Stream of Consciousness - 2009 Senior Bowl
NC State RB Andre Brown
NC State RB Andre Brown
Posted Jan 24, 2009

Pat White was the MVP of the 2009 Senior Bowl, but the most productive players were the running backs like Oregon's Jeremiah Johnson, Purdue's Kory Sheets, and NC State's Andre Brown. Check out the play-by-play breakdown and recap of the 2009 Senior Bowl.

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2009 Senior Bowl

2007 Senior Bowl Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

By Pete Fiutak  
Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 

It's the annual meat-market evaluation game known as the Senior Bowl. The only aspect of this whole process that matters is the practice time. The game is simply a time to not to screw up, and most importantly, not get injured. The fates of all these guys are almost already sealed in the minds of the NFL types, but that doesn’t mean they can’t blow it.

The rule of thumb is that you can’t really help yourself in the game if you were a dog in practices, but you can certainly lose ground if you look lost when the bullets start flying. However, an unknown can make a huge name for himself with one big play or a few big moments.

- Marvin Lewis and Jack Del Rio running their respective squads ... welcome to the lame duck bowl.

- This is where the quarterbacks have to show something big. Graham Harrell has to look like an NFL quarterback, because he's not one according to most early reports. The same goes for Pat White, who'll be far better served to make the switch to a jack-of-all-trades type of player.

- I want to see the USC linebackers most of all. Rey Maualuga is considered the better prospect than Brian Cushing, but Cushing had the better week.

- I love my guys from the College Football Now show, Charles Davis and Mike Mayock, but I'll rip on them anyway (because I'll rip on them when I talk to them, too). "Stack and shed," and "loose hips," and "short area burst" are terms they use in everyday conversation and not just in football analysis.

First Quarter

South on its own 27

- John Parker Wilson is not a starting NFL quarterback. If he's playing in a real, live NFL game, that team is in huge trouble. However, he's heady enough, and has just enough skills, to have a ten-year career as a Jim Sorgi-like backup.
- 3rd and 4. This is the money play for Wilson as he has to show on the first drive that he can keep drives moving ...
- ... and he air mails his throw and Oregon's Eugene Chung comes up with a huge pop to make sure the play isn't completed.

North on its own 35

- I'm really interested in seeing Graham Harrell under center ... the first play was a disaster as he tripped and fell down, but he did a good job of making something happen and almost coming up with a play.
- After two plays, USC DT Fili Moala has made himself a ton of money. That's all you need to see, and yes, it's just two plays. He rushed the passer and made a play against the run on his second play.
- Robert Ayers of Tennessee got a good pass rush, but Harrell should've made the throw on the 15-yard out. He couldn't come up with the throw.

South on its own 20

- Cheerleaders at the Senior Bowl?! "Go Under Armour! Yeah spandex!"
- Neither offensive line has done anything on the first seven plays from the game.
- Missouri's William Moore has to step up and show he's a top first rounder. His stock is slipping big-time, but he's still a 25-30 pick.
- Michael Oher
vs. Larry English. It's a good battle of first round prospects. The South is going to run over the Ole Miss star every chance he gets, while English, whose stock is emerging, can show what he can do against a top ten talent.
- Moore missed a tackle and allowed a big run. He whiffed and Liberty's Rashad Jennings came up with a big play.
- Wilson throws an NFL-caliber out pattern to Patrick Turner for a first down. That throw right there will put him on the radar because it shows he can really do it.
- Oher is handling English without a problem so far.
- Turner with two straight catches. He looks the part, but he was a bit of a dog when it came to his USC production. He won't wow anyone in his workouts, so he has to show he can produce in a game like this.
- Wilson doesn't find his receiver in time and has to take off for a first down. He makes something happen, but he needs to be able to anticipate the throw.
- Iowa DT Mitch King is one of my favorite players. He's not huge, but he's active and he's able to make things happen all the time.
- Florida State's Greg Carr fought for the ball and got popped, but he held on.
- King makes another play. He's way too small, but he's so productive ... Mayock and Chuck D. just say the same thing.
- 3rd and goal and Wilson runs it in on a quarterback draw. Yeah, nice call and Wilson did lead the team on a scoring drive, but it would've been far better if he had been able to throw the touchdown pass on the play before when he failed to hang it up high enough.

