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2009 NFL Draft - The CFN Top 250 (4th Round)
Arizona WR Mike Thomas
Arizona WR Mike Thomas
Posted Feb 26, 2009

CFN's Top 250 Draft Prospects for 2009. Here are the players with fourth round talent.

2009 NFL Draft

CFN Top 250 Prospects

Fourth Round Worthy - 101 to 133

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By Pete Fiutak 

What happens when you combine the real, live, on-field production of the college careers of all the top NFL prospects with raw workout numbers and practices? The CFN Top 250 players for the 2009 NFL Draft. Please note, this isn't a prediction or a projection of where the prospects will go. Instead, it's a ranking based on apparent talent, safety and risk, and the potential to be a bona fide NFL starter. These are the best 250 prospects regardless of position.

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101. Ricky-Jean Francois, DT LSU  6-3, 295
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't run, the 25 times he lifted isn't good enough for a player known for his strength against the run. His strength is more functional than weight room.
Positives: He has “it.” The skills are there to be special … Extremely strong and did it without maximizing his potential … Massive upside as a pass rusher or as an anchor against the run.
Negatives: Superstar high school prospect who never lived up to the hype … Major character and maturity issues … Has all the skills, but doesn’t use them all and doesn’t have a great motor.  

Louis Vasquez
, OG Texas Tech 6-5, 333
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He wasn't just strong, he was phenomenally strong. He led everyone on the day with a whopping 39 lifts on the bench. He used that power to blast through the weight room.
Positives: Extremely quick for his size … Great in pass protection … Great athlete who could play tackle.
Negatives: Not as much of a mauler as he should be … Might not be suited for a power offense despite his size and strength.

Asher Allen
, CB Georgia  5-9, 194
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: With a slow group of corners trying to lumber through, Allen's 4.47 stood out. The 22 reps in the weight room helped show that he should be able to play bigger than his size.
Positives: Big-time upside … Great in coverage. Will erase receivers when he’s on ... Excellent athleticism. Fluid.
Negatives: Not big and not all that physical … Still needs work. Was hardly polished … Quick, but not necessarily fast.

104. Jason Phillips
, ILB TCU  6-1, 239
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: It was a surprising performance from a defender pigeon-holed into the inside. He was far, far more athletic than expected with a fantastic 4.32 time in the shuttle and an explosive 10-foot jump in the long jump. He didn't always look smooth, but he helped himself in a big way by showing he could be used in a variety of ways.
Positives: A fighter. Fiesty leader … Good instincts. Knows where he’s supposed to be … Tough. Will battle to get to the ball.
Negatives: Not a form tackler … Decent quickness, but he might only be an inside linebacker … Will need to be surrounded by athletes.

Pannel Egboh, DE Stanford  6-6, 276
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Was even bigger than expected but moved like a much smaller lineman. He shockingly moved through the short drills without a problem and ran a good 4.9. The broad jump of 9-6 was also excellent. He really helped himself.
Positives: Great when he gets on the move … A fast closer. With a little tweaking, he could be an unstoppable pass rusher … Long. Tall and big.
Negatives: Not flashy out of the box. Little explosion … Still needs work. Not refined … Plays too tall. Has to learn to do more to get down and get under pads.

106. Brandon Tate
, WR North Carolina  6-0, 183
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Still not 100% healthy after his knee injury, he didn't run or work out. But he showed off big hands.
Positives: Unstoppable at times when he was healthy … A great returner … Phenomenal athlete with basketball skills.
Negatives: Got knocked out in 2008 with a knee injury … It was a major knee injury … Not quite as quick as he is fast. Will need to show explosiveness after his injury.

Cary Harris, CB USC  5-11, 187
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He came in with a reputation for not being a great athlete, and he wasn't, He didn't look all that smooth in the drills, lumbered a bit, and ran a mediocre 4.58 in the 40.
Positives: Try-hard player who’s always working … Smart. Doesn’t make mistakes … Very good tackler who could be used in a variety of ways.
Negatives: Not a special athlete … Not necessarily a ball-hawk … A better tackler than a cover-corner.

