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CFN Rankings - No. 1 to 119 - Week 10
Florida LB Brandon Spikes
Florida LB Brandon Spikes
Posted Nov 2, 2008

After a wild week, the rankings have had to change around wildly again. Trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, while ranking teams based on how good they are at the moment, here are the latest CFN ranking of all 119 teams.

2008 CFN Rankings - Week 10

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. 

Click on the teams for the recaps and thoughts on every game or click here for the team pages.

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(7-1)  Last Week: 2
W, Georgia 49-10
next game: at Vanderbilt
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because … anyone want to complain about our last week's No. 2 ranking of the Gators now? The offense is dominating, Tim Tebow has taken his game to another level, and the defense swarmed all over a good Georgia offense. However, is it possible Georgia really isn’t all that great? After all, Alabama was able to spank the Bulldogs, too. As good as Florida is playing, when it comes to top teams with one loss, Oklahoma and USC are playing at that high level as well.

2. Alabama (9-0)  Last Week: 4
W, Arkansas State 35-0
next game: at LSU
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … Alabama actually beat Ole Miss, and Florida didn't. If you're going by how the pieces of the puzzle should be put together, the Tide technically deserves to be ranked higher. This is a fully focused team that rolled past Arkansas State without a problem, and now it's on to LSU.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
that Georgia win might not be as big a deal as it was originally made out to be. Sure, it was big, but was it as impressive as Texas Tech beating Texas? Maybe not. Beating LSU at LSU is a must to stay high in these rankings, at the moment, but overall it's not that big a deal considering the way the Tigers are playing. If the Tide wins the SEC title and is unbeaten, it'll be in everyone's top two, including this one.

3. Texas Tech (9-0)  Last Week: 8
W, Texas 39-33
next game: Oklahoma State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … Texas was everyone's unquestioned No. 1 team, and Texas Tech came up with the win. The team came through when it was basically beaten by a Heisman-caliber drive by Colt McCoy, and now it's in a position to prove itself further over the next two games against Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
it took a miracle final play to beat Texas. Graham Harrell came within an eyelash of being picked off the play before the game-winning play to Michael Crabtree.

4. Penn State (9-0)   Last Week: 5
Didn't Play This Week
next game: at Iowa
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the defense, in a one game shot, is good enough to beat anyone in the country. If the Texas offensive line could blast away late on Texas Tech, and the Alabama offensive line had problems with a few defensive fronts like Mississippi's and Kentucky's, then Penn State's lines could certainly show up and produce.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
could the offense keep up with any of the top Big 12 attacks, and could it do much against the Alabama and Florida defenses? The Ohio State game didn't exactly inspire confidence, even in the win.

5. Texas (8-1)  Last Week: 1
L, Texas Tech 39-33
next game: Baylor
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … it took a miraculous final play to beat the Longhorns. The team showed its mettle by being able to come roaring back after big Texas Tech play after big play. Colt McCoy took a pounding, but he showed just how good he really is.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
if Brian Orokpo is hurt for a significant length of time, and if Quan Cosby can't get back to 100% soon, the team will be missing two key players that make this a far less dangerous team. Even so, there's no reason to be any lower than this, and really, it should be in the top three.

6. Oklahoma (8-1)  Last Week: 3
W, Nebraska 62-28
next game: at Texas A&M
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … uhhhhhh, OU hung 62 on Nebraska and DROPS three spots?! Basically, OU suffers by the way the puzzle has to fit together. While the rankings are done by how good the teams are right now, they do get adjusted and get corrected by the week. At the moment, Texas technically should be ranked ahead of OU, and Texas has to be behind Texas Tech. Don't worry. The Sooners will get their chances against Oklahoma State and Texas Tech to rocket back up.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ..
yeah, the offense is unstoppable in Norman, but is the team really this sharp on the road? The defense was great against Nebraska, but what is it going to do against a tighter, more talented attack like Texas Tech's and OSU's?

7. Oklahoma State (8-1)  Last Week: 6
W, Iowa State 59-14
next game: at Texas Tech
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the one loss could've gone either way in Austin. The win at Missouri still deserves plenty of respect. The offense is playing at the highest of levels, and it could easily rip through Texas Tech and suddenly make the race very, very interesting.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ..
 it can't be. This might be a top five team right now all thanks to the offense. While the win at Missouri was impressive, but the Tigers struggled against Baylor and lost to Texas. It might not be all that special, meaning a win over Texas Tech is vital to show just how real the Cowboys are.

8. USC (7-1)  Last Week: 9
W, Washington 56-0
next game:
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … no one's doing anything on this defense. While the schedule has been awful, the offense has gotten a chance to tune up and air it out a bit. Outside of the Arizona win, Mark Sanchez and crew are able to go through a few live scrimmages before the big games come up.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the statistics might be great, but Washington and Washington State are among the worst teams in America. Considering the inconsistencies on offense this year, how would USC do in the SEC or Big 12?

