2010 NFL Draft - Top 250 Prospects

Posted Aug 26, 2009

Going into the season, which players will be the hot names in NFL scouting circles? Who are the top prospects to go along with Taylor Mays, Sam Bradford, Dez Bryant, Greg Hardy and C.J. Spiller? Taking into account injuries, draft buzz, and inside info, CFN updates the list of the top 250 eligible prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft.

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Going into the 2009 college football season season, here are the top prospects to watch out for. For now, only FBS/D-I players who'll be eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft are listed.

1. Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
Preseason Skinny: Star DTs are worth their weight in gold. Star DTs who can get into the backfield and have the ability to play anywhere on the line in any scheme get the hard look at the No. 1 overall spot.

2. Taylor Mays, FS USC
Preseason Skinny: The near-perfect safety prospect with impressive size, smarts, and cornerback speed.

3. Dez Bryant, WR Oklahoma State (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: Can he stay healthy? If so, he has the type of drive and talent to be a ten-year superstar.

4. Brandon Spikes, ILB Florida
Preseason Skinny: While he might only be an inside linebacker, he's the type of defensive quarterback who makes a team his immediately.

5. Eric Berry, SS Tennessee (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: He might not be Taylor Mays as far as size and speed, but he makes more big plays.

6. Greg Hardy, DE Ole Miss
Preseason Skinny: If healthy, motivated, and with his head screwed on straight, he should be a dominant next-level pass rusher.

7. Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: He'll make everyone drool at the Combine. He could stand to be a bit bigger, but otherwise he's a prototype 4-3 end.

8. Arrelious Benn, WR Illinois (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: He has the athleticism and the quickness to be a franchise receiver, and he has the attitude (in a positive way) to make it happen.

9. Brandon LaFell, WR LSU
Preseason Skinny: If he can make the LSU passing game shine, he'll go this high. However, his numbers might not be that great and he has to play up to his tools.

10. Evan Royster, RB Penn State (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: With decent size and breakaway speed, he has the basics. His vision and quickness through the hole, and his production this season, will make him a high-rising prospect throughout the year.

11. Jonathan Dwyer, RB Georgia Tech (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: Big, fast, and tough inside and out, he has all the makings of a back who can carry an NFL offense. He'll get plenty of chances to shine in the Tech offense.

12. Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: In the right system he's the next Tom Brady, but he has to prove he can handle a consistent pass rush. Everyone loves him, with many likely to make him the No. 1 overall prospect, but how good will he be when he's not behind a dominant line?

13. Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse
Preseason Skinny: A poor man's Ndamukong Suh ... and that's not a bad thing. He could end up making a ton of money as a 295-pound end in a 3-4.

14. Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: A building block to work a line around for a decade, he's an anchor who'll dominate in a 4-3.

15. C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson
Preseason Skinny: It's all about his durability. If he can last a full season, he'll be a top 15 pick. If he has bumps and bruises that cost him playing time, he could fall out of the first round. On pure talent he's a top ten pick.

16. Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma
Preseason Skinny: Known for his receiving ability, he doesn't get enough credit for being a strong all-around tight end.

17. Rolondo McClain, ILB Alabama (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: Very fast and as sure a tackler as they come, the rangy, versatile defender will be used in a variety of ways.

18. Jevan Snead, QB Ole Miss (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: The hottest prospect this offseason, his stock has shot through the roof. He could end up being the No. 1 overall pick if he has a big season and leads Ole Miss to the BCS.

19. Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma
Preseason Skinny: While not a Hall-of-Fame pro prospect, he's a sound, steady blocker who was the best lineman on the nation's best front five last season.

20. Jahvid Best, RB California (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: While he's not big enough or durable enough to be a franchise back, he'll be deadly if he's in a Chris Johnson role on a running team with a thumper who handles the dirty work.

21. Sean Weatherspoon, LB Missouri
Preseason Skinny: Very versatile and very disruptive, he cleaned up the messes made by a lousy Tiger defense last year.

22. Terrence Cody, DT Alabama
Preseason Skinny: A top ten pick if he can get to around 340 pounds, he's a true anchor who'll be stuck in the middle of a 3-4.

23. Corey Wootton, DE Northwestern
Preseason Skinny: A freak of nature with tremendous size and quickness, he appears to be 100% recovered from his bad knee injury suffered in the Alamo Bowl. The light went on last season, and now he has the drive to go along with the tools.

24. Patrick Robinson, CB Florida State
Preseason Skinny: The pressure is on. He could go anywhere in the top 100, and if he has a shut-down season on one side of the Seminole secondary, he'll be the first corner taken in a lean year at the position.

25. Brandon Graham, DE Michigan
Preseason Skinny: An end in any system, the 275-pounder can get into the backfield and can hold up against the run in a 3-4.

26. Jermaine Cunningham, DE Florida
Preseason Skinny: While not the prospect that his running mate, Carlos Dunlap, is, he'll put up better numbers this year.

27. Tim Tebow, QB Florida
Preseason Skinny: He needs a lot of work on his mechanics and his touch, but he has better NFL quarterback skills than he gets credit for.

28. Marvin Austin, DT North Carolina (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: Big, explosive, and very, very productive, he'll be the key interior presence on a tremendous UNC defensive front seven.

29. Sergio Kindle, OLB/DE Texas
Preseason Skinny: A tweener, he's too small to be a regular defensive end, but he could be used in a Terrell Suggs-like role.

30. Colt McCoy, QB Texas
Preseason Skinny: Ultra-accurate and a tremendous leader, he's a more mobile Chad Pennington. That's not a knock, but there's a ceiling on what he can do at the next level.

31. Morgan Burnett, SS Georgia Tech (Jr.)
Preseason Skinny: With the speed and athleticism of a corner and the tackling ability of a linebacker, he'll patrol someone's secondary, and will be a leading tackler, for several years.

32. Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State
Preseason Skinny: With his quickness, strength, and attitude, he'll end up going in the first half of the first round. Left tackles with his skills go early.