2009 BCS Champ. SOC Notes - 4th Quarter
Florida QB Tim Tebow
Florida QB Tim Tebow
Posted Jan 8, 2009

A quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the 4th Quarter of the 2009 BCS Championship - Florida vs. Oklahoma

Fiu's Stream of Consciousness Notes

2009 BCS Championship – Florida vs. Oklahoma

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Oklahoma on its own 23
- How do you know this is a good, close game? No Chris Myers. I know he was working hard to come up with various stories to use if needed, but he hasn't had to pull them out.
- No panic. OU goes back to the running game and gets an easy first down. This quick, up-tempo offense needs to slow things down. The Sooner D needs a break.
- At the immediate moment, anyone else want to vote for Colt McCoy for the Heisman?
- Unsportsmanlike conduct on Florida to bail out the Sooner offense.
- FANTASTIC call. Florida gets aggressive, Brown flares out and gets the ball on the move, and he gains 25.
- The two teams appear to be getting lippy. The officials have to make sure they don't start throwing flags unless someone rips a limb off.
- Florida gets the pressure into the backfield and Bradford has to throw it away. 3rd and 8, you have to keep bringing the noise and bringing the funk.
- And that's why Bradford is a Heisman winner. He reads it, moves out of harm's way with a slide step, and finds Gresham for the first down.
- Gresham gets the pass, loses his shoe, pauses, and runs in for a touchdown. OU's offense is dominating this game.
- IT'S OLE MISS ... O ... L ... E.

Florida 14 ... Oklahoma 14

Florida on its own 22
- The OU kick coverage has been terrific.
- And there goes Harvin. It's now totally obvious. If Harvin wasn't in this game, Florida would be getting killed. The line gives him room to roam, and he tears off a 52-yard run to take the momentum right back.
- Same play, other side, and Harvin gets it down to the 15.
- And if that's all he can give, that's enough. 163 total yards and a touchdown, and he's down holding his ankle. He was able to run off the field.
- Florida tries to keep up the rushing momentum and the yards keep coming.
- Florida had better get into the end zone. A field goal won't do it with the way the OU offense is ripping apart the Gator D.
- Harvin is back in.
- TimTebow thinks the play is dead, gives up on the play, and has to throw it away.
- Jonathan Phillips hits the 28-yard field goal for the lead, but considering the way things started, this is a major disappointment.
- The OU defense is playing very, very well.

Oklahoma on its own 35
- Iglesias has done more than just fill in for Murray on kickoff returns.
- Bradford has more time than he thinks and he gets rid of the ball too quickly.
- The O line has stepped up its pass protection and is picking up the blitzes better.
- In the clutch, OU has abandoned the run ... for the most part.
- Ahmad Black might have come up with one of the best interceptions in national title history, and Bradford can't believe it. He hit Manuel Johnson in the hands, but Black just took it away.

Florida on its own 24
- With ten minutes to play, this is when the Florida O line has to take over. It's had a rough night, but it can make up for it with a big drive.
- It doesn't matter how much time is left. If Florida is only up three and Bradford has the ball, it's in trouble.
- It's all TimTebow with the option, and OU is doing a great job of holding up.
- 3rd and 7, 8:26 to play.
- False start, Florida. 3rd and 12. KILLER.
- TimTebow comes up with a big-time, national title play. There was nothing there. Nothing. And then he runs to his left, finds Riley Cooper, and gets the first down.
- Davis: "How often do you hear people question that young man's accuracy?" Uh, never. He's one of the most efficient passers in college football history.
- TimTebow gets time after faking the throw and he hits David Nelson down the middle of the field for another big first down. This is the drive that'll make TimTebow a true legend and, if Florida scores and ends up winning the game, this might really put him in the discussion among the greatest players of all-time.
- Less than five minutes to go, and it's 3rd and one.
- ANOTHER false start call on Phil Trautwein. Actually, it might turn out to be a good thing considering OU was able to blow TimTebow up.
- Inside shovel pass to Aaron Hernandez for the first down ... national title, Florida. TimTebow made the right read and now there's less than four minutes to play with the Gators on the five.
- A field goal doesn't work here. It's four down territory with No. 14 on the other side.
- Ball game, and in classic TimTebow fashion. A jump pass to David Nelson for the score with just over three minutes to play.
- TimTebow leadership mention No. 26.
- Yeah, that TimTebow drive really was special.
- TimTebow leadership mention No. 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32.
- Again, remember this, history buffs. High-octane offenses always lose to the better defenses in the title games.
- There's no truth to the rumor that Brennaman and TimTebow will be spending time in Boca after the game ... 33, 34, 35, 36 and 37.

Oklahoma on its own 30
- The OU offense is quick strike, but not necessarily when it's in must-pass mode. It's the threat of the big run that sets up Bradford.
- The Sooners have to be smarter than that. Gresham didn't go out of bounds and it cost the O 15 seconds.
- 2:30 to go ... 4th and 4 on the 34.
- YES .. bring it Charlie Strong.
- Brandon Spikes is on the outside ...
- ... he pressures Bradford ...
- ... Joe Haden breaks up the pass and probably should've been nailed for a pass interference call, and Florida makes it two in three.

Florida on the OU 36
- 2:26 and OU has two time outs left ... TAKE A KNEE. You can do the victory formation, and at best, OU gets the ball back, down 10, with about a minute to play.
- TimTebow runs for the first down, and now it really is over.
- Yeah, Dominique Franks really might be right. TimTebow might be the fourth best quarterback in the Big 12, but he has the national title.
- No. 38, 39 ...
- ... No. 40, 41 and 42.
- TimTebow will have the title, but Bradford will have to settle for a $70+ million dollar contract four months from now.
- No, the Franks comment had nothing, nothing to do with this game. Florida wasn't more fired up because of it.
- No. 43, 44, and 45 from Brennaman to close it out.

Final Score: Florida 24 ... Oklahoma 14

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