Recruiting 2009 Team Rankings - The Bottom 30
Posted Feb 6, 2009

The 2009 CFN Recruiting Rankings - No. 91 to No. 120.

Recruiting 2009 ... The Rankings

CFN's Ranking of the 2009 Classes - The Bottom 30

- CFN Recruiting 2009

- CFN 2009 Recruiting Rankings
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91. Northern Illinois
The class is heavy on ... The passing game. Head coach Jerry Kill got a full recruiting season to work, and he brought in some playmakers to beef up a passing attack that struggled last year. Quarterbacks A.J. Hill and Jordan Lynch are strong prospects, and while there aren’t any receiver standouts, there are a lot of them and they can move.

The class is heavy on ... defensive backs. Understanding the need to address a secondary that was last in the Big East in pass efficiency defense, the staff loaded up on defensive backs. In fact, almost half of the entire class was either a safety or a cornerback. The best of the lot are corners Torian Phillips, Phillip Thomas, and Dale Peterman, who’ll all have a shot for immediate playing time.

93.  Ball State    
The class is heavy on ... Skill players and linebackers. The defense got three interesting linebackers for the inside, led by Jacob Green, while the outside was addressed with a few players. It’s strength in numbers time for the offense with several running backs and receivers to go along with QB Aaron Mershman. RB Eric Williams is the best prospect of the bunch.

94. Miami University
The class is heavy on ... Bodies. This is a big class full of a variety of prospects that don’t necessarily fit a type, and with a program that fell off the map with one of the most disappointing, disastrous seasons of any team in America, it’s rebuilding time. The idea will be to use this class to build towards the future; don’t expect a whole bunch of help right away.

95. Memphis  
The class is heavy on ... offensive linemen. Faced with some turnover in the trenches, Tommy West aimed to keep the area replenished by inking five linemen no smaller than 6-4 and 275 pounds. Of the group, G Ricky Hart really has Tiger fans excited. A 6-3, 315-pound drive blocker, who was pursued by the ACC and SEC, he’ll likely spend just one year as a backup before moving into the starting lineup.

96. UAB
The class is heavy on ... safeties. Of the 24 new Blazers signed by Neil Callaway, a big portion is projected as safeties once they arrive in Birmingham. That’s not such a bad thing, considering last year’s starters, Will Dunbar and Matt Taylor, were seniors. The two junior-college transfers, Hiram Atwater and Elliott McGaskin, should be ready to compete right away, and David Conner was good enough to get mail from Auburn, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. 

San Jose State  
The class is heavy on ... 2010. With one of the smallest recruiting classes in the country, next year will be all about bringing in the bodies. There might not be many players coming in from this class, but there are some good ones with JUCO transfer Lamon Muldrow ready to be one of the main running backs right away, while the pitch-catch combination of Dasmen Stewart to James Orth looking to be rolling in a few years.

The class is heavy on ... Defensive back. This was a decent class all the way around, but the major focus was on stopping the pass with some good defensive ends in Joshua Forney and Thatcher Starling, and several defensive backs with decent speed, and surprisingly, a lot of size. Terrance Taylor was a nice pickup at safety while Wayne Times is a good-looking corner prospect.

99. Middle Tennessee  
The class is heavy on ... Skill players. There’s a sprinkling of new recruits here and there, but the stars are at the skills with QB Jamal Ramsey one of the league’s best prospects and running backs David Jones and William Pratcher each good enough to change around the woeful running game. The receivers have size and speed, but they’re extremely unpolished.

100. UTEP 
The class is heavy on ... defensive linemen. In an attempt to beef up one of the perennially weakest defenses in the country, the Miners are bringing in a couple of speedy rush ends and a tackle with considerable upside. At 6-5 and 250 pounds, Adam Ayala can snap off a sub-5.00 in the forty. If he can add some muscle without losing a step, he has a chance to be an impact player on this defense. 

Florida Atlantic  
The class is heavy on ... Cornerback. By far the best prospects of this year’s class are in the secondary where De’Andre Richardson and Keith Reaser are two really fast, really good corners who should be fixtures in the FAU defensive backfield for years. Winfred Strickland and Treon Howard aren’t as fast or as good, but they should provide decent depth down the road.

102. Marshall   
The class is heavy on ... wide receivers. The Herd has loaded up on a bunch of big, physical wide receivers that other schools felt were a little unpolished at this stage of their careers. A collection of athletes who all go at least 6-2, most are expected to do an apprenticeship in 2009 before being turned loose. A local kid, C.J. Crawford is both big and very fast. Wayne Bonner, on the other hand, comes via East Mississippi Junior College, and is most likely to chip in right away.

Colorado State   
The class is heavy on ... Quarterbacks. Billy Farris is gone opening up a hole at quarterback, and while there are options in Grant Stucker and Klay Kubiak waiting to step in, JUCO transfer Jon Eastman will be in the mix right away, Nico Ranieri might be the most talented player of the bunch, but the new recruit might have to wait around for a few years before getting his shot.

104. Utah State  
The class is heavy on ... JUCO. New head coach Gary Andersen is looking to make an impact early on, and he needed more bodies to do it. While the incoming junior college players will mostly be used for depth, the program needed players to push for spots and to provide more competition. OT Christian Browne-Frazier and LB Reuben Willis will do that.

