News Roundup - Joe Paterno Has Had Enough 5/6
Joe Paterno Penn State
Posted May 6, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* Those BCS apologists who hide behind the veil of "tradition" when it comes to denying the world a playoff, take heed: Joe Paterno - a man who IS college football tradition - has had enough. He wants the BCS to be scrapped in favor of a playoff. Let's hope the powers that be hurry up and give him one: he's only got eight or nine more years to coach.

* Speaking of coaches (or former coaches, to be more specific), Phillip Fulmer will don Rocky Top Orange one last time, as he'll reportedly be playing himself in the film adaptation of Michael Lewis's "The Blind Side." The scene will feature a mild-mannered giant who made a dramatic impact on Southern football AND Michael Oher.

* Former Michigan quarterback Steven Threet seems content with his decision to transfer to Arizona State, and insists that when it comes to UM, it wasn't personal: "If you really look at the situation I was in, it really doesn’t fit me. My friend likes to say it’s like coming to Michigan to go to be a doctor, and then they get rid of the Medical school, you know?" Or to be more specific, it's like they turned over their medical school to a mad scientist.

* New Cleveland Browns linebacker and USC product Kaluka Maiava has an interesting hobby: he and his brothers hunt wild boar in the mountains of Maui. Without firearms. "Anybody can shoot something. It takes the fun out of it. We grab a couple of dogs and a 9-inch knife and go out and stick 'em a couple of times." That particularl talent may have been overkill in the Pac-10, but it should serve him well in the AFC North.

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