South 7 ... North 0

North on its own 25

- The PA announcer sounds like the guy introducing the bands in Purple Rain. "Ladies and gentlemen ... The Revolution."
- Troy's Sherrod Martin is a great one. He's great in coverage and should be a corner, but he'll be great in a Cover-2 scheme. He's not physical, but he just made a nice tackle on Oregon's Jeremiah Johnson.
- Wilson is hardly Peyton Manning, but he's at least looking the part. Harrell isn't so far.
- Another three and out.
- Mayock is rolling. He's firing on Juaquin Iglesias, Harrell, everyone. That's him.

South on its own 15

- And here we go with Pat White. White's one of my favorite college players in the last decade, but he's not an NFL quarterback unless someone is willing to get really creative. However, Seneca Wallace isn't an NFL passer either, and he has made a nice career for himself.
- Pitt's Scott McKillop is like Mitch King. He's not going to impress anyone with the measurables, but he makes play after play after play.
- White's first drive is a three and out.

North on its own 45

- Rhett Bomar is in. He's the best pro quarterback prospect in this game by a long shot. He has the arm, the size, and the talent, and he shows off the gun on the first throw to Brian Robiskie.
- Play it straight, coaches. It's not about winning the game; it's about seeing what these guys really can do on a pro level. The North runs an end around to Penn State's Derrick Williams. Of course that'll work in an all-star game.
- Bomar operating in the shotgun on 3rd and four. He HAS to make this play because it's the offense he ran in Sam Houston State out of the shotgun.
- He doesn't make a great throw, but he gets the first down. Mayock fires on Bomar for the not-that-accurate pass. Mayock would fire on chocolate chip cookies and Christmas if he's on his game.

First Quarter Score: South 7 - North 0

Second Quarter

- Ooooooh. Ellis Lankster from West Virginia makes a fantastic open field tackle on Purdue's Kory Sheets. The second day prospects can only dream about getting a shot like that.
- Sheets isn't a starting NFL running back. He'll have to make his impact on special teams if he can't find a role as a third down change-of-pace back right away. He's a specialist.
- Bomar stared down his receiver, Oklahoma's Iglesias, and LSU's Darry Beckwith read it perfectly.
- Utah's Louie Sakoda from 38 ... this is automatic.
- Yup, nails it. He'll be a 15-year career man.

South 7 ... North 3

South on its own 32

- Pat White is in. He needs to throw an out pattern on this drive just to show he can.
- The running games aren't doing anything. Neither defense is giving two hoots about any of the QB's passing ability.
- Now that's where White can be a next-level quarterback. He got outside the pocket and made a throw on the run for a first down to Quan Cosby.
- Nice throw from White. He overthrew Cosby on a deep ball, but he put good air under it and it was a nice throw. He also looked off his receiver and took the safety away. In a case like this, White just missing his target by showing too much arm is a good thing.
- NC State RB Andre Brown got room to move on a pass from White and made things happen. Brown has had an impressive week and came up with a 33-yard play.
- White makes it look easy on a run for 13 yards. While John Parker Wilson running the ball isn't any big deal, White on this play comes up with a walk-in-the-park first down that could be a designed play.
- If I'm White, I'm lobbying for a fade pattern to make the throw that Wilson didn't.
- Boston College's B.J. Raji has been the star of the week, but his Eagle teammate Ron Brace has first day draft pick skills, too.
- LSU FB Quinn Johnson barrels it in for a touchdown.

South 14 ... North 3

North on its own 30

- William Moore is out with an ankle injury. And thus ends a horrendous week for the former Mizzou star as he goes from a first rounder to a mid-second rounder.
- Ole Miss's Ashlee Palmer looks like he was shot out of a cannon into the backfield, but he didn't get the sack on Bomar.
- Brian Cushing didn't get the play on Virginia's Cedric Peerman, but he missed partly because he blasted the guard.
- I'm not a fan of Bomar's delivery, but it works.
- Bomar is panicking too quickly. There was a little bit of a pass rush, but not a lot of one, and he took off when he didn't find his No. 2 or 3 receiver.
- Rey Maualuga missed a tackle on Peerman, and then Cushing missed him. Peerman is making some nice runs on plays that aren't there.
- Bomar had Juaquin Iglesias open for a deep play and he threw a duck. He needed to use his arm and fire it, but he aired it out when it didn't need touch.
- Bomar is showing that he has the skills, but he needs the coaching and he needs seasoning.
- All the good things Peerman has done so far are now erased as he gets stripped by Maualuga and loses the ball. You can NOT turn the ball over in a game like this.

