No. 2? This early in the season, it doesn't (and shouldn't) matter. But if you had to put a gun to my head, I'd say Oklahoma. But if Georgia goes to suburban Phoenix (a place the Sooners haven't fared well in, even though the suburb is Glendale and not Tempe) and rocks Arizona State this Saturday, that opinion would change in a hurry.
All in all, nobody should get too worked up about this particular debate at this point in time. That's the No. 1 thing to remember about the No. 2 team in college football.

Steve Silverman

Q: Who's No. 2, and if it's USC, who's No. 1?

A: USC is definitely No. 1. This may be the best of the great USC teams under Pete Carroll and that's quite a mouthful. The defense is good enough to set the tone, while Carroll's previous teams had dominant offenses and good-enough defenses. Now both sides look absolutely awesome and probably will the rest of the season barring any catastrophic injury.
Oklahoma is the No. 2 team in the country. With all due respect to Georgia--full credit to Tony Soprano--the Sooners are just an offensive monster. It all starts with triggerman Sam Bradford who throws a beautiful pass, gets it away quickly and is deadly accurate. Bob Stoops senses he has a team that can go all the way and he coaches only one way -- full out. The Sooners will make it to the national championship game or die trying. I think they make it.