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2009 BCS Champ. SOC Notes - 3rd Quarter
Posted Jan 8, 2009

A quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the 3rd Quarter of the 2009 BCS Championship - Florida vs. Oklahoma

Fiu's Stream of Consciousness Notes

2009 BCS Championship – Florida vs. Oklahoma

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Florida on its own 30
- Harvin is supposedly fine. According to Chris Myers, Urban said he wants his offense to run more inside. Good luck with that. You're getting killed inside.
- Florida offense doesn't have anything going its way. If TimTebow isn't playing well, this game is over.
- TimTebow gets kissed by Travis Lewis and TimTebow air mails the pass to Harvin. Is it TimTebow's fault? Of course not. Brennaman wonders points out that Harvin's ankle must be the reason why the play didn't work.
- That play looked strangely reminiscent of the two throws TimTebow missed on late against Ole Miss.

Oklahoma on its own 12
- Fine. OU comes out running. The offense stopped going for the home run that wasn't there, and the offense started to work.
- Brennaman obviously planned the line, but I liked it: "When Major Wright hits you, you feel it in a major wrong way."
- Interesting. 3rd and two, and OU runs over the right side.
- Iglesias dropped a deep ball with Ahmad Black bearing down. Chuck D. is dead on ... that's a fantastic throw from Bradford.
- Phil Loadholt and Carlos Dunlap are playing patty cake.
- 3rd and 10 because the OU receivers are suddenly scared of getting hit ...
- ... and then Gresham delivers a shot to Dunlap, but Florida gets the stop.
- The Gator special teams need to come up with something big to help the desperate offense.
- OU always gets penalized, and it hasn't been costly before. That's not going to work against the Gators.
- OHHHHHHH. Florida came to get P Mike Knall, clocked him, and got nailed with the roughing the kicker call. Now, instead of getting the ball at midfield, the Gators give OU the ball back.

Oklahoma on its own 38
- Florida's defensive front seven is getting more creative. Strong is moving around the parts; Dunlap makes a big play from the right side.
- Bradford reads the blitz, backs off the play, and misfires anyway trying to throw into triple coverage.
- AGAIN, high-octane offenses, in big games, sputter. Go back to the running game, OU.

Florida on its own 23
- Florida has to show on this drive that it deserves to be the national champion. It hasn't so far.
- The offense needs to get TimTebow on the move. He needs to ...
- ... do that. He rolls out to his left and hits Murphy for a first down ...
- ... and then runs the option to the right and bowls over Nic Harris for a first down run. That's what'll open up the throws in the middle of the field if Tebow can do that again.
- There's just nothing happening inside. Gerald McCoy is KILLING the Gator interior.
- Florida is overdue to try a reverse or an end around to Harvin ... and it won't work
- TimTebow barrels through for a first down. Dan Mullen is now turning to No. 15 and asking him to carry the offense that hasn't worked so far.
- Florida loses Louis Murphy as he looks like he aggravated his knee injury. If that's true and he's out (although they're looking at his other leg), put a fork in the Florida deep passing game.
- The OU secondary is playing a very, very nice game. TimTebow had time, he was able to step up into the pocket and throw a strike, and the OU safeties stopped Harvin. It was a good all-around play.
- 3rd and 10 ...
- ... alright, I'll give it up to the will and desire fallback. TimTebow did lower the boom and get that first down on a 3rd and 10 that should've been a stop for about five yards. That was a powerful run.
- Brennaman: "Desire ... power." 20, 21.
- Chuck D. "He wills his team on." 22.
- That shouldn't have worked, but it did. TimTebow, because he's been running well, had the entire OU defense trying to stop him, he pitched it at the last second and Demps made the play, got yanked down by a face mask, willed by TimTebow, and now it's down to the one ...
- You know what's coming up next.
- TimTebow is stuffed. OU wasn't going to let that happen up the middle. Again, McCoy held his own.
- TimTebow misfired to Hernandez in the end zone on 2nd down.
- Don't like the call, but it worked. Harvin in the Wildcat goes TimTebow and powers his way in. He's not all that big, but he's tough.

Florida 14 ... Oklahoma 7

Oklahoma on its own 26
- 23, 24, and 25 mentions of TimTebow's leadership in some way, shape or form.
- Now the Florida defense has its legs back. The long drive combined with the score seems to have energized the D ... of course, TimTebow had something to do with that.
- Dunlap makes a big play because Bradford rolled into him.
- Bradford is working the sidelines ...
- ... with Iglesias coming up with a first down because the UF corner went for the big hit rather than wrap up.
- OU doesn't miss DeMarco Murray one bit.
- Is this a classic game, or is it a case of two teams playing just average enough to keep it close?
- 3rd and 1 on the Florida 28.
- Ryan Stamper shoots through and comes up with the huge stop. Florida has figured out the third down running plays.
- Field goal try from 49 yards out instead of going for it on 4th and 5 ... this isn't going to work ...
- ... and it doesn't. Florida blocks the kick.
- Watch the panic start to set in on OU. Watch the offense go for the deeper throws.

Florida on its own 32
- Murphy is down again, but it looks like a bad cramp. There's a Back to School line that I like to use here, but won't.
- The players are starting to break down on both sides.
- Nice play by Jeremy Beal on third down to bring down TimTebow, who wasn't able to use his will to make the first down.
- 14-7 ... does anyone else think USC or Utah could take either of these teams?

Third Quarter Score: Florida 14 ... Oklahoma 7

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