CFN 2008 Final Rankings - No. 101 to 119
Washington QB Jake Locker
Washington QB Jake Locker
Posted Jan 11, 2009

Which teams had the best seasons? Here's CFN's final ranking based on who earned it on the field. - No. 101-119

CFN 2008 Final Rankings

No. 101 to 119

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101. UCLA (4-8)   
CFN Score: 2.97
2007 Score: 42    2007 Ranking: 11.35
The season started out so well with a win over Tennessee, and then came the 59-0 loss to BYU and the snowball kept on rolling. The offense was awful, and despite having Rick Neuheisel and Norm Chow coaching, the attack got worse and worse as the season went on scoring fewer than ten points in three of the final four games.

102. UL Monroe (4-8)   
CFN Score: 2.93
2007 Score: 6.50     2007 Ranking: 71
The Warhawks were a huge disappointment, but they managed to come up with a close wins over Troy and FIU over the final month of the season. The lines were terrible and the defense struggled against any offense with a pulse. Two of the wins came against Alabama A&M and North Texas.

103. Wyoming (4-8)   
CFN Score: 2.771
2007 Score: 5.39    2007 Ranking: 79
The Joe Glenn era ended with a whimper as the one-time offensive powerhouse finished dead last in the nation in scoring averaging 12.67 points per game. However, there was a shocking win at Tennessee late in the year that screwed up the Vols' bowl hopes.

104. Syracuse (3-9)   
CFN Score: 2.75
2007 Score: 0.21    2007 Ranking: 108
Greg Robinson's team showed decent fight despite being the worst team in the Big East. It managed to put Charlie Weis on the edge of being fired in a 24-23 comeback win at Notre Dame, and it managed to get by Louisville. However, this group didn't do anything well except run the ball. The defense was lousy and the passing game was non-existent.

105. Indiana   
CFN Score: 2.48
2007 Score: 9.46    2007 Ranking: 56
Failing to build on the breakthrough 2007 bowl season, Indiana was abysmal with two of the wins coming against Western Kentucky and Murray State and the third in a stunning 21-19 upset over an injured Northwestern. The defense was awful even though Jammie Kerlew and the defensive front was great at getting into the backfield.

106. Utah State (3-9)   
CFN Score: 1.97
2007 Score: 0.33      2007 Ranking: 107
If nothing else, the team did improve under former head coach Brent Guy. It managed to win three games and was competitive throughout the season, but it didn't do any one thing particularly well. Closing out with a 47-2 win over New Mexico State was a nice sendoff.

107. Toledo (3-9)   
CFN Score: 1.67
2007 Score: 4.17    2007 Ranking: 87
The one-time MAC superpower was woeful on the defensive line and was never consistent on offense. There was a stunning win over Michigan, but the other two wins came against lousy Eastern Michigan and Miami University teams.

108. Army (3-9)  
CFN Score: 1.18
2007 Score: 1.39    2007 Ranking: 100
Stan Brock's double-secret offense turned out to be the option, and even though it started to work, finishing ninth in the nation in rushing, he was canned after his team scored 10 points total in three of the final four games. For all of the problems, there was a mid-season stretch with three wins in four games, with the one loss coming to Buffalo in overtime, when the team wasn't that bad. 

109. New Mexico State (3-9) 
CFN Score: 0.82
2007 Score: 0.72   2007 Ranking: 105
The Hal Mumme experience came to a stunningly awful close as the veteran team failed to get the offense going. The Aggies finished first in the WAC in passing, but the run defense was abysmal and the offensive line was a nightmare. After starting out 3-2 and with a bowl bid a realistic goal, NMSU lost its final seven games.

110. Iowa State (2-10)  
CFN Score: 0.66
2007 Score: -0.88   2007 Ranking: 110
What did Auburn buy with Gene Chizik? Two straight 110th ranked finishes and a coach whose team lost ten straight after starting out with wins over South Dakota State and Kent State. The defense, supposedly Chizik's forte, was 112th in the nation and 116th against the pass. War Eagle!

111. San Diego State (2-10) 
CFN Score: -0.98
2007 Score: 2.71   2007 Ranking: 96
Chuck Long never turned the program around and now he's gone and Ball State's Brady Hoke is in. The Aztec defense was among the worst in America and was the worst in the Mountain West, while the offense wasn't a prize. The lines were awful with no pass rush and no run blocking ability. The two wins came over Idaho and UNLV.

112. Tulane (2-10) 
CFN Score: -1.22
2007 Score: 1.01   2007 Ranking: 103
Bob Toledo is having a hard time bringing the program back to respectability, but he has an excuse: injuries. The team was competitive early on, but it was a shadow of its first month self over an eight-game losing streak to close things out. The two wins came over UL Monroe and SMU.

113. Eastern Michigan (3-9) 
CFN Score: -1.43
2007 Score: 3.99   2007 Ranking: 89
The Jeff Genyk era ended with a record-setting bang as the passing game and the offense got going just in time to see him off with a 56-52 win over Central Michigan. The defense struggled all year long against the pass thanks to the lack of a steady pass rush and no production against the run.

114. SMU (1-11) 
CFN Score: -1.69
2007 Score: -2.04   2007 Ranking: 116
June Jones took over the program and showed just how far it has to go before it can be a player in the Conference USA race. The Mustangs offense struggled with its consistency and was last in the nation in rushing. Turnovers were a problem, but the bigger issue was a defense that wasn't even close to stopping anything giving up 226 rushing yards and 254 passing yards per game. The one win came over Texas State.

115. Washington State (2-11) 
CFN Score: -2.15
2007 Score: 4.61   2007 Ranking: 83
The first year of the Paul Wulff regime was a disaster. Considered among the worst Pac 10 teams of all-time, the Cougars managed a win over Portland State before coming up with the double-overtime win over Washington to salvage something positive. The Cougars were last in the nation in turnover margin and second-to-last in scoring, averaging just 12.69 points per game. The defense was hardly a prize with the nation's worst run defense.

116. North Texas (1-11) 
CFN Score: -2.23
2007 Score: -3.51 2007 Ranking: 118
The Todd Dodge experiment hasn't worked so far. The passing game that was supposed to be so devastating was hit or miss and was never efficient, while the defense was the worst in America. The one win came over Western Kentucky, a provisional FBS team that'll join the Sun Belt in 2009. Against everyone else, the Mean Green didn't come within 12 of anyone until the season ending 33-28 loss to Arkansas State.

117. Miami University (2-10) 
CFN Score: -2.79
2007 Score: 4.13   2007 Ranking: 88
With all the disappointments across the college football landscape (Michigan, Wisconsin, Auburn, Texas A&M ...), on a lower level, MU, who played in the MAC title game last year, might be the biggest dud of the bunch. This team was loaded with veterans and a tremendous linebacking corps, yet the run defense was the worst in the MAC and the defensive front was awful.

118. Idaho (2-10) 
CFN Score: -2.86
2007 Score: -3.52    2007 Ranking: 119
Baby steps ... Robb Akey's bunch moved up one spot from last year after coming up with two wins, albeit bad ones, over Idaho State and New Mexico State. The talent simply isn't there, especially on defense, and the lines were abysmal. The defense was the worst in the WAC, while the offense couldn't hang on to the ball.

119. Washington (0-12) 
CFN Score: -3.29
2007 Score: 6.50   2007 Ranking: 72
The only winless FBS team, a brutal early schedule, an injury to QB Jake Locker, and various other injuries caused the wheels to fall off the bus by the end of the season. The biggest problem was a lack of offense, scoring just 159 points on the year, but it was the failure to put a win on the board that put the Huskies on the bottom.

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