2009 NFL Draft/Post-Combine - Tight Ends
Wisconsin TE Travis Beckum
Wisconsin TE Travis Beckum
Posted Feb 24, 2009

Where do the top tight end prospects rank as the Combine and the workouts finish up? Along with the positives and the negatives for each top prospect, here's the initial ranking for the 2009 NFL Draft tight end class.

2009 NFL Draft

Post-Workout Rankings

The Top Tight End Prospects

By Pete Fiutak 

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1. Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State 6-5, 263
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: For the supposed No. 1 tight end, he didn't look like it. He was every bit as big as expected, and he was quick through the shuttle, but he ran a horrendous 4.85 and only came up with 22 reps. Basically, he didn't do anything special.

Positives: Great size, strength and speed for a tight end … Excellent hands. Very soft … Willing, tough blocker.
Negatives: Doesn’t always play up to his talent. Too many skills to not be dominant all the time … Character issues after issues with the law in early 2008 … Not a field stretcher.

2. Jared Cook, South Carolina 6-5, 246
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: One of the biggest stars of the Combine. Great in the drills and very consistent, he stunned everyone with a 4.5 and a 10'3" broad jump.

Positives: Great receiver … Big-time strong … Plays like a much smaller player in the passing game.
Negatives: Not a polished route runner … So-so blocker. Doesn’t seem to like to do it … Might need a fire lit under him.

3. Travis Beckum, Wisconsin 6-3, 243
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Still recovering from injury, he didn't run, but he showed his competitiveness by throwing up a tight end-best 28 reps. The concern is about his lack of size, but his strength will help go along with his tremendous receiving skills

Positives: Superior receiver … Fast. Very fast for a tight end … Great route runner.
Negatives: Major durability concerns …. Undersized. Willing blocker, but he can’t do it … Got pushed around too much.

4. Chase Coffman, Missouri 6-6, 244
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Still getting over an ankle injury, he didn't run and didn't lift. The stats didn't lie; he's really 6-6 and athletic looking.

Positives: Superior receiver … Fought through injuries and still produced … Elite hands and route running ability.
Negatives: Not a bulky blocker. Built like a big wide receiver … Not fast enough … He isn’t going to beat anyone up in the running game.

5. James Casey, Rice 6-4, 246
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Casey came ready to produce. He only ran a 4.78, but he was tremendously quick through the drills and pulled a stunner with 28 reps on the bench.

Positives: Excellent receiver … Good speed. Can stretch the field … Will take the big pop. Is never afraid to go over the middle.
Negatives: Old. 25 going into the draft. Spent three years playing minor league baseball … Not big. Will try to block, but won’t be too effective.

6.  Shawn Nelson, Southern Miss 6-5, 240
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny:
While he moved well, he didn't move well enough. The 19 reps on the bench showed just how far he needs to go to get bigger and stronger, while the 4.56 showed that he's a true H back. He might get the dreaded tweener tag.
Positives: A big, talented receiver … A good fighter. Will battle for the ball … Can get bigger and stronger.
Negatives: Needs to hit the weights … Gets beaten too much as a run blocker … Not a polished route runner.

7. Dan Gronkowski, Maryland 6-5, 255
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He had a nice Combine doing a little bit of everything well. He was big, looked big, ran well, was fluid, and cranked out 26 reps on the bench.

Positives: Smart … Extremely strong and a big blocker … Busts his tail.
Negatives: Good blocker, but not an elite one … Not speedy … Isn’t going to be a big-time target.

Cornelius Ingram, Florida 6-4, 245
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: A disappointment. He wasn't nearly as athletic as expected, didn't do anything special on the bench, and he ran a pedestrian 4.68 for a player who was supposed to live off his wheels.

Positives: A big receiver and a small tight end. That’s not a negative … Ultra-athletic. Played quarterback in high school … Could be a cornerstone receiver.
Negatives: Coming off an injury … Not a blocker at the next level … Undersized. Won’t overpower anyone.

9. Ryan Purvis, Boston College 6-4, 255
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine

Positives: Solid target who doesn’t make mistakes … Big body. Solid blocker … A fighter. Will get nasty when he needs to.
Negatives: Doesn’t do any one thing at an elite level … Needs work as a route runner …. Not an athlete.

