ASK CFN - Can Ole Miss Win The BCS Title?
Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead
Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead
Posted Mar 21, 2009

Are the Rebels good enough to win it all? What coach has the best ten wins of all-time? Who has the best home field advantage over the last six years? Can a Texas fan root for Oklahoma? All this and more in the latest ASK CFN.

By Pete Fiutak
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I’m a die-hard Texas fan. I bleed orange, I go to every game, and most of the away games, and I cried my eyes out in joy when Vince pulled off the national championship. So, of course, I hate Oklahoma with every fiber of my soul. However, I found myself rooting for the Sooners (at least I was on the inside) against Florida in the BCS Championship. I wanted Kansas to beat Memphis for the basketball national title last year. Am I wrong? I’m a Big 12 fan, even against the teams I normally hate. – B.M., Dallas

A: Team, Conference, God, Country.

I had a friend who is a live-and-die Michigan fan who hated it any time any Big Ten team succeeded. His view was that any time a conference team did well, there was a chance it would take a recruit away from his beloved Wolverines. Of course you want to root for your conference because a win by someone in your league ends up making you look stronger down the road. The league respect does nothing but help your team when it comes to the rankings.

But here’s the rub. It might be one thing for a Texas fan to want to see Missouri, Nebraska, or even Oklahoma State win a big game against some team from another school. It’s another to root for Oklahoma, even in a national title game against the SEC. Why? Because if the Sooners would’ve won, at some point, some OU fan would get all chest-thumpy, you’d come in contact with a boisterous alum, Billy Sims would be somewhere yelling BOOMER!, and/or it would be brought up by the media that Bob Stoops has two national titles and Mack Brown one. At that point, any time that Sooner win would be brought up you’d be grouchy.

Is home field overrated? Who has done the best job with their home field advantage?
– G.K. Dayton

A: As far as pure production, over the last six years, Boise State has been the best home team in college football going 38-1 with Oklahoma a close second going 37-1. USC has gone 35-1. In terms of winning percentage, the top 25 home teams over the last six years are 1. Boise State (38-1), 2. Oklahoma (37-1), 3. USC (35-1), 4. Ohio State (38-4), 5. Texas (33-4), 6. TCU (31-4), 7. Virginia Tech (34-5), 8. Texas Tech (32-5), 9. Troy (29-4), 10. LSU (37-6), 11. Louisville (30-5), 12. Wisconsin (34-6), 13. Florida (33-6), 14. California (30-6), 15. West Virginia (32-7), 16. Iowa (32-7), 17. Georgia (31-7), 18. Missouri (30-7), 19. Kansas (31-8), T20. Hawaii (33-9), T20. Penn State (32-9), 22. Tulsa (28-8), 23. Auburn (34-10), 24. Boston College (30-9), 25. Navy (25-8).

Is home field advantage overrated? It depends on the team. Florida, USC, or Texas could play in Timbuktu with three people watching and they’d still do just fine. Idaho could play all the top 25 teams at home and it wouldn’t matter.

(In response to my article pointing out that several of Bobby Bowden’s wins might not be worthy of being counted towards the overall total.) Both have been great coaches, BUT to overcome the Degree of Difficulty that Bobby Bowden faced when he took over Florida State is unparalleled. Joe Paterno never faced practically insurmountable obstacles. – George

A: One thing needs to be made very, very clear about my analysis of the records of Bowden and Paterno. I’m not trying to say in any way, shape, or form that Bowden is anything less than a living legend. He’s on my personnel Mount Rushmore of the greatest college football coaches ever, along with Knute Rockne, Bear Bryant, and Paterno. Pete Carroll is making a bid for a spot, but he’s missing another ten years or so on the résumé. What Bowden did to make Florida State a superpower was extraordinary, but personally, I don’t think his body of work quite compares to what Paterno has done. Take a look at the year-by-year record (Joe Paterno's Game-By-Game Wins). It’s amazing considering it’s all been done at one school. Yes, Paterno did inherit a better situation, but Penn State was a mediocre 11-9 in the two years before the JoePa era began.