108. Louis Murphy
, WR Florida 6-2, 203
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't generate much of an overall buzz, his 4.43 proved he has the deep speed to deserve a longer look.
Positives: Home run hitter … Can turn it on and blow past top-shelf corners … Underappreciated. Publicity lost on a team of top players and in the shadow of Percy Harvin.
Negatives: Overall route running ability … Has grown into a hard worker, but it took a while … Needs a bit more polish.

Donald Washington, CB Ohio State  6-0, 197
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Known as the other Ohio State corner to Malcolm Jenkins, and not considered too smart for coming out early, he became the prospect who made everyone scramble for game tape. The 4.5 in the 40 was a bit strange, he's faster than that, but he came up with one of the best leaps in Combine history with a 45" vertical. The 11'3" broad jump had the other prospects bug-eyed.
Positives: Extremely fast, extremely athletic … A big-play performer. Had to be avoided, even though Malcolm Jenkins was on the other side … Can step in on day one and play on his athleticism alone.
Negatives: Character questions … Not a great hitter. Doesn’t always play up to his size … Doesn’t do enough against the run.

110. Ramses Barden
, WR Cal Poly 6-6, 229
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: While he slow 4.61 and only benched 17 times, but at 6-6 and 229 pounds, he was athletic enough. However, he didn't completely make up for the mediocre Senior Bowl.
Positives: Big time production … Caught 50 career touchdown passes … Produced against Wisconsin and San Diego State … Big-time size.
Negatives: Speed a concern … Struggled at the Senior Bowl … No. 1 target potential, but he’ll need to work for it. 

111. Michael Hamlin
, S Clemson 6-2, 214
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: It was a decent workout for his size. Known for being a big hitter and a physical player, he was relatively athletic in the drills. The 4.6 in the 40 was expected, but disappointing. A 4.55 would've made a big difference.
Positives: Versatile. Can play either safety spot … Excellent tackler. Extremely physical … Great against the run. Doesn’t miss.
Negatives: Needs to get bigger. He has to hit the weights hard … Not an elite athlete. Might be a free safety playing strong safety, or vice versa depending on his workouts … Will need to prove he’s fast enough on deep balls.

Tony Fiammetta, FB Syracuse 6-0, 245
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He solidified himself as the top prospect with 30 reps on the bench and a 4.61 40. It was a tremendous performance.
Positives: Athletic for a fullback … Big-hitter … Extremely strong.
Negatives: Isn’t going to handle the ball … An average receiver …Not a runner.

113. Alex Boone
, OT Ohio State   6-7, 328
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Was a bit bigger than expected and he ran well. He wasn't a natural around the cones but he made up for it with 33 reps on the bench.
Positives: Has the size, has the potential, has the look … A fighter with a nasty streak … Long arms.
Negatives: Major character issues … Never played up to his prep hype … Struggles against speed rushers.

114. Xavier Fulton
, OT Illinois 6-5, 290
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Was expected to move well, and did. His 5.03 40 looked smooth, while he was a natural with his footwork and quickness in the short drills.
Positives: Can move well …. A former defensive end who’s tough. Fought to become an offensive tackle … Good for a zone blocking team.
Negatives: Not nearly physical enough … Character concerns. Has a reconstructed knee … Needs work. Lots of work.

115. Juaquin Iglesias
, WR Oklahoma 6-1, 210
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: It wasn't a good run. Iglesias only ran a 4.56 and immediately got thrown into the possession receiver category. He didn't stand out in any way.
Positives: Extremely quick and fantastic after the catch … A good prospect as a kick returner … Ultra-competitive. Will try to be a playmaker.
Negatives: Will disappear at times, and will be lost for stretches when he’s not involved … Lacks jaw-dropping speed … Could be an ideal No. 2 target, but he isn’t going to be a No. 1.

Rashad Jennings, RB Liberty 6-1, 231
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: The 4.6 was great for his size. More impressively, he was one of the quickest backs in the field even at 231 pounds. And then there was the bench ... 29 times?!
Positives: Big back who’s great around the goal line … 42 career touchdown runs. A workhorse who carried the attack … Solid receiver for his size.
Negatives: Fumbles … Limited in his NFL potential … Produced at Liberty. Started off at Pitt. … Weight is a big issue.

