2009 NFL Draft - The CFN Top 250 (6th Round)
Tennessee OL Anthony Parker
Tennessee OL Anthony Parker
Posted Feb 26, 2009

CFN's Top 250 Draft Prospects for 2009. Here are the players with sixth round talent.

2009 NFL Draft

CFN Top 250 Prospects

Sixth Round Worthy - 167 to 199

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By Pete Fiutak 

What happens when you combine the real, live, on-field production of the college careers of all the top NFL prospects with raw workout numbers and practices? The CFN Top 250 players for the 2009 NFL Draft. Please note, this isn't a prediction or a projection of where the prospects will go. Instead, it's a ranking based on apparent talent, safety and risk, and the potential to be a bona fide NFL starter. These are the best 250 prospects regardless of position.

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167. Anthony Parker, OG Tennessee 6-2, 297
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't run the 40, but he lifted and came up with a nice 24 lifts. Long wingspan.
Positives: Versatile. Could move to center … Great base with good balance … Excellent all-around blocker.
Negatives: Lacks elite quickness … Doesn’t dominate even when he gets a hold on a defender … Could stand to be more of a mauler.

Glen Coffee
, RB Alabama 6-1, 209
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Ran well enough for his size with a 4.58 and lifted an impressive 24 times. Looked the part.
Positives: Productive star in the SEC … Good around the goal line and between the 20s … Quick through the line.
Negatives: Isn’t special in any one area … Injury concerns. Banged up throughout Bama career … Not an NFL-caliber receiver.

Coye Francies
, CB San Jose State  6-0, 185
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He had everyone buzzing by looking smooth throughout all the drills and cutting on a dime, and the 24 reps in the weight room didn't hurt. And then there was the 40. A 4.62, and there went the potential for being this year's hot mover up the charts.
Positives: Decent speed and all-around athleticism … Stepped up and played well when challenged, including the post-season workouts … Will hit. Not afraid to step up against the run.
Negatives: Not experienced. Only had one real year of experience at San Jose State after getting suspended from Oregon State … Not bulky. Will try to be physical, but that won’t work outside of the WAC … Mediocre hands.

Jerraud Powers
, CB Auburn  5-9, 188
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He had a nice day. Criticized for coming out early when he could've upped his stock with a good senior year, he came up with a nice 4.47 in the 40 and was one of the quickest players in the Combine in the shuttle.
Positives: Looks the part even with his size. Strong … Willing tackler who’s great at coming up with the big stop … Good athlete who showed big-time upside early in his career.
Negatives: Needs work to be a player and not just a great athlete … Didn’t show quite what he could do last year because he was hurt … Big on potential, but some team will have to be patient.

Mitch King
, DE/DT Iowa 6-1, 280
Position Rank:
14 (as a defensive end)
Post-Combine Skinny: Expected to be a tweener, he did nothing to dispel the notion. Too small to be a regular tackle, he might only be a 3-4 end. The 4.89 in the 40 and the quickness helped, but the 23 reps were a bit light.
Positives: Ultra-productive inside playmaker who was around every play … Nasty. Plays with a big-time attitude … Uses his leverage well. Lack of height has been an advantage so far.
Negatives: A tweener. Not fast enough to play end and not strong enough, or big enough, to be an NFL tackle … Might need the right team to be productive … Not a closer. He doesn’t get to the quarterback.

Will Davis
, DE Illinois  6-2, 261
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Illinois players always seem to work out well. Davis came through with a good combination of speed and athleticism running a 4.88 to go along with 27 bench presses. He still might be a bit of a tweener, but he's not quick enough to be a linebacker.
Positives: Great athlete … Former wide receiver who’s still growing into his potential … Can be a dangerous situational pass rusher.
Negatives: Needs a lot of polish … He’s not a run stopper yet. He needs to keep bulking up … Needs to be consistent.

Antoine Caldwell
, C Alabama 6-3, 309
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Disappointing. The 40 time is hardly a big deal for centers, but the 5.23 was slow and he wasn't all that athletic. The 24 reps was an eye-opener.
Positives: Extremely smart … Very quick and great on the move … Can be moved to guard.
Negatives: Can be pushed around by bigger tackles … Needs a little work on his technique … Could stand to be nastier as a run blocker.

Hunter Cantwell
, QB Louisville 6-4, 235
 Position Rank: 10
Post-Combine Skinny: Big and lumbering. His delivery change from the Senior Bowl was a plus. Measured big.
Positives: Great size and excellent arm …. Looks the part and could be good with the right coaching.
Negatives: A statue … Needs a lot of seasoning and reps. Only started one year and was average.

Jon Cooper
, C Oklahoma 6-2, 291
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He added enough weight to be a far more attractive prospect. He also did a little of everything right with decent speed and quickness to go along with 31 reps.
Positives: Great leader. Could be a quarterback for a line … Smart. Great at making the calls … Used to being in charge of elite blockers.
Negatives: Too small and isn’t going to get much bigger or stronger … Not quite a good enough athlete to overcome size issues.

