BCS Analysis & Breakdown - Oklahoma No. 1

Posted Dec 7, 2008

The final BCS rankings are out, and there aren't nay surprises ... much to the chagrin of many in Austin, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. Texas wasn't close, the Mountain West had a great year, and it's Oklahoma vs. Florida by a landslide. Check out the analysis of the final BCS rankings.

2008 BCS Analysis


By Pete Fiutak   

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- Texas or Oklahoma ... Who Deserved To Win The South?

You knew it was coming, and as much as Texas, Utah, and USC fans wanted to believe in a miracle, it's Oklahoma vs. Florida for the national title.

And it wasn't even close.

The Top 25
- Expanded BCS Rankings

1. Oklahoma
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Alabama
5. USC
6. Utah
7. Texas Tech
8. Penn State
9. Boise State
10. Ohio State
11. TCU
12. Cincinnati
13. Oklahoma St
14. Georgia Tech
15. Georgia
16. BYU
17. Oregon
18. Michigan State
19. Virginia Tech
20. Pitt
21. Missouri
22. Ball State
23. Northwestern
24. Boston College
25. Ball State

The only hope Texas had of cracking the top two was for 1) a slew of miffed off human voters still angry that Oklahoma played for the Big 12 title despite losing to the Longhorns and 2) the computers to somehow skew things back UT's way once the final formulas kicked in.

In the end, not only didn't Texas have a realistic shot, it wasn't even in the ballpark as Oklahoma won the No. 1 overall spot going away, while Florida was a solid No. 2. USC and Utah weren't in ten miles of the top two, either.

Basically, here's what you need to know about the final rankings of the season...

1. Oklahoma rocketed up from No. 2 to No. 1 having been crowned the No. 1 team by all six computer formulas as well as the Coaches. The Sooners won the top spot by what amounted to a huge margin, beating Florida 0.9757 to 0.9479, and they weren't even close to being threatened by Texas.

2. Do the computers know something? Florida was No. 1 in the Harris Poll and No. 2 in the Coaches' Poll, just one vote behind OU, but the computers had no interest in the SEC champs. Only one computer ranked Florida No. 2, one had the Gators third, and three had Florida fourth. One computer, the Massey formula, actually had the Gators fifth.

3. Alabama was a solid No. 4. That means in a Plus One format, it would be Oklahoma vs. Alabama and Florida vs. Texas. USC wasn't all that close to moving up to No. 4, and Alabama wasn't anywhere near challenging Texas for the No. 3 spot.

4. The Boise State vs. Ohio State debate will live on. Boise State earned the No. 9 spot by a relatively big margin, but the Buckeyes got into the BCS from the No. 10 spot.

5. The biggest loser, by far, was Ball State, who plummeted from No. 12 overall to No. 22 after losing to Buffalo. The Massey and Sagarin formulas didn't even have the Cardinals in the top 25, and the Anderson & Hester formula had them 25th.

6. The computers disagreed wildly on ACC champion Virginia Tech. The Billingsley had the Hokies ranked 25th, while two formulas had them 16th.

7. Three Mountain West teams Utah (6), TCU (11) and BYU (16) were ranked in the top 16. Georgia Tech was the lone ACC team ranked in the top 16, USC was the lone Pac 10 team, and Cincinnati was the only Big East team higher than BYU. The Mountain West ended up getting as many teams in the top 16 as the SEC and had more than the Big Ten. Only the Big 12 had more.