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2009 Fiesta Bowl Stream-of-Conciousness Notes
Texas WR Quan Cosby
Texas WR Quan Cosby
Posted Jan 5, 2009

A legendary comeback win for Colt McCoy and Texas. Redemption for the much-maligned Ohio State program. Yeah, this was one amazing game with an all-timer of an ending. Check out Fiu's quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the Longhorns' heart-stopping win over the Buckeyes in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl.

Fiu's Stream of Consciousness Notes

2009 Fiesta Bowl – Texas vs. Ohio State

By Pete Fiutak
Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 


- Ohio State … in Glendale …. AAAAHHHHHHHCCK … YEAAHHHHAAHAACK! (I go run and hide in my happy place under the piano). Flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks … the horror, the horror.

- I’m sorry, but it’s Texas and Ohio State. I need Brent Musburger yelling … “YOU ARE LOOKING LIIIIVE … It’s the Buck-aiiiis and The Major and the Longhorns.” Yes, I demand that Colt now be called The Major.

- Colt McCoy has every passing record in the school’s history … oooooh, who’d he beat out? Peter Gardere? James Street? Rick McIver?

- If I’m there and I’m a Texas fan, I start chanting “S-E-C … S-E-C” just to make the Buckeyes wet themselves.

- Several Texas types have been telling me for the last few weeks that this is going to be an ugly blowout. Apparently, this is a really ticked off, really focused group that has an attitude rarely seen around those parts. I still think Ohio State is going to make this a great game, but I’m too scarred to actually pick the upset. The difference? Watch for the Ohio State offensive line to have a nightmare of a time with Brian Orakpo.

- Tostitos suck.

First Quarter

Ohio State
on its own 26
- Todd Boeckman is under center and Terrelle Pryor is lined up wide. Boeckman throws for a first down on his first pass to Brian Robiskie, but Texas will lick its chops all night long if Boeckman is back there.
 - “Hey, what do I look like to you?” “A sitting duck.”
- Pryor under center now. Beanie Wells for no gain, misfire on second down.
- Oh dear lord … Alex Boone has to grab Orakpo for a holding call. This is going to be a long, lonnnnng night for No. 75.
- Pryor takes off looking very, very Vince-like.
- Did Pryor run out of bounds short of the first down? He could’ve turned up field and made it easily … total rookie mistake.
- Substitution penalty. That’s two penalties on the opening drive. OSU can’t make those mistakes and hope to get through this without getting blown out.
- Boeckman goes deep and just missed. Ohio State apparently doesn’t believe in Pryor to pull this off.
- Nice, nice punt from A.J. Trapasso. He’s a weapon who doesn’t get enough credit.

Texas on its own 11
- Texas comes out running with Chris Ogbonnaya. The left side of the UT line collapsed the right side of the OSU D line on the first play.
- Three and out? We’re five minutes in and Ohio State isn’t getting blown out? Oh happy day.

Ohio State on its own 26
- Either go with Boeckman for a drive and then Pryor, or stick with one guy the whole game. To keep going back and forth like this basically says to Texas, “We can’t beat you straight up.”
- Pryor is so smooth. He effortlessly gets outside and throws a strike to a wide open Brian Robiskie.
- And he does the same thing on the other side with a nice pass and a better catch from DeVier Posey.
- Texas has to tighten up at corner when Pryor is in the game. Take a chance that the deep passing game isn’t necessarily going to work. At the moment, there’s way too much of a cushion.
- All week I was going back and forth with UT fans about Beanie’s speed. Longhorn fans, he’s not Ron Dayne. He has a far, far quicker burst and can tear off 20 yards in chunks.
- Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohio State had better figure something else out against Orakpo in a big, BIG hurry. He blew past Alex Boone before he could get up out of his stance. That sound you hear is a cash register.

- “And with the 214th pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select, Alex Boone, offensive tackle, Ohio State.”
- Sergio Kindle just blasted through the Buckeye line to force Pryor to eat the ball. This UT D can really, really move.
- A 50-yard field goal attempt from Aaron Pettrey … he’ll nail this. He’s got the long range leg …
- … good. That was a blast.
- Oh, no OSU, I’m not fooled. We’ve seen you do this before.

