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News Roundup - Mike Leach Was Right 5/5
Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach
Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach
Posted May 5, 2009

The news items you need to know about ... with a spin. Check out the news and info column from Phil Guidry.

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By Phil Guidry 

* Mike Leach's piratical campaign against the NFL has succeeded on at least one front: Browns coach Eric Mangini has spoken out to refute Leach's claims that he was behind the 'Michael Crabtree is a diva' story: "I can tell you I had a good visit with Michael. I'm really happy he got drafted where he got drafted, and he'll have a great career. And I said that after his visit. Nothing's changed. Nothing changed from that point. Nothing will change two or three months from now." And if anything does change, you can bet that Captain Mike will be rattling his saber once again.

* Dolphin Stadium, which hosted Florida's 24-14 win over Oklahoma in the BCS Championship Game, will reportedly change its name to Land Shark Stadium. Land Shark beer is a joint project of Anheuser Busch and Sunshine State legend Jimmy Buffett (while that championship game was a joint project of Thom Brenneman's admiration for Tim Tebow and the Big 12's inability to properly decide its South division tie-breaker). There are more ridiculous sponsorship tie-ins to the sports world than we can count - the Peach Bowl is now named for a different food group - but a Miami-area football stadium named for the beer of Buffett, a huge sports fan whose music personnifies that region, seems appropriate. Even if the BCS is still wasting away in Sagarinratingsville.

* Speaking of stadiums, London has reportedly launched a bid to land the Super Bowl within the next eight years, after two sell-out games at Wembley Stadium. If that doesn't work out, maybe they can make a play for college football's inevitable plus-one title game.

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