Tuesday Question - The Non-Big 3 Heisman Pick
Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor
Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor
Posted Mar 31, 2009

Tuesday Question ... Who are the top Heisman candidates besides Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford?

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: Give your top three Heisman candidates other than the Big 3 (Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy).

A: I wrote a piece about this for today (The Top Heisman Contenders Besides Them). Out of the top prospects, here are the three I think have the best chance to get into the V.I.P. club, even if I don't believe they have a chance to win it.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: Give your top three Heisman candidates other than the Big 3 (Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy).

: 3. Terrelle Pryor, QB Ohio State or the USC starting quarterback – Forgive me for being wishy-washy here, but the winning quarterback in the Trojan-Buckeye showdown in early September will instantly be in the Heisman hunt. It's late March and I could change my mind, but I think USC will win meaning Mitch Mustain, Aaron Corp, or Matt Berkeley, will likely become the household name. Even so, if Ohio State wins, it'll be because Pryor came up with a huge, career-defining game.

2. Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State - I'm predicting a huge year for the Cowboys with Bryant being the brightest star of the bunch. While wide receivers don't win the Heisman, Bryant could be a finalist if he comes up with 20+ touchdowns and rocks in the big games against Oklahoma and Texas. 

1. Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame - Yeah, I have fully chugged the Kool-Aid. With that receiving corps and that favorable schedule, Clausen could make a huge jump up in his consistency and overall production. If he can pull out a win against USC in the middle of the season, watch how fast everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

Matthew Zemek

Q: Give your top three Heisman candidates other than the Big 3 (Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy).

A: This is an exercise akin to picking the three No. 10 seeds who will reach the Final Four.
At any rate...
3) Jeremiah Masoli, Oregon. Clearly, the West Coast's top Heisman candidate. If his whole 2009 is similar to his Holiday Bowl performance against Oklahoma State, look out.
2) Julio Jones, Alabama. The young man simply makes plays, and he's only going to get wiser as he goes along.
1) Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State. If he doesn't run out of bounds two yards short of the sticks in open space, he'll be fine. This is the one "non-Big Three" Heisman candidate who can't be compared to a 10-seed. More like a 3-seed...