Ohio State 3 … Texas 0

Texas on its own 21
- Texas needs to come up with one positive play and get into a rhythm. When the snowball starts rolling for McCoy, it doesn’t stop.
- Nice play by Quan Cosby for a first down … and now things are moving.
- Why, why, why? McCoy is going to complete 78% of his passes tonight. You get two nice pass plays in a row, and things come to a screeching halt with a running play that goes right into the teeth of the OSU linebacking corps.
- Of course, when you have a quarterback like McCoy, you make the third down play.
- That’s not going to work. Ohio State will take its chances all game long against McCoy running the option.
- That’s not going to work. McCoy will take his chances all game long against the Ohio State blitz.
- OSU is doing a good job of forcing third down plays. As good as McCoy is, there will be just enough misfires on third down if this keeps happening.
- McCoy makes the pass to Jordan Shipley, but not for the first down.
- The rugby punting style seems to be better

Ohio State on its own 20
- I’ll admit it. I have a non-sexual man-crush on Beanie. When he gets a hole, he’s gone for 15+ yards. However, I’m not sold that he can last more than ten minutes in the NFL without getting hurt. But when he’s healthy …
- I’ll admit it. I have a non-sexual man-crush on Orakpo. There’s the first play that Boone got the upper hand.
- Pryor, STOP RUNNING OUT OF BOUNDS. He had at least another ten yards to pick up after dancing past the swarming UT pass rush and he Francoed it out of bounds.
- This is a dream first quarter for OSU, but it’s still just 3-0. McCoy and UT will eventually come up with a 1:39 scoring drive.
- Boeckman has stayed on the bench.
- 3rd and 10. Pryor takes off and almost gets it, but very quickly, Texas is adjusting. There’s no reason whatsoever to worry about the pass at the moment with Pryor in on third and long.
- Pettrey again, this time from 51 … he’ll nail this …
- … “not enough this time” according to Matt Vasgersian. That’s the equivalent of the “juuuuuust a bit outside.” The hold never got down and Pettrey kicked it almost 90-degrees to the left.

Texas on its own 34
- What a freakin’ throw from McCoy. To all the scouts out there questioning McCoy at the next level, watch this play. With a man in his face, he steps up into his throw and fires it about 35 yards across the field for the first down and a 13-yard gain. If you can do that on a regular basis, you can make a lot of money in the NFL.
- Quan Cosby is making some nice plays on his own.
- Ohio State owned this first quarter and it’s just 3-0.
- Bad break for UT. It was getting into a groove as the quarter ended.

First Quarter Score: Ohio State 3 … Texas 0

Second Quarter

- 2nd and one for UT on the OSU 31 …
- First down. Tim Green is praising the Ohio State defense, meanwhile, it’s getting marched on.
- However, the OSU pass rush is starting to work. The pressure isn’t getting to McCoy, but it’s making him get rid of the ball a bit earlier than he’d like. The bubble screens aren’t working.
- McCoy gets erased by three Buckeyes, but not before he connects with Cosby coming across the field. Malcolm Jenkins didn’t exactly look like a top five pick on the play.
- The OSU secondary is doing just enough to allow the pass rush to work. McCoy rolled on a long developing play that was stuffed because no one was open.
- OSU is sniffing out the running plays. Nothing has worked up the middle.
- That end of the quarter time out really seemed to hurt. Texas doesn’t have the same flow.
- 3rd and goal from the 18 and McCoy had to take the close throw to get better position. Nice stop for OSU.
- Broken record time, but again, for all the big things OSU was able to do in the first quarter, now it’s 3-3.