9. Missouri (7-2)  Last Week: 10
W, at Baylor 31-28
next game: Kansas State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … on the right day, the Tigers with their offense should be able to hang around with anyone. They're the class of the Big 12 North by far, and showed they could come through when not playing their best with the win over Baylor.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
it took a late field goal to beat Baylor. Considering the way the Tigers struggled against Texas, and lost to Oklahoma State, they seem like a second-tier team, even if they're the class of the North.

10. Georgia (7-2)  Last Week: 7
L, Florida 49-10
next game: at Kentucky
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … getting blown out by Florida right now might not be as awful as it appears. The offense had problems against a swarming Gator defense, but it could be good enough to rip apart teams like Missouri and Oklahoma State.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
49-10. Sorry, but that wasn't a bright shining moment considering how fresh the first half of the Alabama game is in everyone's minds.

11. Ohio State (7-2)  Last Week: 11
Didn't Play This Week
next game: at Northwestern
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … with time off to rest and get Beanie Wells 100%, the offense could be far sharper than it looked against Penn State. While it might not have looked like an impressive loss against the Nittany Lions, they really might be that good.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
it shouldn't be. The defensive line might not be elite and the offensive line might have problems with quicker defensive fronts, but the Buckeyes are good enough to beat anyone outside of the elite of the elite teams on the right day.

12. LSU (6-2)  Last Week: 12
W, Tulane 35-10
next game: Alabama
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the athleticism and talent is still there to be a tough out. There's little to lose at this point, the West is a forgone conclusion for Alabama, so this should be a loose, dangerous team down the stretch.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
oh whoopee, the defense stopped Tulane. The best win this year came against South Carolina. While that's fine, that's hardly anything to do jumping jacks about. The defense has a lot to prove after giving up 51 to Florida and 52 to Georgia.

13. TCU (9-1) Last Week: 13
W, at UNLV 44-14
next game: at Utah
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …the defense has been dominant. Simply dominant. While Utah and BYU have struggled a bit in league play, the Horned Frogs haven't allowed more than 14 points in five weeks. Winning at UNLV, a team trying to throw everything out there to win, couldn't do much.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the BYU win was tremendous, but was it as impressive as it really seemed? Considering the Cougars had problems with teams like Colorado State (as did TCU) and haven't been consistent, that might not be that great a win to hang the hat on.

14. South Carolina (6-3)  Last Week: 27
W, Tennessee 27-6
next game: Arkansas
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the defense has been fantastic all season long. It's the best in the SEC, especially against the pass, and this might be the one team that could give everyone in the Big 12 issues. The speed and skill in the secondary would keep the Gamecocks in any game against anyone.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the offense continues to do just enough to get by. There's no running game and the offensive line continues to have problems. The best win is over either Ole Miss, Kentucky or Tennessee. Those are fine, but nothing special.

15. Utah (9-0)  Last Week: 14
W, at New Mexico 13-10
next game: TCU
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the defense has gotten better over the last few weeks. Forget about running the ball on this bunch, and while the offense might be a bit erratic, it comes through when needed.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the best win this year has been against Air Force. There's been too much respect given from the start because the Utes beat Michigan. Now comes TCU and the first real test of the year.

Michigan State (7-2)  Last Week: 15
W, Wisconsin 25.24
next game: Purdue
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … you don’t win a game like that against Wisconsin without being some sort of team of destiny. Nothing was working against the Badgers. The running game was stuffed, the defense was run over, and the passing game was erratic. MSU still got it done.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the Spartans really should’ve lost to the Badgers. The defense has to be far stiffer against a suddenly resurgent Purdue offense, while the running game had better get ramped up by the time the trip to Penn State comes around.

17. Boise State (7-0)  Last Week: 19
W, at New Mexico State
next game: Utah State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … talk about not skipping a beat, no one's coming close to the Broncos right now. The defense has allowed seven points or fewer in six of the eight games.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the world needs more than a win over an Oregon team that was trying to find itself after losing all its quarterback options. The second best win is over San Jose State.

18. Virginia (5-4)  Last Week: 16
L, Miami 24-17 OT
next game: at Wake Forest
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … it shouldn't be. At the moment, the Cavaliers get the default top spot among ACC teams, but pick any one of about five other teams that could be here.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ..
the running game isn't working and there's no consistency. There's a reason the team has to try coming through in the clutch.

19.  North Carolina (6-2)  Last Week: 17
Didn't Play This Week
next game: Georgia Tech 
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the secondary is amazing. This is a wild card team that could battle anyone because of a pass defense that gives up yards, but takes away everything that comes its way.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
there's not enough consistency on offense. There's little running game on O, and not enough of a pass rush on D.

20. Georgia Tech (7-2)  Last Week: 21
W, Florida State 31-28
next game: at North Carolina
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … with a running game that cranks out 242 yards per game, the Yellow Jackets are dangerous. The defensive line is getting in the backfield against everyone.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ..
the Yellow Jackets could just as easily be 3-6 as they are 7-2. There's a fine line this team is walking, and while it deserves credit for creating its own breaks, it can be beaten on any given day.