117. Darcel McBath
, FS Texas Tech  6-0, 198
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He's the type of player that everyone wants. He wants to be a top player, he'll work for it, and he ran well with a 4.57. He was quick enough in the drills and did them effortlessly.
Positives: A leader. He took charge of the back seven … A great combination of speed and size … A playmaker both against the run and against the pass.
Negatives: Not a popper. Tackles, but doesn’t hit … Isn’t the best athlete … Not quite physical enough to scare anyone at the next level.

Dan Gronkowski, TE Maryland 6-5, 255
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He had a nice Combine doing a little bit of everything well. He was big, looked big, ran well, was fluid, and cranked out 26 reps on the bench.
Positives: Smart … Extremely strong and a big blocker … Busts his tail.
Negatives: Good blocker, but not an elite one … Not speedy … Isn’t going to be a big-time target.

119. Chip Vaughn
, FS Wake Forest  6-1, 221
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He was flying through the short drills like a much smaller player. With his size and speed, he showed off all the raw tools to potentially be a starter. He looked the part.
Positives: Clutch. A good playmaker when things get tight … Strong with an NFL body. Big-time hitter … Good athleticism and enough speed to get by.
Negatives: Not a fluid athlete on the field … Is a free safety, but plays like a strong safety … Might need a bit of work. Not instinctive.

George Hypolite, DT Colorado  6-1, 290
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine
Positives: Ultra-productive considering he didn’t get much help … A leader. The Buff defense worked around him. The unquestioned main man … Very quick, very tough.
Negatives: Not big. Barely 6-1 and won’t get too much bigger … Not quite strong enough to make up for his size … Not an elite athlete.

121. Mike Thomas
, WR Arizona 5-8, 195
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He helped himself. He really helped himself. While he's small, he ran a 4.4, jumped over 40", broad jumped a fantastic 10'6", and was as fluid and as seamless as possible in the drills.
Positives: Tough for his size. Played through injuries … A great battler and will work to be better … Very quick. Will find the open holes.
Negatives: Size. He’s not big enough to handle all the shots he takes … Not all that fast … Might need the right fit. Will never be a No. 1 target.

Nic Harris, OLB Oklahoma 6-2, 234
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: If there was any question whether or not he could be an NFL safety, that was quickly and decisively answered with a 4.78. He'll have to work a lot harder to get stronger, and he wasn't quite as smooth as he was supposed to be for a former defensive back, but he's an outside linebacker.
Positives: A perfect sized NFL safety … Extremely tough and a good hitter … Can play almost anywhere in the defensive back seven.
Negatives: He doesn’t have a position. He’s not fast enough to be a star NFL defensive back and not big enough to be a regular linebacker … He’ll need time to adjust to the pro game and to find one thing he can do well … Got shoved around when he played linebacker in college.

123. Kevin Ellison
, SS USC  6-1, 227
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: It wasn't good. The 32 reps on the bench might make him more of a linebacker, and the stunningly slow 4.82 in the 40 secures it. Now he has to find a spot to play.
Positives: An experienced veteran who was a leader on a defense full of leaders … Strong and extremely tough. Very physical … Takes great angles. Doesn’t waste many steps.
Negatives: Bad knees … A pure strong safety. Not athletic enough to play free safety after the knee injuries … Not great at going after the ball when it’s in the air.

124. Kenny McKinley
, WR South Carolina  6-0, 189
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He made himself a lot of money. Not only was he a bit bigger than expected, his 4.44 proved his potential deep speed. Was lightning quick in the short drills.
Positives: A battler for his size with great hands … A true go-to target who handled himself well against SEC corners … Always seems to find ways to make himself open.
Negatives: Needs to get stronger. A lot stronger … Isn’t quick enough or fast enough to make up for his lack of size … Won’t be able to block anyone. 

Zack Follett, LB California  6-2, 236
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: The Combine wasn't going to be his strong suit. However, he ran a solid 4.75 and was surprisingly athletic. He's not going to be off the charts in any of the drills, he's a bit too stiff, but he was more than fine. He's a game tape prospect.
Positives: A major-league hitter … Has no problem getting into the backfield when needed … Great motor. Goes 100% all the time.
Negatives: Not athletic enough. Won’t be able to beat people up at the next level … Only a strongside defender. Won’t play on the weakside … Might be too tough. Will hurt himself trying to fight for a tackle. 