Kyle Moore
, DE USC  6-5, 272
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: A slight disappointment. He was big and wasn't stiff, but he didn't do anything special. He needs to get stronger and he has to show more explosion in short range.
Positives: One of the stronger ends … Good athleticism. Good on the move … Has all the tools. He could blossom in the right system and the right coach.
Negatives: Needs to have a fire lit under him … Underachieved. Was fine, but wasn’t special … Too soft. Will get shoved around too often.

Derek Walker
, DE Illinois  6-4, 268
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Known for being a strong defender, the 24 reps was a bit underwhelming. However, he was extremely quick and moved in the shuttle and cone drills with ease. He helped himself and now should flirt with the third round.
Positives: Works hard. Doesn’t just rely on his size … Very strong and very physical against the run … A good football player. He wants to be good. Always working.
Negatives: Not a natural pass rusher. Might have to be in a 3-4 … Would be better as a small tackle than a true end … Decent in all areas. Not elite in any one way.

Nathan Brown
, QB Central Arkansas 6-1, 219
Position Rank: 11
Post-Combine Skinny: Didn't run a fast 40 (4.91), but was athletic to make up for his lack of size.
Positives: Ultra-productive bomber … Very accurate. Good winner … Solid arm.
Negatives: Central Arkansas … Not mobile enough for his size … Small. Too small.

Darryl Richard
, DT Georgia Tech  6-3, 303
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Known for his strength as a player, the 17 reps on the bench was a major negative. He's not known for his speed and quickness, so he has to show he can do something well at the NFL level.
Positives: Rock steady. Lunchpail type who’ll work well next to a top tackle … Gets moving. Will find ways to get to the ball on hustle … Strong. Holds up well. Great size.
Negatives: Limited athleticism … Not fast or particularly quick … he won’t get into the backfield on a regular basis.

Drew Willy
, QB Buffalo 6-3, 215
Position Rank: 15
Post-Combine Skinny: If you liked him before, you love him now. Wasn't too fast, but was athletic. Moved well.
Positives: Veteran four-year starter … Nice game manager and good leader … Accurate.
Negatives: Not a great athlete … Good arm, not great.

Lawrence Sidbury
, DE Richmond  6-2, 266
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He needed to come up with a great Combine to make up for the lack of D-I experience issue. With 28 reps, a 4.64 40, and explosion and quickness in the short drills, he proved he's a prospect worthy of developing. He did everything he needed to do to be on the radar.
Positives: Good pass rusher … Long, athletic body with room to grow … Hits like a ton of bricks.
Negatives: Has to prove he can do it against top shelf competition … Needs to get bigger and stronger … Has relied on athleticism so far.

Trevor Canfield
, OG Cincinnati 6-4, 307
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: The former Bearcat had a strong workout. He lifted 20 times and was just athletic enough to dominate at times.
Positives: Can play either guard spot … Great athlete … Great for a finesse offense.
Negatives: Not a mauler … Can be shoved around a bit … Has to keep weight in check.

Jeremiah Johnson
, RB Oregon 5-9, 209
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Disappointing. The 4.67 was a disaster considering he slimmed down. Wasn't nearly quick enough in the drills to make up for it.
Positives: Good functional speed … Tough for his size … Great burst once he gets through a hole.
Negatives: Torn ACL in 2007 … Not necessarily a workhorse. Will likely need to split time (but that could be a plus on the right team) … Shoulder issue.

Javarris Williams
, RB Tennessee State  5-9, 219
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Showed off nice speed and excellent strength. The 4.52 was excellent; the 25 lifts were better.
Positives: Phenomenal athlete … Good scorer. Wants the ball around the goal line … Good quickness through the hole.
Negatives: Not a proven receiver … Not a strong runner … Missing special ability in any one way.

Marlon Favorite
, DT LSU  6-1, 310
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine
Positives: Always moving. Fights to get into the backfield … A leader. Good character … Will work to make himself better.
Negatives: Never quite lived up to his immense prep hype … Doesn’t have room to get any bigger in a positive way … Didn’t produce enough despite having an NFL line around him.

186. Jeremy Childs
, WR Boise State 6-0, 200
 Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He ran a disastrous 4.62. He was quick in the other drills, but he just pigeonholed himself as a possession receiver.
Positives: Dangerous. A productive playmaker whenever he had the ball in his hands … Physical for his size … Good, willing blocker.
Negatives: Character issues. Was suspended for academic issues … Not a blazer for his size … Needs to be a more efficient route runner.

187. Mohamed Massaquoi
, WR Georgia 6-2, 210
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't show off anything special outside of his jumping ability. The 4.6 wasn't great for his size, but the 10'7" broad jump was fantastic.
Positives: Excellent speed. Great on the outside and great at getting deep … A battler. He’s a baller who’ll fight for the ball … Nice quickness against physical defenders.
Negatives: Average hands … While he beefed up a bit, he’s still wiry and lanky … Good wheels, but doesn’t separate. 

