News Roundup - BCS & Congress 5/4
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Posted May 4, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* The House Energy and Commerce Committee held hearings on Friday to determine the fairness and legality of the BCS. Texas Rep. Joe Barton said of the system, "I had hoped through a spirit of volunteerism, the BCS would decide to go to a playoff system. That hasn't happened yet. It is interesting that people of goodwill - I think everybody on whatever side of the issue is a person of goodwill - keep trying to tinker with the current system. It's like communism, you can't fix it. Sooner or later you are going to have to try a new model." Although in truth the BCS is nothing like communism, any effort to smear the system with 1950s-style fearmongering is cool with us.

* Because no News Roundup is complete these days without a swine flu reference, Vikings draft pick Percy Harvin was hospitalized after suffering extreme dehydration. The Florida speedstar was tested for swine flu, but those tests came back negative. About time that guy caught a break with a test that wasn't positive, right?

* Phillip Fulmer insists he's not bitter about his breakup with the University of Tennessee: "You can love a university, but a university cannot love you back. It's brick and mortar, so it gets back to relationships and people. Tennessee people have been great to me before and after this happened. It gets back to a couple of people making a decision that they think was right." He could have also added, "What's really embarrassing, though, is when she dumps you and starts running around with a much-younger guy, running her mouth and stirring up trouble in other folks' neighborhoods."

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