News Roundup - Phil Fulmer Not Retired 4/20
Posted Apr 20, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* Charlie Weis saw a lot to like in Notre Dame's spring game. But the Irish aren't quite there yet: "We have a long way to go to be a really good football team. But at least potentially, potentially, you could see that elements are in place to be a really good football team. But we have a lot of work to do." He hopes that when they finally do become a really good football team, it's not because Urban Meyer is coaching them (in 2010).

* ESPN will be hiring Matt Millen as a lead NFL analyst for its telecasts. In addition, he'll also serve as a college football analyst this season. He'll probably feel more comfortable in the college ranks, where there's usually at least one winless team every year.

* Despite what you may have heard, Phillip Fulmer isn't done yet. "I'm not retired. I'm doing some different things right now like working with an investment firm with one of my former players in Knoxville, and I've done some work with (TV). And I want to coach again, but I am not retired." Don't worry, coach: if Matt Millen can land another job in football after helping to build the worst team in NFL history, hope springs eternal.

* The Apple Cup may move to Qwest Field in Seattle for six years, beginning in 2010. Washington safety Nate Williams says playing the rivalry game in UW's home city shouldn't bother Washington State: "I'm sure they would have just as many fans over here, as well. Whenever we play here, they have just as many fans here." The fact that Wazzu has apparently been putting as many fans in Husky Stadium as the Huskies themselves, is either a) an encouraging sign that Cougar fans travel well and support their team through thick and (mostly) thin; b) an indictment of UW fans, who let their rivals snatch up half the tickets for a rivalry game in their own stadium; or c) not true.

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