21. Kansas (6-3)  Last Week: 23
W, Kansas State 52-21
next game: at Nebraska
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … on the right day in the right game, the offense can't be stopped. It had its hottest game of the year in the win over Kansas State, with Jake Sharp and the running game shining through.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ..
the best win has come against ... Colorado? Kansas State? There's a lot of proving needing to be done be a team that has gone 0-3 against the better teams (South Florida, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State).

22. Florida State (6-2)  Last Week: 18
L, Georgia Tech 31-28
next game: Clemson
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … just when it seems like the Noles are going to get over the hump, they have problems late. The Miami game became too close, and when there was a chance to get past Georgia Tech, a big fumble proved costly.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
it probably shouldn't be. The defense might have had problems with Georgia Tech's running game, but it's good enough to eventually be in the top 20 on a permanent basis. The offense is playing better than it had in years.

23. Miami (6-3)  Last Week: 41
W, at Virginia 24-17 OT
next game: Virginia Tech
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the win over Virginia might be a turning point. Now the Canes are on a four-game winning streak and showed they could come through in the clutch. The young team is growing up.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the passing game is still having issues and it needed to come through late with some big throws to save the game against the Cavaliers. The Canes came this close to losing, and it'll have to play better to get by Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech.

24. Northwestern (7-2)  Last Week: 46
W, at Minnesota 24-17
next game: Ohio State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … let's call the Indiana loss two weeks ago a hiccup on the trail. The defense is getting into the backfield, the running game is better than ever with QB Mike Kafka under center, and the team is making big plays when needed.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
Ohio State will have had two weeks to rest up and will now have game tape on Kafka. It's going to take much more of a passing game to have a shot at the upset. This is a good Wildcat offense, but not a great one.

25. Minnesota (7-2)  Last Week: 20
L, Northwestern 24-17
next game: Michigan
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the Gophers didn't play poorly against Northwestern, and they kept their aggressive attitude late, for good and as it turned out, bad. The defensive front had problems with NU QB Mike Kafka, but it got into the backfield.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
outside of the win over Illinois, there's nothing to hang the hat on. The running game isn't working; it was nowhere to be found against Northwestern.

26 Illinois (5-4)
27 Iowa (5-4)
28 Boston College (5-3)
29 Virginia Tech (5-3)
30 BYU (8-1)
31 West Virginia (6-2)
32 Maryland (6-2)
33 Arizona (5-3)
34 California (7-2)
35 Pitt (6-2)
36 Wisconsin (4-5)
37 Connecticut (6-3)
38 Cincinnati (6-2)
39 South Florida (6-3)
40 Wake Forest (5-3)
41 Kentucky (6-3)
42 Notre Dame (5-3)
43 Oregon (6-3)
44 Oregon State (5-3)
45 Ole Miss (5-4)
46 Ball State (8-0)
47 Clemson (4-4)
48 Arkansas (4-5)
49 Tennessee (3-6)
50 East Carolina (4-3)
51 Nebraska (5-4)
52 Louisville (5-3)
53 Kansas State (4-5)
54 Navy (6-3)
55 Air Force (7-2)
56 Duke (4-4)
57 Vanderbilt (5-3)
58 Auburn (4-5)
59 Central Michigan (7-2)
60 Texas A&M (4-5)
61 Tulsa (7-1)
62 Rice (6-3)
63 NC State (2-6)
64 Mississippi State (3-6)
65 Rutgers (3-5)
66 Arizona State (2-6)
67 Baylor (3-6)
68 UCLA (3-5)
69 Stanford (5-4)
70 Marshall (4-4)
71 Houston (4-4)
72 New Mexico (4-6)
73 Purdue (3-6)
74 Michigan (2-7)
75 Iowa State (2-7)
76 Colorado (4-5)
77 Indiana (3-6)
78 Colorado State (4-5)
79 Nevada (4-4)
80 UNLV (3-6)
81 Western Michigan (7-2)
82 Northern Illinois (5-3)
83 San Jose State (6-3)
84 Memphis (4-5)
85 Louisiana Tech (4-4)
86 UTEP (3-5)
87 Southern Miss (3-6)
88 UL Lafayette (5-3)
89 Troy (5-3)
90 Fresno State (5-3)
91 Washington (0-8)
92 Buffalo (4-4)
93 Temple (3-6)
94 Bowling Green (4-5)
95 Ohio (2-7)  
96 Army (3-6)
97 UL Monroe (3-6)
98 Toledo (2-5)
99 Syracuse (2-6)
100 Arkansas State (4-4)
101 Akron (4-4)
102 Utah State (2-7)
103 Hawaii (4-5)
104 UCF (2-5)
105 UAB (1-7)
106 New Mexico State (3-5)
107 Florida Atlantic (3-5)
108 Kent State (2-7)
109 Miami Univ. (2-6)
110 FIU (3-5)
111 Middle Tennessee (2-6)
112 Wyoming (3-6)
113 Washington State (1-8)
114 Eastern Michigan (2-8)
115 Tulane (2-6)
116 Idaho (2-7)
117 SMU (1-8)
118 San Diego State (1-8)
119 North Texas (1-8)