2009 BCS Champ. Stream-of-Conciousness Notes

Posted Jan 8, 2009

Florida won the national title 24-14 with timely takeaways, two big goal line stands, and the running of Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin. Check out Pete Fiutak's quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the 2009 BCS Championship - Florida vs. Oklahoma.

Fiu's Stream of Consciousness Notes

2009 BCS Championship – Florida vs. Oklahoma

By Pete Fiutak
Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 

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BCS Championship Game Notes ...
- 2nd Quarter | 3rd Quarter | 4th Quarter


- I'm officially sick of the hype for this game. Credit the BCS powers-that-be for creating a lighter version of the Super Bowl media atmosphere around the biggest game of the season, but blame the BCS powers-that-be for creating a lighter version of the Super Bowl media atmosphere around the biggest game of the season. I wish the season would end with a succession of games with the Rose and Orange on New Year's Day, the Sugar on the 2nd, the Fiesta on the 3rd, and the BCS Championship on the 4th. Even if the dates fall on a weekend, you could work the NFL playoff games into the afternoon and still have the big bowl game at night. That way, college football would take center stage for five days (including all the games on the 31st) in a smorgasbord of great matchups. As it stands now, I got a sense this week that there's some college football fatigue out there, as in "finally the bowl season is coming to an end." But putting out the BCS games this way, college football loses its attention with the sports world talking about the NFL playoffs, Carmelo Anthony, and baseball signings.

- No, I'm not in Miami. Two kids under five and the wife's birthday on national title day for the second time in three years mean I'm shoveling snow. I've been mocked all week long by my friends in the biz for not being around the action of Miami ... and rightly so. I'll be in Pasadena next year, but after ditching the wife on the big day for yet another college football game, I won't be bringing my cojones along for the ride.

- Originally, I thought this was a coin-flip game. I could see Oklahoma coming out and rocking with its offense, and I could see the Florida defense coming up with a big performance. After the way the Big 12 has struggled, and with the way the high-powered, precision offenses have sputtered out of the gate, I'm getting a sense that we should all be seeing the train coming ... Florida might win this and win this big. Yes, Oklahoma fans who keep yelling at me, I'll give all due respect to your boys if and when they win, but good defenses tend to stop great offenses in games like this. If I'm wrong, that'll mean OU will have bucked the trend this bowl season.

I'm dying. Everyone's tan. Everyone's hung over. Everyone you see on TV for the next 48 hours who are in Miami has lived it up big time. The media is fine with Glendale, tolerates Pasadena, and has a blast in New Orleans, but no one would have a problem if all championship games were held in San Diego or Miami. I got hit in the face with a -10 wind chill this morning and I wanted to cry.

- Take a look at the history of national championship games. When the talent level is even (take out the Florida State Sugar Bowl win over Michael Vick's Virginia Tech Hokies), and the better defense almost always beats the better offense. However, give me the top-shelf passing game the supposedly vaunted Florida secondary faced. Georgia? Maybe, but that's it. This Gator secondary is only a year removed from being lit up like a Christmas tree and it could be exposed as a fraud tonight.

- If Desmond Howard wasn't Desmond Howard, would he be within 100 miles of the GameDay set? He just called Juaquin Iglesias, Julio Iglesias.

- Lee Corso just called them the Alcoholma Sooners. 

- Count with me. Any time anyone uses the word leader, or some derivative of it, when referring to TimTebow (a one word caricature at this point). That's one.

- These are two of the cockiest teams I can ever remember dealing with. Oklahoma is really, really cocky with this offense. Florida isn't far behind.

- Chris Rose: "TimTebow is part gridiron guru, part Gahndi." (Heavy sigh) That's two.

- Vommmmmmitttttt. Vommmmmittttt. Wrreettttttch. Cough. Cough. Wait, it's coming back again ... oh God, vonmmmmmitttttttttt. Fox just did a piece of great speeches with John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and TimTebow. I know it's partly tongue-in-cheek, but people actually believe this garbage. That's three.

- Eddie George: "The man walks up and down the sidelines with face paint." TimTebow isn't a warrior; he's messy. This whole segment counts as No. 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 TimTebow leader mentions.

- Two of the biggest positives out of Fox broadcasts. There will always be shots of hot chicks in the crowd, and the cameras always seem to find the ultra-fat band guy trying to keep up the pace.

- In the biggest stunner of the night so far, take a guess what song the Pride of Oklahoma marching band is playing? Oklahoma!

- (I kid because I love ... Charles Davis might be the nicest guy ever) ... Davis: "(TimTebow) wills his team to wins" and "can Sam Bradford beat Superman?" That's nine and ten.

- Is it wrong to be hot for a gospel artist singing the national anthem? No, unless she can't sing the National Anthem.

- That American flag is covering up the FedEx logo!!! That American flag is covering up the FedEx logo!!! Make good!!! Make good!!!

- Oklahoma coming out pumped up for a BCS game. I've seen this movie over the last few years. The ending sucks.

- Florida should've brought out Matt Leinart as its honorary captain. Oklahoma should've brought out Tommie Frazier.