South on its own 41

- And here's Clemson's Cullen Harper. He was one of the top quarterback prospects going into this year, and now he'll be lucky to be a fourth rounder.
- Harper makes the throw that no one else has tried so far. He drove his pass to Arizona's Mike Thomas, UConn's Darius Butler misses the tackle, and it's a big play. It was a decisive pass.
- Clemson's James Davis has a hole and makes a nice run, but he didn't blow through for a home run.
- Harper is having a nice, nice drive. Unlike Harrell who didn't put the ball in places for his receivers to do something with it, the yards after the catch are coming from Harper.
- Eugene Chung and Scott McKillop do a great job of stopping Davis from scoring. If Davis isn't punching it in on the goal line, he's struggling. He's a closer.
- B.J. Raji gets shoved by Louisville C Eric Wood, and Andre Brown scores without much of a problem.

South 21 ... North 3

North on its own 49

- Derrick Williams comes up with a great kickoff return as he slips by, slips by, and slips by, and then he's at midfield. He'll be a strong No. 2 receiver and could be a dangerous all-around playmaker.
- Oregon's Jeremiah Johnson gets the ball in space and is able to work the ball down the field on a short pass.
- Central Arkansas QB Nathan Brown is lucky, but he gets to run a two-minute drill. All these quarterbacks would love to be in a hurry-up attack and in the shotgun.
- I'm not quite sure what Juaquin Iglesias does in the NFL. He's nowhere near a No. 1 target, and I'm not sure he's a two.
- Brown isn't all that big, so he has to show he can be a lights out passer. He hasn't been that on this drive.
- Cal C Alex Mack opened up a huge hole and Johnson ripped off a big run on fourth down.
- Brown rolls out, hits Johnson, and comes up with a touchdown.
- Jeremiah Johnson will slip in the draft, but he's going to make some team very, very happy in the late second or early third round. He's a bigger, not-as-fast Chris Johnson.

South 21 ... North 10

South on its own 30

- Just :41 to play, any points generated here from Harper would be impressive.
- Harper is showing a live arm. The O might not be clicking, but his workouts will wow someone.
- Nice, nice tackle from Western Michigan S Louis Delmas. It was a one-on-one chance for a first down, and Delmas brought it to force a punt.
- The South is going for it on 4th and 1 with Pat White coming in.
- Michael Oher gets nailed for a holding call on an obvious tackle to screw up the fourth down play.

North on its own 30

- Iglesias should've had a touchdown. He blew past the South secondary and Nathan Brown missed him. Iglesias looked like he quit on the rout.

Second Quarter Score: South 21 ... North 10

Third Quarter

North on its own 20

- Tennessee's Robert Ayers sacks Nathan Brown, who doesn't read the play and tucks it instead of dumping the ball off.
- And there's Rey Maualuga. On a short dump off play, Maualuga reads the screen instantly and jacks up the play big time making it 3rd and 19.
- Brian Cushing stops Purdue's Kory Sheets on third down with a nice wrap up tackle.

South on its own 42

- John Parker Wilson is back in.
- Ole Miss WR Mike Wallace had a shot at a big play and didn't take off up the field after a short catch. He danced to try to make something happen that he didn't need to do.
- The South offensive line is dominating the North defensive front. LSU's Herman Johnson is erasing linemen.

North on its own 9

- If you're Derrick Williams, why fair catch it? Give it a shot just to see if you can break it.
- Graham Harrell is having a killer of a time. He's not doing anything to show he deserves a longer look.
- Ashlee Palmer is all over the field.
- Harrell's nightmare continues. He should've been picked off by Wake Forest's Alphonso Smith for a touchdown, but Smith dropped. The play was read all the way.

South on its own 43

- White is making things happen. He's not an NFL passer, but he's a weapon and someone is going to fall madly in love with the idea of what he might be able to do.
- And then he does that do earn the MVP honor for this game. He throws a 39-yard touchdown pass to Mike Wallace, who blows by Cincinnati's DeAngelo Smith, who didn't read the rout correctly. White put the ball where it needed to be ... he just makes things happen.

South 28 ... North 10

North on its own 20

- Harrell is back in. Jeremiah Johnson makes another nice play. He's been one of the most impressive players in this game.
- Mayock has now compared Pat White to Rich Gannon twice. Uhhhhhh.
- Harrell finally makes a nice throw and gets the first down.
- And then he does that. Harrell had Brian Robiskie with a deeper throw, he finesses the ball up in the air, and it gets picked off.

South on its own 6

- Harper is in.
- The South offensive line is doing a great job so far, but it hasn't been able to blast its way out of trouble here.
- Three and out. Harper wasn't able to get the offense moving as Macho Harris never let the pass happen.

