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2009 NFL Final Mock Draft
Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree
Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree
Posted Apr 23, 2009

The Draft weekend is finally here. All the crazy speculation and overanalysis will finally be over and a new wave of college stars will be off to the league of mercenaries. Along with the needs for each team, check out the possible picks for the final CFN Mock Draft.

2009 NFL Draft

Mock Draft Final - April 24

By Pete Fiutak

- 2009 NFL Combine Numbers
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- 2009 NFL Draft Post-Workout Rankings
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1. Detroit Lions - Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia
The guy seriously wants to live in Detroit and be a part of the woebegone franchise. The score of 38 on the Wonderlic exam proves he's not insane. With his arm, character, and willingness to work through the problems, he's the obvious choice for a team that needs to start from scratch.
Needs: 1) QB, 2) CB, 3) LB

2. St. Louis Rams - Jason Smith, OT Baylor     
It's going to be an offensive tackle to help ease the loss of Orlando Pace, and it'll either be Eugene Monroe or Smith. Smith is more athletic and the safer of the two options..
Needs: 1) OT, 2) RB, 3) LB

3. Kansas City Chiefs - Aaron Curry, LB Wake Forest  
New GM Scott Pioli will want to build up his defense and he could end up going with the big DE Tyson Jackson as a block up front. Curry has the bigger upside, and while the Chiefs need a linebacker who can get into the backfield, he's the right choice.
Needs: 1) LB, 2) DE, 3) OG

4. Seattle Seahawks - Mark Sanchez, QB USC      
Getting T.J. Houshmandzadeh was the end of any talk of rolling the dice on Michael Crabtree. Sanchez has been the high riser of the days leading up to the draft with the star power and the make up to be the franchise once Matt Hasselbeck is done.
Needs: 1) OT, 2) DT, 3) QB

5. Cleveland Browns - Brian Orakpo, DE Texas
It's too early to go after Malcolm Jenkins to fill the void at corner, and Aaron Maybin could be the pick with his pass rushing skills. Orakpo has question marks, but for a team that needs a hybrid linebacker/defensive end, he's the big-time pick..
Needs: 1) LB, 2) DE, 3) S

6. Cincinnati Bengals -  Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia     

If Monroe goes earlier, the Bengals will jump all over Jason Smith if available or take Michael Oher. Keeping Carson Palmer upright is a must, and Monroe would provide instant help.
Needs: 1) OT, 2) C, 3) DE

7. Oakland Raiders - Jeremy Maclin, WR Missouri        
The offense needs more playmakers to go along with JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden, and while an offensive tackle won't be ruled out, Al Davis will get his speed receiver and kick returner.
Needs: 1) OT, 2) WR, 3) DT

8. Jacksonville Jaguars - B.J. Raji, DT Boston College        
Getting Torry Holt shouldn't keep the Jaguars from going after a receiver later on, but there's no need to break the bank for one with the No. 8 pick. Getting a big run stuffer for the defensive front, especially one as good as Raji, would hardly be a bad player to fall into.
Needs: 1) RB, 2) LB, 3) DT

9. Green Bay Packers - Aaron Maybin, DE Penn State    
It's one or the other. If Maybin goes earlier, like to Cleveland at the five, then it'll be Brian Orakpo. If Maybin is on the board, he's the pick to fill the outside linebacker role in the 3-4.
Needs: 1) DL, 2) OT, 3) CB

10. San Francisco 49ers - Andre Smith, OT Alabama        
Will the Niners go with the safer choice in Michael Oher or go for the home run in Smith? He has improved his stock after the horrendous PR disaster at the Combine, but he's still a big risk. Mike Singletary has said he wants to be the one who turns into the mentor to make Smith a star.
Needs: 1) OT, 2) QB, 3) S

11. Buffalo Bills - Everette Brown, DE Florida State        
While the hope is for Brian Orakpo or Aaron Maybin to last this long, and either one of them will be the pick if available, it's not like taking Brown would be settling. The Bills need a pass rusher, and while Brown is more of a linebacker, he'll fill the void.
Needs: 1) DE, 2) LB, 3) TE

12. Denver Broncos - Tyson Jackson, DE LSU 
One of the biggest risers in the draft, Jackson could go as high as three and has been pegged as a possible choice for several spots earlier than this. He'd be a perfect fit for the Broncos who are in desperate need of a 3-4 end with Jackson's size and strength.
Needs: 1) QB, 2) DT, 3) DE

13. Washington Redskins - Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss     
If Michael Crabtree is still on the board, Daniel Snyder might go for the flashy pick. The need pick is tackle, and Oher would be a steal here.
Needs: 1) OT, 2) LB, 3) DE

14. New Orleans Saints - Malcolm Jenkins, CB Ohio State 
The Saints desperately need help in the secondary and Jenkins would be the easy fix. While he'd be tried out at corner early on, he'd more than likely end up seeing most of his time at safety. Either way, he'd make a huge instant impact.
Needs: 1) S, 2) CB, 3) RB

15. Houston Texans - Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech          
While not a need pick, Crabtree isn't going to fall any further than this. His stock will drop with so many teams getting scared off by the foot problem, along with the fear that he's just not that fast, but with Andre Johnson already the established star, Crabtree can ease his way in as a potentially deadly No. 2.
Needs: 1) CB, 2) S, 3) RB

