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Jackson Denies Chizik Hiring
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Posted Dec 13, 2008

Auburn officials were asked point blank Saturday if Chizik was the selection, but replied, "Nope, we're still in the process."

By: BE Coleman

Auburn, AL – New stories have broken that Auburn has hired a believe it or not selection of Gene Chizik from Iowa State. Several newspapers in Alabama are reporting that Auburn hired Chizik who led the Cyclones to a two year 5-19 record.

ESPN has picked up those stories and began reporting Chizik has been hired, but there is a slight hitch, the Auburn Administration is denying the hiring as of late Saturday afternoon.

There was flight, or two that met in Memphis, Tennessee to meet with Chizik and his agent Jimmy Sexton. When the AU contingency made up of President Dr. Jay Gogue, and associate athletic directors Tim Jackson and Mark Richard arrived back in Auburn, they said no hire has been made.

Jacobs was asked point blank if Chizik was the selection, but replied, "Nope, we're still in the process." While Jacobs was busy denying the reports, news sources had stated things differently of the Cyclones .192% winning percentage coach.

Sources close to the Cyclones camp said Chizik was told he had to make a decision before Friday night in order to meet in Memphis on Saturday morning.

Chizik was spotted by sources at the Des Moines International Airport very early Saturday morning, before a Quad-Cities flight bound for Memphis took off.

But in Auburn, Jacobs continued saying, We're just still processing right now, a lot of things going on." It was known that Chizik and his family went to Texas to interview for the job.

The news brought more student protests against the Auburn administration who were heckled at the airport upon their return flight for making this selection, if its confirmed true on Monday.

Later on Saturday, Iowa AD Jamie Pollard disputed the claims of Jacobs by saying Chizik had told him he would be taking the Auburn coaching position.

"I'm disappointed for our Iowa State fans and student-athletes that he has chosen to leave our program after only two seasons," Pollard stated.

Auburn is feeling great pressure after Tennessee and Mississippi State made high profile hiring's with Lane Kiffin and Dan Mullen. News that Tommy Tuberville had actually been fired – forced out, had leaked last week.

Iowa State finished 2-10 overall in 2008, and 0-8 against the Big 12 this season.

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