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Tuesday Question - OU-Texas? LSU-FL? PSU-UW?
Oklahoma OG Duke Robinson
Oklahoma OG Duke Robinson
Posted Oct 7, 2008

Tuesday Question ... Oklahoma or Texas? LSU or Florida? Penn State or Wisconsin?

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: Oklahoma or Texas? LSU or Florida? Penn State or Wisconsin?

A: Oklahoma ... if it keeps Sam Bradford clean. The new quick-passing OU attack is great at getting the ball out of Bradford's hands in a hurry, and the Sooner offensive line is special, but Texas has a killer pass rush with Brian Orakpo turning in an All-America caliber first half of the season. I don't think this will be a blowout in any way, but I'll take the OU offensive balance over the Colt McCoy show.

LSU. I'm not sold on the Florida lines vs. the LSU lines. If the game comes down to the LSU quarterback vs. Tim Tebow, it'll be all Gators, but the speed of the Tiger defense should help keep Percy Harvin and the blazing wheels of Florida skill players in check. LSU will go Big Ten on their ass ... power running, Charles Scott, short passing game.

Penn State on a coin-flip. I'm a little afraid of the wounded animal factor. Wisconsin isn't ranked, no one's expecting anything, and it's going to come out guns blazing as it tries to turn the season around. Penn State hasn't been tested by anyone's lines yet and it'll be in for a major battle with the running game. In the end, the Nittany Lion offensive line will control the fourth quarter in a tight, tight win.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: Oklahoma or Texas? LSU or Florida? Penn State or Wisconsin?

A: Oklahoma. I’ve been dead wrong about Texas so far, but this is the game that the curtain gets pulled back on the young Longhorn secondary. Unless the ‘Horns can pressure Sam Bradford relentlessly, which is unlikely, he’s going to pick apart a defense that lacks the stoppers to contain Oklahoma’s wave of talented receivers.

LSU. Beyond Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin, I just haven’t been blown away by Florida this season. The home loss to an average Ole Miss team was a wake-up call that exposed the defense as being slightly overrated. The Tigers have the big bodies up front to dominate the Gator defensive line, springing Charles Scott for long gains and giving Jarrett Lee time to operate.  

Penn State. When Ohio State ended Wisconsin’s home winning streak Saturday night, it squashed some of the mystique of playing at Camp Randall. Plus, the Badgers have historically struggled with the kind of spread offense that Penn State is bringing to Madison this weekend.       

Matthew Zemek

Q: Oklahoma or Texas? LSU or Florida? Penn State or Wisconsin?

A: Oklahoma. If the quarterbacks are close to even in this series, the Sooners usually prevail. Texas's brief two-game win streak was the result of enormous advantages under center. This time out (like last year), OU can match Colt McCoy with Sam Bradford. Both should dominate this game, but the Sooners typically offer more of a finishing kick and better defensive playmakers.
Florida. On form, LSU is playing far better football right now, and the Gators are coasting on their talent while not executing at the level they need to. However, this figures to be the game in which Tim Tebow's post-Ole Miss apology-cum-resolution should bear fruit. If the defending Heisman winner was as serious as he appeared to be on the afternoon of Sept. 27--and I don't doubt Tebow's sincerity one lick--then he will max out Saturday night. The fact that this is a night game, not an afternoon game, gives a slight additional push to the Gators, who are a great CBS Sports team, but a terrible Raycom Sports team.
Penn State. Wisconsin will hold down PSU's offense, but Allen Evridge has proven to be far too inconsistent for the Badgers to be able to rise to the very top of the Big Ten this season. Maybe, though, the return of the Wisconsin band will make a difference at Camp Randall Stadium. I'm still not sold on Penn State, but this is a case where I think the opponent just isn't strong enough to pull off the upset.
All in all, Oklahoma is the only team that inspires complete confidence in this set of showdowns. LSU and Wisconsin could very easily win on Saturday.

Steve Silverman

Q: Oklahoma or Texas? LSU or Florida? Penn State or Wisconsin?

A:  Oklahoma-Texas: By the time this weekend is over, Texas will be crying in their Burnt Orange beer once again. Every team has that one nemesis who they can never seem to beat and the Longhorns just can't get the best of the Sooners. Oklahoma will seemingly get the break when they need it most. But it really has nothing to do with luck. Oklahoma is tougher, stronger and meaner and better. They also play defense much better than Texas. Sam Bradford will chew up what passes for the Texas defense.

LSU-Florida: There are no frauds in this game. LSU and Florida are both monster teams but the Tigers are just a little bit more mature and well-developed. The Gators still have flaws and they were exposed in the Ole Miss game. LSU will play tighter and tougher in the fourth quarter and look for the Gators to make one or two big mistakes in the fourth quarter. LSU wins in the end.

Penn State-Wisconsin: This looked a lot better a few weeks ago before Wisconsin fell apart in the second half against the worst Michigan team since 1967. A week later, they played much better against Ohio State but they got nipped at the wire by Terelle Pryor. If Wisconsin was coming into this game undefeated or they had managed to hold off the Buckeyes, they would have had a good chance of leaving Joe Paterno dazed and confused at the end of the game. But this is an outstanding Penn State team that is not going to gack it up in Madison. Penn State will fight off a good start by Wisconsin and win this game going away