Ohio State 3 … Texas 3

Ohio State on its own 21
- Why doesn’t this game feel like a big deal? It’s Texas vs. Ohio State and there seemed to be a bigger buzz during the International Bowl.
- Not to keep the back rubs going with Beanie, but the guy is able to bounce his way through traffic so well and make something positive.
- HOW DID THAT WORK? Orakpo was breathing down Pryor’s neck, he threw a scary-looking floater of a pass to Beanie, and it went for 20 yards.
- Beanie appears to be gassed.
- OSU is milking the clock and doing a terrific job of keeping UT off the field, but that only works if the drives end in points.
- Pryor hits Posey for a first down on 3rd and four.
- Tick … tick … tick …
- OSU can’t do that. It’s now. 1st and 15. Texas and McCoy can make that up in a heartbeat. OSU and Pryor can’t.
- 7:40 to go … tick …tick … tick …
- I know, get a room, and this is an awful comparison considering what happened, but Beanie reminds me of a slightly-slower-pre-injury Ki-Jana Carter. He’s having a terrific game.
- OSU isn’t running Pryor by design. The running is being left to the backs.
- Yeeeeeeeesh. Almost every quarterback in America outside of Pat White gets stopped for a 15-yard sack. He blows past Roy Miller and the UT pass rush to bounce to the outside for a tremendous first down run to get down to the seven.
- Tick … tick … tick …
- ANOTHER false start. That could be the difference between a field goal and a TD.
- Boeckman under center … why?! Pryor is playing really well, and if you’re going to change it up, then at least make a throw into the end zone on third down.
- Field goal.
- Gatorade did the impossible and made a product for dorks. Whatever this G thing is, this ad is for nerds.
- Am I supposed to get all misty because Muhammad Ali is in an ad? Atlanta was 1996.

Ohio State 6 … Texas 3

Texas on its own 23
- AGAIN, OSU has owned this game and it’s just 6-3. If you remember, this was the way the first part of the USC game went, and then the floodgates opened.
- Yuck … Shaun Lane is being carted off the field with concern with a neck injury. That didn’t look good.
- To be totally crass and get back to the football game, the long delay should keep Texas cold. McCoy has been on the sidelines, by my unofficial guess, for at least 20 minutes of real time.
- Yup … McCoy and this offense isn’t quite on. James Laurinaitis is having something to do with this, but this isn’t the Texas of the second half of the year.
- And then McCoy does that. He has time, steps into his throw, and zips a strike to Shipley …
- … and first another to Cosby. McCoy is nuts if he stays for his senior year.
- 4:24 to go.
- False start on UT.
- Didn’t the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl logo used to take up the entire field? Seriously, I seem to remember it going from the 35 to the 35. Now it’s a mere 12 yards long.
- Texas has completely abandoned the running game. Smart. When you have Colt McCoy, you let him throw the ball all he wants.
- McCoy isn’t running at all. He’s not even looking to run. He always seems to be at his best when he’s able to mix things up a bit and get on the move. It’s almost like he needs to get popped around a bit before he gets on a roll.
- Quick pass making it 4th and seven on the OSU 38. Shipley might be the main man, but Cosby is having the better night …
- And boom goes the dynamite.
- Jailbreak. Laurinaitis and Thaddeus Gibson tear down McCoy for a big sack.
- Ha … great catch. On the 19th shot of the McCoy family (is that a hot blonde girlfriend or sister ... either way …) a woman behind them had a laughing look on her face like “yeeeeesh!” Meanwhile, the McCoy family had a collective “what the fudge?” look.

Ohio on its own 48
- OSU has to run out the clock, if nothing else, the offense has to run out the clock and end the half.
- DON’T GO FOR THE JUGULAR. Just run the regular offense and try to get into field goal range. Bad things happen to OSU when it tries to do too much. Two words: Rey Maualuga.
- Boeckman goes for the home run and doesn’t come close.
- 1:08 to go and this drive isn’t going anywhere. 3rd and ten from midfield; this is going to be a Pryor run.
- Nice defensive call. Texas isn’t getting to Pryor with the linebackers or the linemen, so Will Muschamp send the faster Blake Gideon and blows up the third down play.
- Someone needs to be fired if Shipley is allowed to return this punt.

Texas on its own 7
- Normally, you’d just take a knee and get out down three, but Texas will probably wing it. I know McCoy can march the offense in :56, but it’s only 6-3, UT gets the ball to start the second half, and the chance of actually generating points off this is miniscule …
- … and then comes a dumb penalty on a blow to the head on a roughing the passer call, and now Texas is in business …
- … and then McCoy throws a PERFECT pass to Ogbonnaya for a huge gain. Unbelievable. :22 to go and UT is on the OSU 23. Now, of course, you have to find a way to score a touchdown. Do that, and you rip the heart out of OSU by unraveling all the great things OSU did so far.
- I say this every game; if you’re OSU, take a time out. You have two left, the D is getting gassed, and you need to bust up the groove McCoy is in.
- No (bleeping) way. McCoy makes the biggest mistake he has made all year. He was under pressure and threw a horrendous pass that floated into the hands of Anderson Russell.
- Cut to McCoy family looking like someone just farted.

