Phillip Fulmer Accepts Position With UT
FUlmer Home For Holidays
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Posted Dec 8, 2008

Phillip Fulmer has decided that he will not go back into the coaching profession right now.

By: BE Coleman

Knoxville, TN – Phillip Fulmer has decided that he will not go back into the coaching profession right now. The former head football coach will stay at UT for the holidays.

Fulmer has been hired as a Special Assistant to UT university president Dr. John Peterson it was announced late Monday afternoon.

Fulmer has accepted a limited duration appointment effective December 1, 2008 through February 28, 2009 with Tennessee.

"Phillip Fulmer is a UT icon and a wonderful ambassador. Over his long career with the University he has developed a vast network of contacts, made invaluable relationships with alumni and UT supporters, and done extensive work with development.

I look forward to having him assist with further developing and enhancing strategic relationships for the University," UT President John Petersen said.

"I am not yet certain what the future holds for my career, but I'll always support my alma mater, and I appreciate the opportunity to help the University out now," Fulmer added.

The 3 month appointment calls for a rate of pay of $12,500 per month, to be funded by private dollars. Fulmer also will receive employment benefits as provided other full-time UT employees.

It is a win - win deal for the university as a whole and the football program to have Fulmer decide to accept the position. Fulmer had went to the SEC Championship Saturday and sat among the University of Alabama contingency.

Former Tennessee AD Doug Dickey was also present, dressed in a black suite with orange tie and as Dickey pointed out; these decisions are not personal ones, but are complicated due to the closeness of the Volunteer administration.

Fulmer will now embark upon his 29th year with the university in January, dating back to 1980 when he first took a full time coaching position. Fulmer sent notes of thanks to some members of the Tennessee Sports Media Family.

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