First Quarter

Oklahoma on its own 23
- And here we go ... we'll know right away if OU's O has it. Come out pounding, OU. Use that nasty offensive line to set the tone.
- 14:53 left in the first quarter and Oklahoma still hasn't scored. Ahhh!!! Panic!!!
- Brandon Spikes meets Chris Brown with an attitude on the first play.
- Manuel Johnson makes a nice grab on a great throw form Bradford for the first down.
- 14:11 left in the first quarter and Oklahoma still hasn't scored.
- Play is being reviewed. It looked like Johnson made the catch. If nothing else, Bradford sent a message on the first play that he's not afraid to go at Joe Haden.
- Thom Brennaman congratulates no one in particular on the first African-American referee for a BCS Championship game. Haven't there only been three of these games?
- Ooooohhhh ho ho ... WOW. You could see that hit coming from ten miles away. Major Wright destroys Johnson on a huge hit. Did Wright lead with his head? These types of hits maim and they need to be eliminated. Lead with your shoulder, fine. Helmet, get tossed.
- Florida is popping big-time early on.
- Again, and I'm going to keep harping on this. The high-octane offenses aren't clicking early throughout the bowl season when going against the top defenses. Bradford is getting time, but it's not working early on ...
- ... and then Bradford throws a dart to Iglesias for the first down.
- 12:58 left in the first quarter and OU still hasn't scored ... throw it! Throw it! Panic! Throw it! Try for a 62-point touchdown on the first drive (hyperventilating) ack! Ack!
- No Florida is getting pressure. One big sack from Brandon Hicks and it's 3rd and 24. Charlie Strong will bring the linebackers all game long to blow past the big tackles. Hicks looks like he was shot out of a cannon.
- OU isn't even thinking about running the ball. This is a huge mistake even though this first drive is working.

Florida on its own 20
- TimTebow's first throw is dropped by Jeffrey Demps. TimTebow must not have fired up Demps enough.
- 3rd and eight. OU will be more than happy to see TimTebow run it all he wants.
- 11:10 to play in the first quarter and OU still hasn't scored. THROW IT! THROW IT!
- TimTebow hits Percy Harvin with a strike. Harvin looks more than fine for the first down, but he probably has about ten real cuts in that ankle until the pain killers wear off.
- Brandon James takes a dump off pass for a first down. He only made the play because TimTebow is wearing inspirational eye-black.
- 3rd and inches at midfield. The world knows what's coming ... throw it deep and don't be afraid to go for it on fourth down. Have faith in your D.
- Of course, TimTebow gets the first down by willing his way for a foot.
- Two TimTebow is Superman calls ... 11 and 12.
- If nothing else, this drive is taking a while in real time. The long the OU offense is on the bench ...
- Nic Harris changes all of that. I'm the only person in America who believes TimTebow is a real pro prospect, but he has to prove he can drive that out throw better than that. Harris had a nice break, but he also was able to read it an hour and a half in advance.
- But Harris didn't score. Where are all the OU points? ... THROW IT!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THROW IT!!!

Oklahoma on its own 45
- Fox is allowing you to see the game from six different cameras on its webcast. No. There's no Freddie Bauer drop-the-change cam.
- Here's the big problem with running the hurry-up against Florida ... Florida's defense is faster and in better shape than Oklahoma's offense.
- The left side of the line is erasing the Florida D line.
- For those of you at home, Bob Stoops is saying "bull spit" on the personal foul call on Duke Robinson. Bull spit.
- Oh come on ... that is a bull(bleep) call. You don't throw a flag on a play like that.
- Bradford runs a version of the spread option and Florida doesn't bother to go for the fake. Bradford is hardly Jamelle Holieway ... THROW IT!!!! SCORE!!! YOU HAVEN'T HIT 60 YET!!!
- Sort of like the old school Dallas Cowboy offensive line when it would set up, stand up
- What a freakin' throw by Bradford to connect with Jermaine Gresham. Somewhere, Calvin Johnson is glued to the TV.
- Who did Duke Robinson tick off? Holding call to negate the great throw.
- Yup ... that's a hold.
- Again ... high-octane offenses don't quite click in big games like this early on. I'm sorry to keep saying this, but OU is nuts to abandon the running game.
- One thing has been made crystal clear. Oklahoma didn't learn a damn thing from the bowl season and the history of national title games.
- Great punt by Mike Knall ... but WHY DIDN'T HE THROW IT!!! SCORE OU, SCORE!!!

Florida on its own 15
- The clown car of Florida running backs keeps churning them out. Now it's Emmanuel Moody's turn.
- It's not like Florida has shown a thing on offense so far. It seems like OU isn't the slightest bit worried about the deep ball.
- Florida had better get the running game going in a hurry or there will be problems.
- TimTebow circumcises the OU defense with a big throw to Aaron Hernandez for a first down.
- Florida had better keep using Harvin early on because that ankle isn't going to last after the first half.
- 2:40 to go in the first quarter and Oklahoma still hasn't scored.
- Tebow blows his way through OU for a first down.
- Brennaman: "The passion, the fire of Tebow. The unquestioned greatest leader in college football today. What an incredible player and a more impressive young man." That's gold, Jerry, gold. 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16.
- Colt McCoy, Pat White, Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Brian Johnson ... they can't lead ... nooooooo. Neither can Brandon Spikes.
- Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy ... Brennaman: "In such a cynical and sarcastic society, often times looking for the negative on anybody and anything, if you're fortunate enough to spend five minutes or 20 minutes around TimTebow, your life is better for it. Time out on the field."

(Pause so I can catch my breath. I need to get up and walk this one off. Whoooo. Smelling salts. Quick. That one caught me.)

- 17, 18, and 19.
- Again, OU's defense is playing extremely well. It's not like Florida's cutesy little spread thing is doing much of anything.
- OU is blanketing the Florida wideouts and MLB Mike Balogun can't handle Hernandez. That's how Texas won, by exploiting the middle of the field when Ryan Reynolds got knocked out with a knee injury.
- Great first quarter, even if there are a few goose eggs on the board.

First Quarter Score: Florida 0 - Oklahoma 0

BCS Championship Game Notes ...
- 2nd Quarter | 3rd Quarter | 4th Quarter