2009 BCS Champ. SOC Notes - 2nd Quarter
Oklahoma WR Manuel Johnson
Oklahoma WR Manuel Johnson
Posted Jan 8, 2009

A quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the 2nd Quarter of the 2009 BCS Championship - Florida vs. Oklahoma

Fiu's Stream of Consciousness Notes

2009 BCS Championship – Florida vs. Oklahoma

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- Just think, in a few years, roughly 25 million households won't be able to watch the college football national title once it's on ESPN.
- This has taken a while, and the Florida offense is slowly moving the ball.
- What a play by TimTebow, and that's why I like him at the next level. He's not going to be a runner in the NFL, but he has the mobility to make things happen on the move. He kept the play alive, kept looking down the field and didn't just tuck if and go, and he found Louis Murphy for the score.
- That should've at least been reviewed. Murphy's hand hit the goal line and the ball popped free. It looked like a score, but it was so bang-bang it probably deserved a look.
- If only Oklahoma had some semblance of an offense to answer.

Florida 7 ... Oklahoma 0

- It wasn't close ... it was a touchdown.
Oklahoma on its own 25
Start using your biggest advantage OU and run it.
- OU's offensive line decides it's time to show up. Two plays. Two big runs.
- Nice point by Chuck D. The OU offense is more up tempo, and why, it's pounding away. That'll set up the pass ...
- Bradford to Quentin Chaney for a first down.
- 12:57 left in the second quarter and OU still hasn't scored ... THROW IT!!! THROW IT!!! ... Uh, wait a minute. The O is working.
- 2nd and goal from the five.
- TimTebow didn't have time to inspire his defense in between drives.
- Bradford is under heavy pressure, but it doesn't matter as he finds Gresham for a touchdown. 95% of all college quarterbacks throw that ball into the fifth row instead of trying to loft it over Spikes, and while wearing a Gator pass rusher. Bradford isn't 95% of all college quarterbacks.
- Yeeeesh. That was quick. And why? The O line and the running game.

Florida 7 ... Oklahoma 7

Florida on its own 15
- Make note of that. OU's much-maligned kick coverage unit was all over Brandon James.
- No, no, no. Florida tried to run the slowest option in the history of the option. TimTebow isn't fast enough to make that play work and Jeffrey Demps was bottled up ...
- And then he throws an NFL strike right past Lendy Holmes for an enormous first down to Louis Murphy.
- Brennaman comments about how Murphy is the son of a Baptist minister, like being the son of a man of God should've made him too humble to get nailed by a demonstration penalty. Because Baptist ministers are never demonstrative.
- Florida's running game is non-existent, but TimTebow is having himself a game on the short-to-midrange passing game.
- (Heavy sigh) It's Ole Miss. OLE Miss. Not Old Miss.
- OU DT Gerald McCoy is dominating the middle of the line. There's absolutely nothing there for TimTebow to run through.
- McCoy for MVP. TimTebow wills the pass right in between the 9 and the 3 with a rookie pass that's inexcusable for a player of TimTebow's caliber.

Oklahoma on the Florida 37
- No, don't go for the immediate touchdown pass ... run it, run it, run it.
- Loadholt and Robinson are destroying the non-existent Gator D line.
- Where are the NFL caliber Florida defensive ends?
- Yup, Chris Brown is in space and gets down to the five.
- Florida is starting to get a little bit chippy. And for good reason. It's getting its hat handed to it by the tremendous O line.
- Brown down to the one on third and goal with six minutes to go ...
- Don't get cute ... give 'em the heater.
- Uhhhhhh, Thom and Charles ... it's not fourth down.
- Dustin Doe and Brandon Spikes come up huge with a third down stop ...
-  ... and Torrey Davis makes the fourth down tackle as he blows past Robinson.
- The entire defense should go over to TimTebow and thank him for giving them the courage to make that stop.
- If Florida wins this game, those last 30 seconds will be legendary.

Florida on its own 3
- What a difference maker Harvin is. One run, one patient run, set up by the sheer force of TimTebow, and Florida is at midfield.
- I'm racking my brain ... when was the last time there was this big a momentum shift in a national title game? It should be 14-7 OU right now.
- The OU defense is swarming, but the Gators skill players can't be stopped in the open field.
- Chris Rainey looks like he just got his leg snapped in two on a horse-collar tackle from Dominique Franks.
- That's a blown out knee, and that's why the rule is in place.
- TimTebow seems off, and it's not just the two picks after throwing two all year. When he's not getting knocked around, he doesn't seem to be in the same groove.

Oklahoma on its own 20
- Two time outs, 2:32. Keep on running. After what happened at the end of the last drive, the OU O line needs to get its mojo back.
- That's a poor, poor play by Florida's Carlos Dunlap. He worried about Bradford running the ball on the option, missed the pitch, and OU got a first down.
- Major Wright with another huge hit, but Iglesias gets the first down.
- Florida needs to get into the locker room in a big hurry. 1:45 to play, and the D isn't stopping the O.
- Call a time out, Florida. I say this every game against the up-tempo teams. Give your D a breath.
- Florida appears to be trying too hard to go for the kill shot rather than simply making the play.
- Under a minute left ...
- Again, Florida will eventually get burned by missing the big hit.
- Florida's ends aren't able to get within five yards of Bradford. They're not even coming close. Loadholt didn't even have to block ...
- ... and Charlie Strong brings the blitz. Good call to change things up, and Bradford had to throw it away.
- :22 to play on the 18.
- Yet another nice blitz with Dunlap breathing down Bradford's neck.
- 3rd and 10 and Bradford makes a little throw on the move to Gresham for another first down. First and goal.
- Isolate Gresham ... but Iglesias is by himself.
- Unbelievable. Run, sprint, don't walk into the locker room, Florida, because you just got a huge break. Bradford tries to force the ball to Manuel Johnson, it bounces around, and into the hands of Major Wright for a pick.
- It's tied, but Florida had better come up with something new in a huge hurry because it's not going to come up with more goal line stands like the last two. It should be OU 21-7 right now.
- Maybe TimTebow will give a speech.

Halftime Score: Florida 7 - Oklahoma 7

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