First Half Score: Ohio State 6 … Texas 3

Third Quarter
Texas on its own 20
- According to my man Chris Myers, Mack Brown said the offense needs to start running the ball up the middle more. Good luck with that, Horns. Let McCoy keep chucking it.
- Texas is off. Way off. Give credit to OSU for part of that, but the timing just isn’t there. Remember this for Thursday night. Long layoffs tend to screw up great offenses.
- McCoy needs to recalibrate the gun. He’s sailing too many of his throws.
- Pass interference on Chimdi Chekwa. Good call, and a killer for an OSU defense that came this close to getting the stop.
- Great point by Vasgersian; McCoy isn’t even looking anyone covered by Jenkins.
- Finally, McCoy gets on the move, but that was to save his neck. The OSU defensive front is getting a shockingly steady push.
- Donald Washington is down hurt. OSU can’t afford to lose him considering Lane is already out (Lane is reportedly fine).
- Is that Brodie Croyle in the insane mom unused minutes ad?
- Again, the option isn’t going to work on this linebacking corps.
- Uhhhhh, wake up Vasgersian. Texas faked the punt on 4th and two and he sounds like he’s talking about a chili recipe.
- First down Longhorns. OSU had that sniffed out, but the Texas O line got a great push.
- Does Laurinaitis have a bazillion tackles? It appears OSU is going to let McCoy do whatever he wants to underneath and let the linebacking corps clean everything up.
- 3rd and three … GREAT tackle by Chekwa. Shipley had the ball just shot of a first down and Chekwa held it up a yard short.
- If you’re going to fake it on a punt, you go for it on 4th and 1 …
- … Cody Johnson has the first down. Nine minutes to play and OSU hasn’t gotten the ball yet.
- ANOTHER roughing the passer call on Thaddeus Gibson on a blow to the head.
- BULL SPIT … BULLLLL SPITTTTT! Gibson popped McCoy and it looked like a shot to the coconut, but it wasn’t. If you’re going to have replay, why not be able to use it on plays like this, too?
- And McCoy takes advantage with a nice touchdown run thanks to a tremendous block from Cosby. OSU dominated this game and now it’s losing. It even came up with good plays from the defense on that last drive, but it still turned into a 15-play scoring drive for UT.
- And the McCoy family is happy again. Awwwwww.

Texas 10 … Ohio State 6

Ohio State on its own 31
- I’ll call it … if OSU doesn’t score on this drive, it’s over. The Texas offense was working on the last two drives, and now it finally appears to be back to form … somewhat. McCoy is struggling a bit, but it just goes to show how great he is to keep making plays and to keep the game alive even when everything is going well.
- At the immediate moment, Texas isn’t looking like a team that got royally screwed in the national title debate.
- 3rd and four. To go into cookie-cutter announcer mode here, this is the biggest play of the game.
- What? There hasn’t been a lot there for the running game according to Tim Green? Doesn’t Beanie have 100+ yards?
- Dropped pass. Three and out. Now OSU is in big, big trouble.
- That worked. If there was a Taco Bell next to my house, I’d do a dead sprint to it right now and grab a few products. Rarely does the timing of a billboard placement work so well.

Texas on its own 17
- Ohio State’s D has played a great game, and now it’s slowing down. This is a fast defense that isn’t flying around nearly as much as it did in the first half.
- McCoy is back. Two nice throws, the OSU pass rush is cashed and …
- … third nice throw. Cosby is having himself a game.
- Intentional grounding on McCoy, and it wasn’t close. The pass rush is back.
- 3rd and 28 and Texas just runs it. Big-time comeback for the Buckeye D that seemed revitalized on one big play.

Ohio State on its own 47
- Maurice Wells in for Beanie for a break.
- Three and out.

