2010 NFL Draft - The Possible 6th Rounders
Illinois QB Juice Williams
Illinois QB Juice Williams
Posted Aug 26, 2009

CFN ranks the top 250 prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft. Who are the players who have a shot at going in the sixth round of next year's draft? From a college football perspective, here's the ranking of the top prospects going into the 2009 season.

2010 NFL Draft Position Rankings

The Possible Sixth Rounders

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Going into the 2009 college football season season, here are the top prospects to watch out for. For now, only FBS/D-I players who'll be eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft are listed.

161. Greg Watson, LB Florida State
162. Anthony Dixon, RB Mississippi State
163. Jerome Murphy, CB South Florida
164. Justin Walton, C Baylor
165. Roddrick Muckelroy, LB Texas
166. Chris Marinelli, OT Stanford
167. Jarrett Brown, QB West Virginia
168. Donovan Warren, CB Michigan (Jr.)
169. Chris McGaha, WR Arizona State
170. Dexter McCluster, WR Ole Miss
171. Colin Baxter, OG Arizona (Jr.)
172. John Bender, OG Nevada (Jr.)
173. Auston English, DE Oklahoma
174. Rusty Smith, QB Florida Atlantic
175. Andre Neblett, DT Temple
176. Greg Middleton, DE Indiana
177. Alex Wujciak, ILB Maryland (Jr.)
178. Martez Wilson, OLB Illinois (Jr.)
179. Mick Williams, DT Pitt
180. Darryl Sharpton, ILB Miami
181. Doug Palmer, OG East Carolina
182. Darryl Gamble, ILB Georgia (Jr.)
183. Juice Williams, QB Illinois
184. Ben Ossai, OT Washington
185. Michael Smith, RB Arkansas
186. Charlie Gantt, TE Michigan State (Jr.)
187. Eric Olsen, OG Notre Dame
188. Mikell Simpson, RB Virginia
189. Mark Dell, WR Michigan State (Jr.)
190. Alex Carrington, DE Arkansas State
191. Ben Tate, RB Auburn
192. Ben Jacobs, ILB Fresno State (Jr.)