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Posted Sep 21, 2008

The last thing Tennessee needed was another beat down of the football program before a national television audience.

By: BE Coleman

The last thing Tennessee needed was another beat down of the football program before a national television audience. The programs second loss in nineteen days time tells the story for Tennessee.

Last week a much larger reality came with notice, UCLA was beaten 59-0 by a BYU program in the WAC. It was a sense that was above any other that this 2008 team may not amount to much in Knoxville. When the final gun blasted off the conclusion of Saturday's game against Florida, reality hit home.

More than words can speak; officially find Tennessee is a mediocre program right now, dotting the landscape with wins here and there over the last ten years. It's officially a program with less to offer up playing in big games lacking any form of a consistent approach.

The fourth consecutive loss to Florida lends further damaging evidence of things not getting done at the end of the day. Tennessee is a horrid 5-12 versus three Gator coaches since 1992 for a .291% average.

The Vols were impressive from 1995 through 98 playing off the history of a tradition rich football program. The program had only lost five games in that four season time span, while winning 45 times for a .900% average.

The numbers during the last four years are a disturbing trend of another Wall Street failure for any CEO in charge - just don't look for the federal financial bail outs.

Tennessee has now lost sixteen games since 2005, with 12 conference defeats in the last 41 total games played. While the conclusion of this 4 year time span has not been played out, it finds Tennessee is currently sitting at 24-16.

The Vols are 1-8 inside the comfy confines of Neyland Stadium versus Top 10 teams.

The Volunteer has a huge image problem that no one is willing to admit that there is anything wrong. Giving it the old college try has been given new meaning with less than stellar performances that are being compounded and multiplied.

No major program in America has sustained the level of such humiliation without making changes at the top. Many major programs have made changes with less to be accurate. You get fired in Michigan for losing to Ohio State. You get canned at Notre Dame for not winning 10 games.

You get fired at Florida for not beating Tennessee; go ask the Zooker up at Illinois. I always felt that Larry Coker's ushering out at Miami was an unjust act. As Coker was 60-15 in six seasons of play, but saw the boot with a single 7-6 record in his final campaign.

The least bit of criticism inside Knoxville finds a backlash that everyone is wrong or just plain football ignorant. Players are evidently no longer coached to play for the fan base, they simply play for themselves.

Perhaps QB Jonathan Crompton summed it up best by saying "We play for our football family, for each other, we know what we're capable of, and that's who we care about the most."

Expect the Vols quarterback to get an updated revision on being rehearsed upon what to say this week. The damage control department folks will be in house working overtime to alleviate the concerns of the fan; the ones that the players do not play for any longer.

LSU, Florida alone are 6-1 versus Tennessee, both of whom have won the national title two times as Tennessee struggles to find itself. It is far more of a mediocre program since 05.

Opposing coaches have been kind up front with pre game sentiments in the press, but come voting day those same coaches pen a different story in their coaches poll.

The Vols must take a poorly functioning program on the road for another national television appearance against a 3-1 program that slipped outside of the Top 10 to 16th this week visiting Auburn.

DE Robert Ayers - who played brilliantly said, "We can turn it around." It was before the team tuned into the LSU-Auburn Tiger Bowl broadcast that Phillip Fulmer alluded to in his weekly show.

Tennessee has failed to beat Auburn since 2003, losing twice in 2004 to the Tigers of the Plains where the War Eagle soars. The odds won't be good for this trip.

"Obviously, our team was either uptight or something," said Vol head coach Phillip Fulmer. "That wasn't us." Truthfully it is, when it comes down to winning big games.

Note: That other Tennessee football program that has been referred to as just a doormat program of the SEC in Vanderbilt; it finds them inside the Top 25 and sitting atop the SEC East at 4-0. They are playing good football in the middle of the state, but in the western portion of the east; finds a different storyline.

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