Texas on its own 15
- Finally, Texas gets some production up the middle. Ogbonnaya finds a little room and rips off eight yards. Again, OSU is starting to appear a bit fatigued.
- Yup … OSU is gassed. The defense is having a hard time with the no huddle with a too many men on the field penalty.
- Again. CALL A TIME OUT. Texas is on the ten, OSU is on its heels, and the defense isn’t even getting set. A touchdown is coming either this play or next because the D is completely lost …
- … touchdown. It makes absolutely no sense. Your D is getting flagged because the personnel can’t get on and off the field, you’re getting nailed for offsides because you can’t get set, and now you give up a touchdown to Cosby. When the offense is grooving, you’ve got to do something to take a mini-break.

Texas 17 … Ohio State 6

Ohio State on its own 27
- Oh no!!! … It’s happening again!
- Now, the strategy of the first half backfired. You can’t just go from stall ball to comeback mode by flipping a switch.
- If you were going with Boeckman before to get the passing game going, then why not do it now? Brian Robiskie? Brian Hartline? They’re on milk cartons.

Third Quarter Score: Texas 17 … Ohio State 6

Fourth Quarter

- Three quarters and no shots of Matthew McConaughey yet. This won’t last.
- 3rd and 13 and Boeckman is in.
- Tremendous, unbelievable highlight reel grab by Robiskie, but Ohio State caught a huge break not getting flagged for a hold on Orakpo. Now the O is down to the 29.
- Green: “Robiskie is faster than he gets credit for.” Uhhhhh, isn’t he a sprinter for the OSU track team?
- Beanie has been held in check. Obviously, halftime was all about figuring out how to stop him.
- Pryor has to learn when to use his wheels. He could’ve run for a first down on 3rd and 8 but almost got picked off.
- 43-yard kick from Pettrey. Good.

Texas 17 … Ohio State 9

Texas on its own 21
- I’ll take my chances against Darryl Dawkins and Vlade Divac on the other team. Just start running and watch the old guys get sick of playing.
- Now things have changed around. Ohio State needs to find the energy to come up with one big stop, and it had better be a quick one with the way the D is tiring.
- The option sort of worked on the outside with the tired back seven failing to get in position. And then McCoy and Shipley connected on a third down pass.
- My kingdom for a downfield throw.
- McCoy fumbled the ball, it was sitting on the turf for an hour and a half, and Vasgersian barely yawned.
- 2nd and 18 and OSU gets a HUGE break. Texas has to call a time out to avoid a delay of game call.
- This is as much rest as OSU is going to get. It needs to use all its energy on this play.
- REPLAY THAT. Malcolm Williams looked like he caught that …
- … the deep ball down to the one just barely missed. Williams stepped out just as he caught it. Green dogs McCoy’s throw, but it wasn’t all that bad. It beat Jenkins.
- OSU got its stop. Now the offense has to take the air out of the ball for a long drive. With just over ten minutes left, there’s time for a few more drives but the defense needs a break.
- When will everyone learn that the rugby style punts don’t really work when you’re trying to pin the ball deep?

Ohio State on its own 20
- Pryor throws a duck and Robiskie dives back and makes a big catch, but that has to be reviewed. That might have been a trap …
- Yup. Being reviewed.
- It’s a great catch.
- Pryor slides his way for a first down … Beanie is out. It seems like it might be a concussion.
- It’s the Pryor show now. Basically, the coaching staff has said, “Terrelle, here’s the ball. Start running.”
- Boeckman is back on the field. Pryor needs a breath.
- It’s 3rd and 12, but the offense has done its job with a long drive. The D has been on the sidelines for 12 minutes of real time.
- Ooooh. Texas had the stop and came up with a bad, bad pass interference call.
- Mack Brown is screaming that it’s uncatchable, but that’s because Robiskie was held …
- … and Ryan Palmer got nailed with an unsportsmanlike penalty call.
- Ohio State fans, if I told you before the game it would be 17-9 with just under eight minutes to play and the Buckeyes would have it 1st and goal on the seven, would you have taken it?
- Wow … Green called it. He said it would be a fade to Pryor, and Robiskie throws a perfect fade to Pryor for a touchdown.
- But Pryor is under pressure and bounce passes the two point conversion.

