Daily Whimsy (12/29) - The First Mock Draft
Georgia QB Matthew Stafford
Georgia QB Matthew Stafford
Posted Dec 29, 2008

The first 2009 NFL Mock Draft in the December 29th Daily Whimsy.

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The First Mock Draft ... Dec. 29

a.k.a. Frank Costanza's Festivus Airing of the Grievances OR ... The obvious attempt to keep readers coming to the site on a regular basis during the off-season.
By Pete Fiutak   
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"I joined the Army because my father and my brother were in the Army. I thought I'd better join before I got drafted." ... Because I have to, and because it's sort of fun, ladies and germs, the first ten picks in the 2009 NFL Draft. Now there's no need to go through the whole rigmarole for the next four months.

1. Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia
It’ll be a toss-up between Stafford and Sam Bradford, Bradford or Stafford for weeks. It’ll be the talk of the radio shows, articles, features, and profiles. In the end, the Lions will take the bigger arm and the more polished NFL passer.

2. St. Louis Rams – Andre Smith, OT Alabama
There will be a big, big push to take the quarterback that isn’t taken with the No. 1, and then the Rams will likely end up going with the cornerstone tackle to replace the continually injured Orlando Pace. The Rams will be rebuilding from the lines out.

3. Kansas City Chiefs – Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
No, Tyler Thigpen isn’t the answer. The franchise will be wiping the slate clean and will start all over. Going with Bradford will be the first step back. If he’s gone, the Chiefs will go back to what was so successful in the past by building up the line with Smith.

4. Seattle Seahawks – Chris Wells, RB Ohio State
The team needs offensive playmakers. A star receiver like Michael Crabtree would be nice, but if there’s anything left in Matt Hasselbeck, and with the defense to be addressed later, the Seahawks need a franchise back to be the face of the team.

5. Cleveland Browns – Aaron Curry, LB Wake Forest
If it really is Bill Cowher who comes in and takes over, everything begins with the defense. If it’s not with Cowher, everything begins with the defense. There are a slew of fantastic defensive players on the board, and Curry would be the one to build around.

6. Cincinnati Bengals – Malcolm Jenkins, CB Ohio State
The Bengal offense should bounce back once Carson Palmer is healthy and once the receiver situation is settled, so the Bengals need to find defensive playmakers. Brian Orakpo would be an option, but a lock-down corner might work out better.

7. Oakland Raiders – Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech
Offensive tackle is the must, but JaMarcus Russell needs a No. 1 target to throw to. While Crabtree might not be the burner that Al Davis likes, he’s a must-have for an offense that would suddenly look dangerous with Darren McFadden running it and the two-time Biletikoff winner being the new receiving threat.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars – Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss
One bad, disappointing year, and the roof is caving in. The Jaguars need an upgrade on the offensive front and will likely go with either Oher, Virginia’s Eugene Monroe, or Baylor OT Jason Smith.

9. Green Bay Packers – Brian Orakpo, DE Texas
The Packers aren’t all that far away from being back among the living, and the defense should be able to get a big boost from one of the several good players that’ll bring nice value here. If you have a chance to take a top-shelf pass rusher, you do it.

10. San Francisco 49ers – Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia
It’ll be either Orakpo to beef up the pass rush or the top offensive tackle left among Oher, Monroe, or Jason Smith. The offense needs a far stronger offensive front, and Monroe is a franchise cornerstone who’ll be part of the program for the next ten years.