Just curious, what odds do you give Ole Miss winning the SEC West?  The national title? They obviously would have to go undefeated, but they get their big games at home. I sincerely believe that they can win the National Championship. Is this expectation totally ludicrous considering we probably have the most complete team in the West with the best QB? - Andy- Jackson, MS

A: I’m not so sure about that “most complete team in the West” thing, but it might be close. LSU has holes to patch, but it could turn out to be more talented. Alabama might also have a beef with your claim. The Rebels need work in the secondary and have to replace OT Michael Oher, but you’re right; the team is fantastic.

The schedule is as nice as can be expected and the non-conference slate is a joke playing Memphis, SE Louisiana, UAB, and Northern Arizona. There’s a trip to South Carolina early on, and don’t dismiss the road game to Vanderbilt. The Commodores will be better than last year if the secondary can rebuild. As you said, all the big games are at home against Tennessee, Alabama, and LSU, and there’s no Florida or Georgia. The national title is a bit lofty a goal considering the Rebels would still have that big matzo ball hanging out there in Florida if they can win the West.  But anything less than ten wins would be a major disappointment.

I was interested to see the list of the 10 best wins for both Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno.  Each man has some truly outstanding wins listed.  The question I have for you is, in your opinion, is there any coach with a better list of top 10 wins then either of them?  And does anyone have a better top 2 then Paterno?  I would imagine that those two bowl wins rank high on the overall list of all-time wins by anyone. – Greg J.

A: There’s a summer article here. For now, as far as the best list of wins ever by a coach, it has to start with the most impressive wins by a coach, period.

I’ll do more research on this later, but for now, it’s hard to come up with a better top ten than what John McKay came up with at USC.

10. USC 20 – Notre Dame 17, 1964
9. USC 10 – Michigan 3 (1970 Rose Bowl)
8. USC 14 – Indiana 3 (1968 Rose Bowl)
7. USC 55 – Notre Dame 24, 1974

6. USC 38 – Notre Dame 28, 1970
5. USC 42 – Wisconsin 37 (1963 Rose Bowl)
4. USC 14 – UCLA 12, 1969
3. USC 42 – at Alabama 21, 1970 (Sam Cunningham game)

2. USC 42 – Ohio State 17, (1973 Rose Bowl)
1. USC 18 – Ohio State 17, (1975 Rose Bowl)

Who really deserved the 1990 National Championship? – CP

A: Colorado over Georgia Tech according to the CFN All-Time Ranking Formula. The Buffs went 11-1-1 while the Yellow Jackets went 11-0-1, but the CU schedule was better. Colorado tied a good Tennessee in the season opener and lost 23-22 to an Illinois team that finished 8-4. There was a nice win at Texas (who finished 10-2), a win over Washington (10-2 record), Oklahoma (8-3), and at Nebraska (9-3). The Buffs finished the season off with the 10-9 Orange Bowl win over Notre Dame, even though there was a phantom penalty that negated a Rocket Ismail kick return for a score. Of course, the real problem was the fifth down win over Missouri that should’ve been conceded after the fact. It wasn’t, it goes in the record books as a Buff win, and so it has to be counted in the all-time ranking equation we do.

Georgia Tech beat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl and beat a strong Clemson team that finished 10-2 and the classic 41-38 thriller over Virginia. That was about it. The lone blemish was a 13-13 tie against North Carolina, and while there were seven wins over D-I teams that finished with winning records, there weren’t as many big ones as Colorado came up with.

Suppose that for some crazy reason every BCS conference felt the need to expand and add 2 mid-major teams to each of their respective conferences. In your opinion who would go where and why?? – devin

A: The reasoning for each would be a combination of geography and the potential for instant rivalries with nearby schools. School-size and fan base is also part of the equation; it’s not just wins and losses.

ACC: East Carolina and Florida Atlantic
Big East: UCF and Marshall
Big Ten: Notre Dame (I’m making ND a mid-major for purposes of this question. I can’t come up with a second team, but if I had to pick one I’d take Northern Illinois.)
Big 12: Houston and TCU
Pac 10: BYU and Utah (But I’d also add Boise State and Fresno State)
SEC: Memphis and Southern Miss