Tuesday Question - Favorite Rivalry Game

Posted Nov 18, 2008

Tuesday Question - What's your favorite college football rivalry at the moment?

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: What’s your favorite college football rivalry at the moment?

A: It's always Michigan vs. Ohio State because even when it's bad, it's important on a national scale. Even this year I'm interested in seeing if Michigan can lay the foundation for next year, or if it's going to complete the ugliness of the season.

With that said, right now, for this year and probably this year only, I'm most interested in the BYU - Utah showdown. Hands down, these two played the most exciting, heart-stopping two-game series of anyone over the last few seasons. Utah had BYU beaten last year only to give up a a 4th-and-forever play on the way to a 17-10 loss. Two years ago it was John Beck's scrambling, last-second pass to Jonny Harline to get the 33-31 win. 11 of the last 12 games between the two have been decided by a touchdown or less. This year's game won't be any different.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: What’s your favorite college football rivalry at the moment?

: In the name of full disclosure, I should point out that I generally don’t go ga-ga over rivalry games if the participants aren’t competitive on a national level. Army-Navy is the lone exception because the game is a slice of Americana and has meaning that extends so far beyond four quarters or the boundaries of the stadium. Maybe this is heresy, but I’m not that jacked up about the Iron Bowl or Michigan-Ohio State this year because Auburn and the Wolverines are awful. Although that’s just me, I’m guessing I’m not alone with this thought.

For me, the best rivalry right now is Oklahoma-Texas. It’s got everything. The games are always meaningful because the programs are fantastic and it takes place in October, when both are still frequently unbeaten and ranked high. There’s talent everywhere and the two coaches—Bob Stoops and Mack Brown—have been trying to outdo each other for a decade, a rarity these days in a profession with such high turnover. Although the Cotton Bowl is a relic, I love the fact that a neutral field allows half the stadium to be Sooners and the other half to be Longhorns. Unlike so many of today’s rivalries, many of which have become passé to those outside the region, you don’t have to be from Oklahoma or Texas to get roped into this game every October. Crossover appeal is the sign of a truly great rivalry. The Red River Shootout has it.        

Matthew Zemek

Q: What’s your favorite college football rivalry at the moment?

A: At the moment, Texas-Oklahoma.
The two neutral-site border wars have offered quality action, great storylines, and head coaches who seem to magnify the moment. This year, Horns-Sooners outdid Florida-Georgia, so Texas-OU gets the nod as the No. 1 rivalry at this point in time.
If the question was, "What's your favorite college football rivalry on an all-time scale?", the answer would necessarily be different. But that's not the question being asked. You'll have to send me an e-mail to find out.

Steve Silverman

Q: What’s your favorite college football rivalry at the moment?

A: Ahh. I smell a trick question.
Everybody has a rivalry that they love to watch. I am one of those Michigan-OSU people. But the way the question is phrased means I should jump on to a bandwagon like Fla.-Fla. State, Auburn-Alabama, Oklahoma-Texas or Oklahoma-Oklahoma State. I can obviously see why any of those rivalries would have more to offer this year, but appreciating a rivalry means sticking with it through thick and thin. This is obviously a rough year for Michigan, but a good showing against the Buckeyes can get the team moving in the right direction.
That's what happened in 1968. Michigan had actually had a very good season and went into Columbus thinking it had a chance to win. Instead, Woody Hayes and the Buckeyes steamrolled them 50-14. That game was the impetus during Bo Schembechler's first season. Ohio State might have been even better in 1969, but Michigan had the answer when the Buckeyes came to Ann Arbor. The Wolverines came away with a 24-12 win and that was all it took to get the program into the fast lane.
Maybe something memorable will happen this season. Maybe Michigan will defy logic and expectations and upset the Buckeyes. Maybe they will get steamrolled and wake up with a head of steam next season. Either way, this is the rivalry I look forward to every season.