2010 NFL Draft - Top Center Prospects
Tennessee C Josh McNeil
Tennessee C Josh McNeil
Posted Aug 26, 2009

CFN takes an early look at the 2010 NFL Draft with the top prospects to watch out for going into the season. Who are the top players at each position? Here are the initial list of the star centers based only on pro potential.

2010 NFL Draft Position Rankings

The Centers

Rankings of the 2010 Top Prospects
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Going into the 2009 college football season season, here are the top prospects to watch out for. For now, only FBS/D-I players who'll be eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft are listed.


1. Josh McNeil Tennessee
2. John Estes, Hawaii
3. Thomas Austin, Clemson
4. Erik Cook, New Mexico


5. Chris Hall, Texas
6. Justin Walton, Baylor
7. Kenny Alfred, Washington State
8. Matt Tennant, Boston College
9. Rafael Eubanks, Iowa
10. Chris Fisher, UL Lafayette
11. Jim Cordle, Ohio State
12. Jacob Hickman, Nebraska
13. Jody Whaley, Tulsa
14. Joel Nitchman, Michigan State
15. David Moosman, Michigan
16. Garrett Anderson, South Carolina
17. Sean Allen, East Carolina
18. Dan Voss, Georgia Tech
19.Trey Bailey, Wake Forest
20. Thomas Altieri, Arizona State