16. San Diego Chargers - Knowshon Moreno, RB Georgia
Will it be Beanie Wells or Moreno? There's still tread in LT's tires, but the team needs a tough, powerful, Michael Turner-like back. That's Moreno.
Needs: 1) RB, 2) LB, 3) S

17. New York Jets - Josh Freeman, QB Kansas State        
The Jets want Mark Sanchez but aren't going to pay the premium price to move up to get him. Freeman has the better all-around skills and could end being a far less expensive steal if no one moves up to take him before New York gets its chance.
Needs: 1) QB, 2) DE, 3) CB

18. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) - Robert Ayers, LB Tennessee 
The Broncos aren't going to get anyone worth losing Jay Cutler for, or worth taking on Kyle Orton. There's a chance they go for a quarterback at the 12 and go defense here, but if Josh Freeman is off the board, which he will be, getting a hybrid player like Ayers would work out well.
Needs: 1) QB, 2) DT, 3) DE

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Clay Matthews, LB USC
The Buccaneers will flip a coin on either Brian Cushing or Matthews. With his ability to line up as a defensive end from time to time, and be a pure hybrid playmaker on the outside, Matthews will be the one who wins the battle of the USC linebackers and will be the first one off the board.
Needs: 1) QB, 2) DE, 3) DT

20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas) -  Brian Cushing, LB USC         
The Lions will get their quarterback with the first pick, and now the defense needs to be addressed with a do-it-all playmaker. Cushing could be used in a variety of ways and would fit the mold of the best-player-available theory for a team that needs everything.
Needs: 1) QB, 2) CB, 3) LB

21. Philadelphia Eagles
- Beanie Wells, RB Ohio State    
Getting Jason Peters filled the need at tackle meaning the offense is free to get the best running back available. Darrius Heyward-Bey, if still around, could be an interesting choice to pair with DeSean Jackson (Philly would have the fastest receiver tandem in the league), but Beanie or Knowshon Moreno would be a more important pick.
Needs: 1) RB, 2) OL, 3) TE

22. Minnesota Vikings - Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR Maryland 
He's Sage Rosenfels. If you're going to pick up a quarterback like him, you have to get as much offensive talent as possible to make up for it.
Needs: 1) QB, 2) OT, 3) CB

23. New England Patriots - Rey Maualuga, LB USC  
The Patriots always go for the great value picks. Put Maualuga next to Jerod Mayo and all of a sudden the Patriot linebacking corps is set for the next decade with big-time playmakers.
Needs: 1) OT, 2) LB, 3) CB

24. Atlanta Falcons - Evander Hood, DT Missouri       
Trading for Tony Gonzalez ended the need to take Brandon Pettigrew, so now the biggest void can be filled. Peria Jerry is the higher ranked tackle by most, but the bigger Hood has the size and the character to fit the Falcons a bit better.
Needs: 1) DT, 2) DE, 3) S

25. Miami Dolphins - Vonte Davis, CB Illinois     
With his combination of talents and skills, Davis would be a terrific value pick here. Forget about the character questions; Bill Parcells takes talent.
Needs: 1) LB, 2) WR, 3) S

26. Baltimore Ravens - Kenny Britt, WR Rutgers   
Britt as been one of the hottest risers in the draft projections since the end of the season. Fast, big, and with a No. 1 target attitude, he'll immediatley be the main man for Joe Flacco.
Needs: 1) LB, 2) WR, 3) CB

27. Indianapolis Colts - Peria Jerry, DT Ole Miss  
The Colts might think about the do-it-all flash of Percy Harvin to give Peyton Manning another weapon now that Marvin Harrison is done, but Jerry, or Ziggy Hood, would be a steal here to help clog up a suddenly porous middle.
Needs: 1) WR, 2) DT, 3) OT

28. Buffalo Bills (from Carolina from Philadelphia) - Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State        
Sliding down the draft because of his lack of speed, he'd be a gift from the gods for a Buffalo team that would think about an offensive tackle to replace Jason Peters, but would jump all over the top tight end in the draft.
Needs: 1) DE, 2) LB, 3) TE

29. New York Giants - Eben Britton, OT Arizona  
Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt, or Percy Harvin, if still on the board would seem like the obvious pick for a team desperate for a No. 1 wide out, but the hole might be filled through a trade. Britton would help an offensive tackle situation that's suddenlt becoming a problem.
Needs: 1) WR, 2) OT, 3) DT

30. Tennessee Titans - Percy Harvin, WR Florida
The team hit a home run with an all-around playmaker in Chris Johnson, and if Harvin is still on the board, the offense would add even more speed to the mix.
Needs: 1) WR, 2) QB, 3) DT

31. Arizona Cardinals - Donald Brown, RB Connecticut   
Larry English will be considered for a hybrid role on the Cardinal D, but a running back is a bigger must. LeSean McCoy will be part of the discussion, but Brown would provide more for the offense right away.
Needs: 1) RB, 2) LB, 3) CB

32. Pittsburgh Steelers - William Beatty, OT Connecticut
There has been a ton of debate over which center the Steelers might take. Tackle is the bigger need with Beatty a big, tough prospect who could grow into a star with a little development.
Needs: 1) OT, 2) CB, 3) DT