105. Wyoming   
The class is heavy on ... Quarterbacks. The rest of the class is mediocre, at generous best, but the quarterback recruits might be the best in the Mountain West. Austyn Carta-Samuels isn’t big, he isn’t fast, but he’s a player who could be the franchise sooner than later. For now, considering the woes at quarterback last season, the signing of JUCO transfer Robert Benjamin is a nod toward the present.

106. Nevada  
The class is heavy on ... Quarterbacks. With Colin Kaepernick set to be the franchise for the next few years, Nevada’s two new passers, Mason Magelby and David Fales, will get plenty of time to develop. However, JUCO transfer Maurice Patterson is a good-looking receiver who’ll get Kaepernick throwing to him this year.

107. Kent State  
The class is heavy on ... Wide receivers. There aren’t a lot of them, but a team that has been so reliant on the running game got a few decent targets to help the passing attack. Is Tyshon Goode a running back or a receiver? It doesn’t matter; he’s the best incoming playmaker who could make an impact right away in a variety of ways. The defensive line was all but ignored.

108. Navy  
The class is heavy on ... quarterbacks and running backs. This was a huge class for Navy loaded with linebackers, receivers, and mostly players for the backfield. There are four quarterback prospects and all of them can move. Kenneth Cluley fits the mold, while Jarvis Cummings is even faster. At least two of the signal callers will move to another spot. Also coming in are seven running backs, and outside of Matt Warrick, they’re all smallish and quick. There isn’t a thumping fullback in the group.

109. Toledo    
The class is heavy on ... Defensive backs. There are several decent incoming defensive ends/linebackers, and the passing game got a boost for the future, but it’s the secondary that got the most help with four corner prospects, led by the lightning fast Byron Best, and safety Jermaine Robinson, who might be ready to play right away.

110. Army  
The class is heavy on ... receivers. The program went from being all about running, and then it became about throwing the ball, and then it tried to be Navy. Now the team needs players to fit the system, which will be an option running attack that still throws the ball, and while plenty of running backs were brought in, the team needed pass catchers. Five wide receivers were signed with Scott Williams, a speedster out of southern California, a potential field stretcher.

111. Akron     
The class is heavy on ... Wide receivers. The immediate help is at cornerback, but the bulk is at receiver. There aren’t any five-star, sure-thing prospects, but there are a lot of them with various types and sizes. New QB Patrick Nicely, a passer, will have targets to work with once he becomes part of the mix in three years.

112. Ohio
The class is heavy on ... Hope for last year’s class. Last year’s class was about boosting up the passing game, and this year’s group is really, really light in all areas. There weren’t a lot of openings, so the staff went heavy on a few stars. Jon Lechner could be a special offensive tackle, while LB Dylan Reda should be a good one.

113. Eastern Michigan  
The class is heavy on ... Defensive line. The last few classes have addressed the offense with a bulk of prospects coming in, and this year’s smallish class got a little bit of help on the ends. Melvin Crews is more of a tweener and Devon Davis should be moved to linebacker early on until he hits the weights, but Orlando McCord could grow into a player early on.

114. Idaho  
The class is heavy on ... Variety. What do you get for the team that needs everything? The class is spread out over all the positions with enough JUCO players here and there to provide a few more options, while the top position might be linebacker with Jared Heston and Conrad Scheidt arguably the team’s best recruits. The junior college players help boost this class, only because the team needs players. CB Kevin Williams and WR Michael Lindsey will almost certainly play right away.

115. Buffalo     
The class is heavy on ... Offensive line. The small class didn’t get much in the way of bulk talent, but a few decent offensive linemen, especially at guard, are coming in to build for the future. There aren’t a lot of holes to fill right away with depth already built in from the last two classes, and this class showed it.

Arkansas State
The class is heavy on ... Receivers. QB Phillip Butterfield is the star of the show here, and he’ll have plenty of targets to work with including Carlos McCants, a smallish, quick receiver who should be a number one target at some point. JUCO transfer Lucious Henderson is for right now. The defense was almost completely ignored.

117. Air Force    
The class is heavy on ... Defense. As always, Air Force had to get a specific type of player, and as always, it went with smallish, quick defenders for the line and the secondary. Dan Zotto leads the way up front, while head coach Troy Calhoun brought in a few short, athletic corners. James Chambers could be a fixture at inside linebacker sooner than later.

North Texas
The class is heavy on ... Receivers. If you’re going to run the offense head coach Todd Dodge wants to run, you need targets. The Mean Green passing game got an influx of receivers with two JUCO transfers for right now in Jamaal Jackson and Mike Outlaw, while freshman Daniel Mayberry might be the most talented of the lot.

119. UL Lafayette  
The class is heavy on ... Defensive line. The receiving corps is also a strength, but the stars are on the defensive front with two JUCO transfers, Tyrell Gaddies for the middle and Jordan Topp for inside or out. Two of the team’s best recruits are for the future with Brandon McCray a top tackle and Justin Anderson an interesting tweener who could end up at linebacker or in a hybrid role.

New Mexico State
The class is heavy on ... Defensive tackle. New head coach DeWayne Walker is a defensive coach by trade and he wanted to start off his era by improving the interior of the defense … now. Three JUCO transfers are coming in, John Finau, D’Juan Yates, and Vincent Federico, and they’re all expected to make an impact. Walker was also able to get two JUCO receivers, William Bullock and Marcus Allen, who would’ve been big-time producers in the Hal Mumme era.

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