Captain Munnerlyn
, CB South Carolina  5-9, 182
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: The technique was solid and he looked smooth overall, but for his size, he needed to rip off a great 40. 4.53 isn't going to cut it considering he was expected to be a 4.4 guy.
Positives: Extremely fast when the ball is in the air … Good physical player for his size … Can move and adjust on the fly as well as any of the corners.
Negatives: Not big. He’ll get picked on by big NFL receivers … Struggled to stay healthy. Not afraid to hit, and that was a problem at times … Gave up too many big plays.

Cullen Harper
, QB Clemson 6-3, 225
Position Rank: 6
Post-Combine Skinny: Lifted 225 19 times. He ran well enough and he was more than fine throwing it.
Positives: Good arm and mobility … Got through a tough situation last year … Tough and competitive.
Negatives: He didn’t produce as expected with the spotlight on … Has work to do on delivery … Tries to do too much at times.

Matt Shaughnessy
, DE Wisconsin  6-5, 266
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: It was a good weekend for the oft-injured Badger. He showed the quickness of a smaller player and ran a 4.88. The 24 bench presses were fine. Basically, he proved he can be a regular contributor, but he's not going to be a star.
Positives: A great combination of quickness and strength … Able to play just about anywhere on the line. Plays bigger than his size … Good worker.
Negatives: Has to get stronger and bigger, but might not be able to bulk up too much more without losing his quickness … Injury issues. Tore his ACL and broke his leg … Not fluid. Not a natural pass rusher.

129. Jarett Dillard
, WR Rice 5-10, 191
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: There was no questioning his college production, and now there's no questioning his athleticism. His 4.53 was decent, but the 42" vertical raised some eyebrows. The 10'9" broad jump was special. However, he has small hands.
Positives: An all-timer of a producer … Excellent athlete who can jump out of the stadium … A scoring machine. Great around the goal line.
Negatives: Lacks elite speed … Needs to prove he can be an NFL route runner, and needs to work a bit … Needs to get stronger.

Domonique Johnson, CB Jackson State  6-1, 197
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: For his size, the 4.5 was good enough to open up a few eyes. He didn't always look smooth as silk, but he proved he belonged with the big boys.
Positives: He has all the tools. Fast, big, and athletic … Dangerous with the ball in his hands. A playmaker … Will work out extremely well.
Negatives: Where is his position? He looks like a big corner, but he’ll likely be tried out as a free safety, too … Competition level … Not a big enough hitter to be a top NFL safety.

Dorrell Scott
, DT Clemson  6-4, 312
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He did a good job. He lifted well (29 times), ran better (a 4.95), and looked every bit like the type of prospect who could hang around a line for a decade. If his conditioning is a question, he came through strong in Indy.
Positives: Looks the part. Has the size, frame, and skills to be special … Can’t be blocked by just one player on a regular basis … Polished. Ready to step in and produce.
Negatives: Does he really want to be a star? … Doesn’t necessarily have the high motor and needs to be more fit … While he was good in college, he never quite put it all together.

132. Worrell Williams
, ILB California  5-11, 240
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Is he for the inside or the outside? He was athletic enough to play on the outside, but he appears to be more of an inside presence even with a pedestrian 23 reps. He had a good enough workout to help himself overall, but it wasn't a special weekend.
Positives: Can play anywhere in the linebacking corps … Makes huge plays. Huge hitter … Fast enough. Always around the ball.
Negatives: Not all that tall. Squatty … Needs to find one position he can master at an NFL level … Goes for the big pop too often.

Rhett Bomar, QB Sam Houston State 6-2, 225
Position Rank: 7
Post-Combine Skinny: A bit erratic with his throws, but he ran well, moved well, and lifted an benched 25 reps.
Positives: Great arm and excellent physical skills … Fiery competitor. … Made the players around him better at SHSU.
Negatives: Didn’t face top-shelf competition … Reconstructed knee … Not huge.

How good are the prospects?  
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