Andy Kemp, OG Wisconsin 6-5, 313
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: While not a difference maker, he didn't stand out in the workouts. He was good, but nothing special.
Positives: Big body who’s tough to get around … Tough. Played through a broken hand.
Negatives: Not strong enough for his size … Not a good athlete. A statue.

Marlon Lucky
, RB Nebraska 5-11, 216
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Was fine, but didn't stand out. A decent 4.59 in the 40 didn't make up for average quickness in the drills.
Positives: Good all-around skills … Good runner who could be a nice starter for stretches … Excellent receiver.
Negatives: Not fast … Not a power runner … Durability concerns.

190. Stephen Hodge
, SS TCU 6-0, 234
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: One of the stunners among the defensive backs, he didn't look like an athletic free safety in the drills, but he ripped off a 4.49 in the 40 and came up with 22 reps in the weight room. At 234 pounds, he has the size to go along with the surprising speed.
Positives: Fast for the position. Great on the move … A star special teamer. He’ll make a roster on that alone … Big time hitter. Brings the thunder with every tackle.
Negatives: More of a linebacker than a true safety … Will have to do far different things in the NFL than he did at TCU … Fast, but not necessarily quick.

Tyrell Sutton, RB Northwestern 5-8, 211
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Didn't show off any speed, running a slow 4.65, but was decent in a few of the drills. He needed to be more athletic.
Positives: Great all-around back who can catch as well as run … A stronger runner than his size … Can be used in a variety of ways.
Negatives: Injury issues. Gets banged up too much … Not necessarily a burner for his size … Tries hard, but isn’t a blocker.

192. Joshua Mauga
, ILB Nevada  6-2, 243
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't work out, he showed up and showed long arms, a decent look, and solid size. He'll have to run and show off a little athleticism to make a little bit of noise.
Positives: Major-league producer. Great tackler … Can play inside or out … Tough. Will play through injuries.
Negatives: Not fast enough to play on the outside on a regular basis … A bit too physical. Gets hurt … Decent athlete. Not great.

193. Bradley Fletcher
, FS/CB Iowa 6-0, 196
Position Rank:
19 (as a safety)
Post-Combine Skinny: No one will know exactly where to put him, but he might be the type of prospect who someone will fall in love with. He could be a lightning fast safety after running a 4.47, or he could be a big corner.
Positives: Great size for a corner. Was fantastic in post-season all-star workouts and practices … Will likely make his money as a nickelback or free safety. Will be a great centerfielder … Can hit and move.
Negatives: He doesn’t have a position … Not experienced. Only got it done for one year … A good tackler, but not an intimidating hitter in any way.

John Phillips, TE Virginia  6-5, 251
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: He had a nice workout. He moved well through the drills and was quick in his change of direction. The hands are nice and he showed the athleticism he needed to show off.
Positives: Will fight to get open … A good blocker for his size … Has room to get bigger.
Negatives: A mediocre athlete … Not enough deep speed … A try-hard type who’ll have to battle for everything.

P.J. Hill
, RB Wisconsin 5-11, 222
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Didn't work out, but he was there and he slimmed down. Small hands won't help fumbling issue.
Positives: Powerful downhill runner … Great scorer … A closer. Great late in games … Decent receiver.
Negatives: Not fast … Injury issues. Got dinged up over the last few years. Took a pounding … Has to keep weight in check.

Kaluka Maiava
, OLB USC  6-0, 229
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Way too small to be considered a regular linebacker and not athletic enough to be a safety, Maiava was originally considered nothing more than a strong college player who doesn't have an NFL position. And then he came up with 30 reps on the bench and was lightning quick in the short drills. The 4.77 in the 40 ended any dreams of putting him at safety.
Positives: Productive on a defense full of producers ... Extremely quick. Cuts on a dime ... A tough, strong tackler who plays bigger than his size.
Negatives: He doesn't have an NFL position ... Way too small to be a regular linebacker ... Not fast enough with the deep speed to even be considered at safety.

Graham Harrell
, QB Texas Tech 6-2, 223
Position Rank: 13
Post-Combine Skinny: He was exactly as expected. Didn't run well, but threw fine when he wasn't under pressure.
Positives: Ultra-productive … Tough as nails, especially for his size. Doesn’t get rattled … Great tough and timing.
Negatives: Doesn’t have an NFL arm … System quarterback who needs work under center … Not tall.

Blake Schlueter
, C  TCU 6-3, 285
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine
Positives: Extremely strong … Always working. Always going 100 miles per hour … Quick.
Negatives: Will struggle to get bigger and maintain weight … He isn’t going to be a dominant starter … Likely a long-snapper.

199. Marcus McClinton
, FS Kentucky 6-0, 210
Position Rank:
Post-Combine Skinny: A physical, tough defender, he needed to show off a little speed. He did it. The 4.56 was more than fine for the type of player he is, and now he might be a fast strong safety and not just automatically considered a free safety.
Positives: Was productive and has the tools … Great tackler who’s extremely physical … Great closing speed.
Negatives: Major character concerns … Always banged up. Hits too big and gets hurt … Doesn’t play up to his talent level.

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