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Tuesday Question - The No. 2 Team Is ...
Penn State WR Deon Butler
Penn State WR Deon Butler
Posted Oct 28, 2008

Tuesday Question ... The No. 2 team in the nation is ... ?

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: The No. 2 team in the nation is ... ?

A: Can I say Texas?

Obviously Texas has to be ranked No. 1 right now, but I'm hung up on Florida. The Gators appear to be humming at just the right time. The offense is starting to click, while the defense is maturing and improving by the week. Of course, this theory blows up if the Gators lose to Georgia, but I think they'll win the SEC title and go on to win their second national title in three years.

If it's not Florida, I'm taking Oklahoma as the No. 2 team behind Texas. Yeah, the defensive back seven has gone bye-bye, but the offense is unstoppable and the defensive front would hold its own against, say, Alabama. The Tide would be next in line, but to me, this seems like a team just begging to be tagged. The Kentucky and Ole Miss defensive lines were way too productive. And then there's Penn State. I believe in the defense, the offensive line and the receiving corps, but I'm not sold on the quarterback situation in the clutch. I still want to see Daryll Clark have to throw a pass in anger.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: The No. 2 team in the nation is ... ?

A: Penn State. No disrespect intended toward Alabama, but Penn State has proven it can win any type of game, from the shootout to the defensive struggle, which is huge in the final stages of the season.

Yeah, the SEC is better than the Big Ten, but is the Tide’s body of work truly stronger than the Lions? Each has a win over a top 10 team on the road (Georgia and Ohio State). Each has a blowout over a team that wound up being overrated (Clemson and Wisconsin). And each has cruised through a pretty soft non-conference schedule. If you’re looking for a difference between two very similarly qualified programs, how about this? Alabama struggled at home to put away Ole Miss and Kentucky, a couple of middle-of-the-road SEC teams. Penn State, on the other hand, had yet to win by less than two touchdowns before last week’s 13-6 victory in Columbus. It’s splitting hairs, which is why we can only pray to the gods of college football that Texas, Alabama, and Penn State are all unbeaten on Dec. 7. How cool would a cranky Joe Paterno be as the mouthpiece for future change in the current system?     

Matthew Zemek

Q: The No. 2 team in the nation is ... ?

A: If you asked me "who is the second-best football team" in the nation, the answer would come down to Oklahoma and Florida, who are both knocking the stuffing out of their overmatched foes. The Sooners would gain a slight edge in that comparison, because the Gators need downfield passing threats other than Percy Harvin. The Sooners have more quality depth at the skill positions, at least for now.
But in a debate about the team that should be RANKED second--a different question entirely--the debate naturally involves Alabama and Penn State.
Not that it means very much right now, but Alabama would get the nod. A decisive win at Georgia counts for more than Penn State's narrow win at Ohio State.
The really interesting part of an Alabama-Penn State debate would emerge if the Tide won at LSU, but then lost to Florida in the SEC Championship Game (assuming the Gators get there). Alabama would have two awesome wins, compared to Penn State's one, and the heft of the Tide's schedule would easily eclipse Penn State's non-conference cupcakes, plus a Big Ten run that--due to the declines of Wisconsin and Michigan (not Penn State's fault, of course)--just wouldn't pack a punch.
12-0 Penn State versus 12-1 Alabama would make for a fascinating debate. The football fan in me would want to see Bama go to Miami under that scenario, but the fair-minded journalist would find it really hard to deny Penn State its place in the national title tilt.
The human being in me? Well, seeing Joe Paterno slide past Nick Saban would be a case of good karma defeating bad karma.
The one thing we can all agree on in this discussion? The BCS shows every sign of creating another nasty endgame scenario, with a terrific 12-1 team missing the title game while a team with a far softer schedule runs the table.
Plus-one, anyone?

Steve Silverman

Q: The No. 2 team in the nation is ... ?

A: I have a lot of love and respect for Penn State of the beleaguered Big Ten and the guess here is that Penn State will be playing for the national championship at the end of the season because there won't be two other undefeated teams.
But the question is not who the No. 2 team will be at the end of the season. The No. 2 team in the nation right now is Alabama. I don't think Texas will last much longer at No. 1, but that's exactly where the Longhorns stand as the 10th week of the college football season is about to begin. Meanwhile, Nick Saban's team has played well since the start of the season when it served notice to the rest of the college football world with a convincing road win over Clemson.

The Crimson Tide can stick it to just about anyone. They have the No. 5 total defense in the nation and are No. 2 in rushing defense. Offensively, John Parker Wilson may not get a ton of hype outside the SEC, but he can play and is tough enough to survive the rest of the schedule. Alabama still has to handle LSU, Auburn and the SEC title game, but this team has proven worthy in every one of its eight previous games and that is not about to stop now.