Texas 17 … Ohio State 15

Texas on its own 20
- 7:20 to go. OHHHHHHH. McCoy almost got pick-sixed by Donald Washington.
- The OSU D appears to be revitalized. It’s now 3rd and 7 with all the momentum on the Buckeye side of the field.
- If nothing else, this will stop talk about winning a dopey AP national title.
- Three and out? McCoy had a bad drive misfiring on his throws. That drive lasted less than a minute.
- While everything is going OSU’s way, Pryor seems way, way overdue to turn the ball over.

Ohio State on its own 27
- Does OSU have a little respect back? No matter what happens the rest of the way, this game was redemption to the program’s reputation.
- Beanie still on the sideline. Dan Herron is running the ball.
- That was almost it. Pryor put the ball on the ground and almost gave the ball away.
- Talk about redemption, Boeckman just got it on a big pass to Jake Ballard for a long first down on 2nd and 18.
- The Texas D now appears to be gassed. Orakpo and the pass rush now is non-existent.
- Boeckman for game MVP if OSU wins this? He gets erased by Orakpo and still throws a strike to Robiskie.
- Three minutes to play and the Texas D is on its heels. As a fan, I want to see Ohio State get into the end zone with two minutes left on the clock to see McCoy be able to do his thing with everything on the line.
- Be careful for what you wish for … Herron finds an opening and has a wide open run for a touchdown. 21-17 and … and … NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!! You don’t go for two here!?!! If Texas gets a touchdown, you win on a field goal if you kick the extra point now! If you miss and Texas gets a touchdown, you can only tie on a field goal. Huge, massive, epic blunder if this goes to overtime.
- OSU goes for two, gets it, but Pryor should be flagged for a push off …
- … oooooh. Offsetting pass interference calls. OSU, try the same play. Texas can’t stop it.
- Pryor under center and misfired to Nicol. 

Ohio State 21 … Texas 17

Texas on its own 23
- McCoy has the ball. He’s 77 yards away. There’s just under two minutes to play. Yeah, this is cool.
- Cosby for a first down … OSU will allow McCoy to dink and dunk all day long.
- Huge hit by Anderson Russell on Cosby to prevent a big first down.
- 1:15 to play.
- McCoy scrambles. 1:07 to go.
- There’s nothing remotely open for McCoy deep.
- NICE strike to Brandon Collins for a 13-yard gain, and OSU was offsides.
- 1:03 to play. Someone wake up Vasgersian.
- Collins to the OSU 42. :51 to play.
- OSU is blitzing and the corners are coming up big.
- Russell appears to be cramping and is out.
- 3rd and 3. :47 left.
- OOOOOHHHHH. Almost picked off by Rob Rose. 4th and 3.
- How much are you dying right now if you’re an OSU fan?
- James Kirkendoll makes the catch right at the marker …
- … NOW how much are you dying if you’re an OSU fan?
- It seemed like a first down, but …
- … chains stretched …
- First down. It was a more than fair spot.
- :38 to play. Texas on the OSU 40.
- And you wanted Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.
- Buckeyes are challenging the spot, but it doesn’t look like it’s even close. Texas seems like it has this by a relative mile.
- Ruling on the field stands.
- If McCoy pulls this off, he’s becomes a true all-time legend.
- How does Collins find a soft spot like that next to Laurinaitis? First down on the OSU 26.
- McCoy finds Cosby, Cosby slips by Ross Homan and goes untouched for a score with :16 to play.
- DON’T CALL THAT NOW. Excessive celebration on Texas, and that’s huge. With Pettrey’s leg, two passes and he has a shot to force overtime. Again, HUGE gaffe by Tressel to go for two.
- Why does OSU, after all game long keeping everything in front of the secondary, screw up the coverage by changing things up?

Texas 24 … Ohio State 21

Ohio State on is own 45
- Uhhhh, Matt and Tim. You might want to point out that a 20 yard pass might mean overtime.
- Orakpo ends all of that. For all the good things that Boeckman did in this game, he shows why he was benched by taking a sack when he could do anything but take the sack. Now there’s five seconds to play, and now it’s over.
- Hail Mary isn’t close.
- If it’s possible to have a great loss, this is it for Ohio State. A legendary, unbelievable win for Texas.
- While Cosby is the player of the game, how many more Heisman votes would McCoy get if the voting was done now?
- Really, really amazing game. You’re up Oklahoma and Florida.

Final Score: Texas 24 … Ohio State 21