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Mr Pac-10’s Weekly Review

Mr Pac Ten
Posted Sep 19, 2008

Collegefootballnews’ Matthew Smith Reviews all the Pac-10 Games, Week Three

USC: Great win over Ohio St
Oregon St: Not a good opponent, but at this point anything is good.

Oregon: Not the greatest win ever, but a win’s a win.
Stanford: A competitive loss on the road against a good team.

Cal: A poor performance in a game that they needed to win to get national respectability.
Arizona: A very poor performance in a game that they needed to feel safe about a bowl bid.
Arizona St: Blech.
Washington St: Blech.
Washington: Blech.
UCLA: Blech.

@ USC (-10.5) 35, Ohio St 3
my pick: @ USC 17, Ohio St 10

What to take from this:
This was just a fantastic performance by the Trojans. They simply look incredible right now.

Oregon (-8) 32, @ Purdue 26 (OT)
my pick: Oregon 35, @ Purdue 24

What to take from this:
Hey, a win’s a win. In a weekend where plenty of other Pac-10 teams couldn’t get it done, the Ducks found a way. Too many mistakes, too many turnovers, and yet another quarterback injury are all bad signs, but they still look like a very dangerous team.

@ TCU 31, Stanford (+13.5) 14
my pick: @ TCU 17, Stanford 13

What to take from this:
This was a very respectable loss for Stanford. This was a close game right until the end, and if they had gotten some key breaks (recovering instead of losing the fumbles, the punt returner not getting a foot just out of bounds, Pritchard not throwing a pick in the red zone, etc.) they might actually have pulled the upset. That said, the pass defense is poor and the pass offense is a disaster. Pritchard is clearly not the answer, and it says everything about the other guys that he’s still the starter. Without a pulse throwing the ball, this team will not be able to beat anyone good unless special teams comes through in a big way, like it did in this game.

@ BYU 59, UCLA (+8) 0
my pick: @ BYU 42, UCLA 27

What to take from this:
This was a game where things got away from UCLA real fast. A few things stood out in this game: first, that against a good team that didn’t play poorly like Tennessee did in week one, the Bruins simply weren’t able to compete; second, against an offense that has multiple good receivers and likes to throw it, the Bruins couldn’t do much of anything to stop them; and third, when things went bad, they fell apart very quickly, which forces me to question this team’s mental toughness. They aren’t as bad as they looked in this game, but they certainly aren’t as good as you’d think a team that beat Tennessee would be.

@ Maryland 35, Cal (-13.5) 23
my pick: Cal 38, @ Maryland 17

What to take from this:
This was more of a weird, funky game than anything I am inclined to read much into. Maryland jumped out to a big early lead, with some big red zone plays on both sides of the ball turning a minor lead into a huge one. In the fourth quarter, Cal made a desperate effort to come back, and very nearly did, but it wasn’t enough. I think that it’s an indication of inconsistency, but I’m not sure it’s much more than that.

Oklahoma 55, @ Washington (+20.5) 14
my pick: Oklahoma 49, @ Washington 20

What to take from this:
Against a really good team with a defense good enough to take away big plays from Jake Locker, the Huskies simply aren’t good enough to compete. Honestly, this is about what I expected.

@ New Mexico 36, Arizona (-10) 28
my pick: Arizona 38, @ New Mexico 17

What to take from this:
If there’s anyone who thought that this year’s team was different, that this year’s team wouldn’t have crappy games where they had bad turnovers, and basically gave away the win, this is proof enough that, yes, this is exactly the same sort of team that we’re used to seeing. Now they desperately need a win next week at UCLA, or they’re in a world of trouble.

@ Baylor 45, Washington St (+1) 17
my pick: @ Baylor 35, Washington St 17

What to take from this:
Basically, the Cougars stink. I’m not sure there’s a way to sugarcoat it anymore.

@ Oregon St (-13.5) 45, Hawaii 7
my pick: @ Oregon St 38, Hawaii 14

What to take from this:
This is a nice bounceback win, but I’m inclined to believe that it’s more about Hawaii being lousy than the Beavers being good. Still, it should serve as a nice confidence boost that will really come in handy given how tough the next couple games will be.

UNLV 23, @ Arizona St (-23) 20 (OT)
my pick: @ ASU 42, UNLV 17

What to take from this:
This was a game where ASU lost to a big underdog who played at their very best. That said, they had plenty of chances to put this away, and if they want to be taken seriously as a program, this is a game that they simply can’t lose. It’ll be very interesting to see how they play on Saturday against a much better opponent in Georgia.

Pac-10 Games Record:
This Week: 7-3 SU, 4-6 ATS
Season: 18-6 SU, 11-12 ATS

National Games of the Week:

Wisconsin (-2) , @ Fresno St
my pick: @ Fresno St 28, Wisconsin 24

@ South Florida (-3.5) 37, Kansas 34
my pick: @ USF 28, Kansas 14

Georgia (-7) 14, @ South Carolina 7
my pick: Georgia 21, @ SC 10

National Games Record:
This Week: 2-1 SU, 0-2-1 ATS
Season: 7-4 SU, 4-6-1 ATS

Bad Lines

Michigan -2
Missed by 20 points

Duke -2
Covered by 8 points

Auburn -10.5
Missed by 9.5 points

Vandy -7
Covered by 10 points

Iowa St +13.5
Covered by 1.5 points

Rutgers -5
Missed by 37 points and the upset

Bad Lines Record:
This Week: 3-3
Season: 7-5

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