Tuberville's Mom Says Son Was Fired
Was Tubberville Fired?
College Football News
Posted Dec 8, 2008

The mother of Tommy Tuberville says that her, "son was fired from Auburn University."

By: BE Coleman

Auburn, AL – The mother of Tommy Tuberville says that her, "son was fired from Auburn University." It is the same sentiment that many Tiger fans felt had actually happened.

Olive Tuberville told an Opelika News reporter that her son was actually fired, and disputed what the university press release stated had occurred.

Mrs. Tuberville was quoted in the newspaper, "He didn't resign, and he was fired."

Tuberville's mother would not respond to Associated Press inquiries on Monday, but did say that she had spoken to a reporter from the newspaper.

It was felt Tuberville was asked to step down as had Phillip Fulmer at Tennessee when the announcement was made. Tuberville was almost shooed out the door when program officials planned to make secret a hire of Bobby Petrino behind his back in 2003.

He responded by taking Auburn to the SEC Championship that culminated with an undefeated season. His team was penalized by the BCS due to scheduling by the program officials for scheduling teams like the Citadel and Louisiana Monroe.

The coach's mother said, "I'm sick of this mess. I'm not going discuss it anymore," he's at an age where something could happen to him," said Mrs. Tuberville.

"Heart problems are all through my family. I didn't want him getting stressed out. This has got to hurt — as much as he's put into the program and done for the program."

"This went on too long," said his mother. "They had their minds made up days ago, I imagine. It was tough. He didn't know what to expect. All of his friends have stayed with him."

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