10. Anthony Hill, NC State 6-5, 262
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: For his size, it wasn't a bad Combine. The 4.8 40 was a nice treat, but the 21 reps on the bench weren't anything special for a player who's supposed to be a big, physical blocker.

Positives: Big, strong receiver and a good target … Reliable. Sucks the ball in … Can be a big-time blocker.
Negatives: Not a deep threat. Won’t stretch the field … Concerns about reconstructed knee … A small tackle playing tight end.

11. John Phillips, Virginia  6-5, 251
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He had a nice workout. He moved well through the drills and was quick in his change of direction. The hands are nice and he showed the athleticism he needed to show off.

Positives: Will fight to get open … A good blocker for his size … Has room to get bigger.
Negatives: A mediocre athlete … Not enough deep speed … A try-hard type who’ll have to battle for everything.

12. Jamarko Simmons, Western Michigan 6-2, 245
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine

Positives: A wide receiver who’ll be an H-Back at the next level … Ultra-productive target with the potential to be a matchup nightmare in the right system … Fiery. Wants the ball.
Negatives: Too slow to be a wide receiver, not big enough to be a tight end. A true tweener … Emotional. Sometimes not for his own good … He’ll have to find the right fit. Won’t be for every team.
13. David Johnson, Arkansas State 6-2, 260
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He lightened up a bit and it helped his quickness. He only ran a 4.73, but he moved well.

Positives: Huge, thick blocker who’s great for the running game … Will destroy tacklers … Can move for his size.
Negatives: Isn’t a natural receiver, but to be fair, he wasn’t used much … Likely more of a fullback/blocker than an all-around tight end.

14. Branden Ledbetter, Western Michigan 6-5, 230
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine

Positives: Tremendous receiver … Strong route runner … Can stretch the field. Is an H-Back.
Negatives: Not big … A tweener, and not fast enough to be a wide receiver … Mediocre blocker.

15. Kory Sperry, Colorado State 6-6, 238
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Sperry came up with a great Combine with tremendous athleticism and a nice 4.77 40. He was one of the best in the bunch in the short drills.

Positives: Tough veteran who grew into a nice receiver … Can be used in a variety of areas. Good blocker and good receiver … Good with the ball in his hands.
Negatives: Not a big blocker … Has past knee concerns. Reconstructed knee … Not big enough to be a true tight end. Not fast enough to be a receiver.

16. Bear Pascoe, Fresno State 6-5, 251
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny:
Didn't look all that smooth. The 4.95 was a disaster, and he seemed to struggle through the cones.
Positives: Nice receiver, good athlete for his size … Big-time blocker. Loves to hit … Always gets the extra yards.
Negatives: Isn’t a special receiver … Not a great route runner … Lacks speed.

17. Jared Bronson, Central Washington 6-4, 253
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: While he was athletic, he wasn't quite fast enough or athletic enough to overcome his lack of strength. He didn't lift.

Positives: Excellent athlete … Can really move and will catch like a wide receiver … Can make big plays deep.
Negatives: Not even a little bit physical … Needs to work on route running … Old. 24 years old.

18. Rob Myers, Utah State 6-3, 243
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't work out. With his athleticism, he'll need get his share of attention in the coming weeks.

Positives: Fast. Has the potential to be a top field stretcher in time … Will work to get better. Will be very coachable.
Negatives: Needs to get bigger and a lot stronger … Not a blocker at the NFL level. A good receiver, but he needs some polish.
19. Brian Mandeville, Northeastern 6-6, 258
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny:
He didn't run and didn't work out. Worse yet, for a player of his size, he had incredibly small hands.
Positives: Excellent athlete … Willing to make the tough catch across the middle … Room to get bigger.
Negatives: Not physical … Can get beaten up. He won’t block anyone … Will get outmuscled by NFL defensive backs.

20. Richard Quinn, North Carolina  6-4, 264
Pre-Combine Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: With good size, he looked good enough to become a future in-line starter. He ran a 4.85 with 24 lifts, it wasn't a bad Combine.

Positives: Very strong. A great blocker who finishes well … Good hands with good upside as a receiver … Looks the part.
Negatives: Not an athlete. Isn’t going to blow by anyone … Not a natural route runner … Lacks speed.