North on the South 49

- Derrick Williams puts on a few nifty moves to make something out of nothing to get the ball past midfield on the punt return.
- Nathan Brown fumbled the snap. The North quarterbacks have been awful.
- Ole Miss DT Peria Jerry bursts through and blows up the play. Brown hasn't been able to show he can get the offense moving when he's under center, but ...
- ... he makes a nice throw and Cal Poly Ramses Barden makes a good catch for a first down. Barden had a nightmare of a week, but I really, really like him. He has the size and the potential, but he'll have to come up with a few tremendous workouts.
- Jerry does it again. He's too quick for the North interior.
- Hawaii's
David Veikune looks like he belongs. He's ruining offensive plays and looks like an NFL producer.
- Brown and Iglesias hook up on a really nice timing pattern for a first down. Brown is getting hit by adversity on this drive, and hasn't looked great, but he's moving the ball.
- Brown needs far better mechanics to overcome the size issues.
- Kory Sheets reads the blocks well and bursts through for a touchdown, but it gets called back on a questionable holding call.
- San Jose State CB Coye Francies is getting punished by the linemen getting down the field, but he's coming up with his share of plays.
- Brown and Iglesias hook up again for a first down.
- Troy's Sherrod Martin is my guy, but if you can't get Juaquin Iglesias down, you're in trouble. Iglesias works his way down to the one.

Third Quarter Score: South 28 ... North 10

Fourth Quarter

- Ooooh. LSU's Darry Beckwith held tough on the Kory Sheets goal line carry and stuffs the play.
- Navy's Eric Kettani barrels in for the touchdown ...
- ... and Jeremiah Johnson uses his speed and open-field ability to get around the end for a two-point conversion.

South 28 ... North 18

South on its own 13

- John Parker Wilson is back in.
- He gets on the move, makes a good throw for the first down. Again, he's not special, but he's just good enough to be a backup for a long, long time.
- Mayock makes a great point. The North defensive tackles who were so good all week aren't doing much.
- Wilson is getting the offense moving. Again, though, his mobility is nice, but the scouts want to see if he can find the right receiver for a first down pass.
- Wilson doesn't feel the pressure, hangs on to the ball and gets hit on third down.

North on its own 13

- Rhett Bomar is back in, and he doesn't have a chance on his first play taking a big sack.
- And then he gets sacked again, loses the ball, and the South gets a touchdown.
Robert Ayers blows around the edge, Bomar does a horrible job of not getting rid of the ball, and Peria Jerry gets the touchdown.

South 35 ... North 18

North on the South 29

- Kory Sheets showed his versatility. I don't like him as a running back, but he'll be a playmaker on special teams and he'll be a good receiver on third downs.
- Graham Harrell is back in. He hasn't done anything yet.
- Harrell just doesn't have the arm to make a throw on the move with Brian Robiskie open. It's almost like Harrell is too tentative and isn't letting it rip. He's trying to not make mistakes.
- And then he doesn't fire it in to Ramses Barden who has a step on a slant pattern in the end zone.
- The North goes for it on fourth down, Harrell fires the ball in to Barden, who isn't open, and Coye Francies makes the play.
- Barden is 6-6 ... put it up for him.

South on its own 12

- Pat White is in.
- The running backs have struggled to see much room to move, but they're playing better than the stats might show. James Davis makes a nice four-yard run when nothing was there.
- There's my guy. Mitch King works his way past Antoine Caldwell and hits White.
- "Heavy legged waist bender." I love this time of year.
- When all breaks down, go with the designed run with White who easily gets a first down and forces the North to take a time out by sliding before getting out of bounds.
- Andre Brown forces his way through for a first down run on fourth down. The South is just trying to bleed the clock and get this game over with. He's looking good, but his talent isn't a question. He has to prove he can be durable. He'll be one of the first players taken on the second day.
- The drive finally ends as Mike Wallace drops the third down pass. White didn't throw a great pass, but it should've been caught.

North on its own 27

- Rhett Bomar gets a chance to let it rip. With less than three minutes to play, he gets to go into a shotgun, hurry-up mode.
- He's not reading the plays. He's not finding his second receiver quickly enough and he's taking off too early.
- Kory Sheets is having a nice game. He's making things happen, finding his way into the clear for a first down on 4th and 4.
- Sherrod Martin gets beat by Iglesias for a deep play. Martin is having a rough night, getting beat on a double move on this last play. Bomar didn't throw a great pass, trying to finesse the ball when he should he drove it.
- Iglesias gets has come up with 90 yards.
- Darry Beckwith makes a nice stop on Sheets to all but end the game.

South on its own 9

- Victory formation.
- Pat White is the MVP.

South 35 ... North 18